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The Meadowlark Ski Lodge – perfect place to have fun in winters!



Isn’t winter the best weather? Whether it be sitting comfortably in a chair near a fireplace or going outside and making a snowman from snow, winters always bring joy. What a big relief it is to be away from the sticky monsoons and the tiring and scorching summer! Even the ice-creams taste better in winters. The fun that begins with the cold weather is unimaginable. Either going out and ice-skating or leisurely sipping hot chocolate while watching Netflix is a delight. One of the best ways to enjoy winters or escape from summers is the Ski Lodge of Meadowlark.

Meadowlark Statistics

Base Elevation: 7851 feet

Summit Elevation: 9920 feet

Vertical Drop: 2270 feet

Any recreational activity during holidays is a must. Meadowlark Ski Lodge is the most suitable and recently created area for fun activities for friends, families, and couples. It is the most entertaining site providing once in a lifetime experience of skiing and skateboarding. The beauty of the nature surrounding the area leaves one speechless. There are a vast number of adventure activities and spectacular views which will surely entertain one and provide astonishing memories.




The Meadowlark Ski Lodge is situated in the Big Horn Mountains in the north of Wyoming, in the United States. It lies on the Forest Service Road on US highway 16. The range of the Big Horn Mountains is quite famous for various recreational activities it provides. Some of them include hiking, skiing, snowmobiling, horseback riding and many other activities. The lodge is uniquely designed and is one of the largest lodges in the area. It is a famous tourist spot because of its beautiful structure and helpful staff. Moreover, the Lodge provides a spectacular view of the Meadowlark Lake which is 320 acres large.


The Meadowlark Ski Lodge was previously known as the “Big Horn Ski Resort.” It was closed from the year 2008 till 2009. After months of renovation and reconstruction by the new owners, the Lodge was finally opened in 2010. Since then it has been a famous skiing site which not only provides snowboarding and snowmobiling but also engages its tourists with mouth-watering food, pocket-friendly rentals, and lodging services. And for all the teenagers the lodge has the elixir of life, Wi-Fi.

The Lodge extends various cabins at reasonable prices. There are cabins available for four and six people. These cabins are spacious, fully furnished and well equipped. The halls and rooms are impressive with beautifully decorated antiques and displays. Also, on special occasions, fun-filled parties are celebrated with its guests and locals. Also, you can reserve a motel, duplex or a house on rent.

Sitting at home and doing nothing is not very productive, outdoor activities are not only fun but also developing. The northern Wyoming locals actively participate in all the activities provided by the lodge. When it reopened in 2010, it was reported that over 100 skiers and snowboarders were enjoying out on the mountain all day.

Some facts



Also called the gem of the Big Horn Mountains, the Meadowlark Ski Lodge provides an experience like never before. The skiable land for the skiers is said to be 300 acres. The Lodge has an elevation of 9,500 ft which is its summit and 8,500 ft as the base. Also, the vertical drop is 1,000 ft. There are a total 14 runs or ski slopes of which 29% are beginners, 53% intermediate and 29% advanced. The people can enjoy the scene of the mountains from atop while traveling through the lifts. The ski lifts are 3 of the total length of 1.1 km. Two of these lifts are chair lifts which can carry two or three persons. The remaining lift type is the T-Bar lift or platter or button lift. These T-bar lifts are unique as they push the passenger upwards. The passengers are easily transported while they slide and ski and enjoy the beautiful scenery around. These lifts are also used for people who wouldn’t travel in chair lifts. A platter lift is also fun to travel with. These lifts have the capacity to carry 3500 passengers per hour.

At times when the snowfall is short, the lodge even creates its own snow for the people to enjoy skiing. For those, who want to enjoy all the skiing experience, it also rents out new skis and snowboards for almost $25 per day. For the tech-savvy people and who don’t know skiing, they can even enjoy snowmobiling at Deer Haven Lodge. They rent out snowmobiles at Deer Haven.  

It is very common for you to miss your home-cooked meal when you are outside. To ensure a healthy meal that is fresh and hot, they have a great restaurant to serve you. After skiing out in the cold, you can rush back to this culinary delicacy and warm yourselves up. The restaurant offers a warm bowl of hot chili soup, tomato soup, and other sipping beverages.  Besides this, treat your sweet tooth with the numerous pastries, cakes, and hot chocolates available there. Food like pulled pork sandwiches, sloppy joes and much more are served. These will brighten up your day and provide you with the energy to enjoy the outdoor activities. These restaurants are open from 11 am to 4 pm.

To ease up the cold at night or to hang out with your friends, enjoy the array of liquor and beers at our lounging area. Hang out with your friends and family, gossip and laugh at who fell on their bums while skiing. Also, warm up and laze around after an exhilarating day beside the cozy fireplaces that they provide. This lodge is a great place for reunions, anniversary and wedding celebrations, meetings, holidays, honeymoon and other leisure activities. The beautiful surrounding of the lodge will make your celebration special and the lodge with its helpful staff will arrange for all your requirements. To make the event even more interesting, they can arrange barbecues and outdoor picnics.

The activities in the marvelous Meadowlark Ski Lodge are fun and highly entertaining. So, plan your next holidays in the Big Horn Mountains and reconnect with Mother Nature and freshen yourself with the vistas.

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