Meiringen Hasliberg-Switzerland

Meiringen Hasliberg 

Winters portray nostalgia of fun-filled memories. Almost everyone in this world admits an inexpressible connection with the season of winter. It brings with it an array of endless fun and adventures, igniting the excitement of the approaching holidays. People of all ages long wait for this season and plan their events months ahead. Whether it’s the feel of crisp, cool breeze gently flowing in the air or the soothing sight of beautiful snow-capped mountains, people prefer to spend their time outdoors engaging in several adrenaline-packed activities such as skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating, sledding, etc. Nothing beats the dreamlike atmosphere during the winters.
 If you want to visit the Alps, Switzerland would be the perfect place to start. And it’s true for lone wolves and groups alike. If you’re looking to have some unforgettable moments with your family, then Meiringen Hasliberg should be on your mind. And if you haven’t tried skiing before, this is where you should head out to, this winter. 

The colossal resort

Meiringen Hasliberg is situated between 1080 and 2344 m (3543 ft to 7690 ft) of altitude. Hasliberg offers a total of 60 km (37 mi) of skiing slopes, all propped up by snow cannons and thus ensuring a thick and smooth snow carpet for you at all times. 20 km (12.5 mi) of these are easy (blue), 34 km (21.1 mi) moderate (red) and 6 km (3.7 mi) of expert level trails (black).   

Ski racing arena:
One of the best things this resort has to offer is the ski racing arena. Where else can you let your wild self-run loose and swoosh ahead of all others? Equipped with snowmaking cannons, safety nets and loudspeakers installed along the race course, you can keep your mind on the race instead of avoiding a mishap. 
Timekeeping equipment will clock your speed, and all sorts of gear can be rented. You can choose from an exciting bunch of courses that includes 1 Super G, 2 Giant slaloms, and 6 Slalom courses. 
 The racing arena also has its own school where they help you bring out the trailblazer in you. Individual training for children, schools, youths and masters can be availed of.

Break Loose:

Free riding on Mount Hasliberg
Want to take the path less traveled? Or a path never traveled before? 

At Mount Hasliberg, the fiercely independent can chart their own trail off the pistes. There are plenty of opportunities for free riding. What’s more liberating than breaking away and not having to be herded within bounds? While riding free you are your own master. 

However, out there the responsibility of ensuring your safety also falls solely upon you. So always ride in the company of a few experienced skiers, with the right gear. Never compromise on safety equipment.
Before you head out, do visit the avalanche training center nearby. A prerequisite for free riding is the safety equipment rucksack that contains things like a shovel, avalanche transceiver, climbing aids, radio transmitter etc. It could mean the difference between life and death, so don’t consider it deadweight.  

Fun without skis:

Sledding routes
The sledding trails here have been made, again, with your family in mind. Watch the mighty alps move before your eyes as you fly down the smooth slope with your loved ones. 
They’re also welcoming of those seeking nocturnal adventure, and you can slide down the thick icy slopes on a sled on floodlit trails every Wednesday night.

Winter Hiking and Snow Shoeing

Meiringen Hasliberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 1055 m

Summit Elevation: 2433 m

Vertical Drop: 1378 m

If you don’t particularly like sliding on snow, the resort offers you 25 km (15.5 mi) of winter hiking adventure to absorb the alpine serenity. Trails course through some very pristine and solitary environment; it’s another world out there. Trails are marked with pink signs.
A snow shoe hike at Meiringen Hasliberg is different from any other. It’ll take your breath away when get to witness local wildlife (highly likely to happen) out on a hike. For safety, trails are only open to groups with a professional guide.

Family and Children

Meiringen Hasliberg has earned a reputation as a resort for the family. Their family oriented hospitality has consistently maintained 5 out of 5 stars on various online ski portal ratings. And here’s why: Affordable prices, facilities to meet the needs of your children, common rooms, special culinary offers for children. It couldn’t have gotten better!

Your vacation will not be spent in worries about your kids. At the children’s ski area, one of the best ski schools in Europe, children will be supervised and trained by professional ski instructors.   A special training area and a magic carpet will make sure your children have an amazing ski experience. 



Lift connectivity and availability is never a problem at Hasliberg. 13 lifts are available to ferry you up and down the resort.  There is an aerial tramway, 4 gondolas,4 T-bar lifts and 4 chairlifts.  The total length covered is 18.3 km (11.3 mi), with an amazing vertical lift of 1606 m (5269 ft).

Snowsports School: 

Keeping in mind the diversity of guests, courses on snowboarding, carving, skiing, cross country skiing and Snowshoeing is offered, with the option of group/private lessons for you and your kids.
Note that the Racecourse has its own training school. 

A Gastronomic Paradise

When it comes to food at Meiringen Hasliberg, you’ll be spoilt for choice. 
Mega breakfast buffets and unending supply of Prosecco at the Alpen tower (it also offers a breathtaking 360 panorama from its terrace), a wide range of meals made to slake your little ones’ hunger, self-service restaurants offering great music, local delicacies, drinks to keep you warm but also drinks that give you a taste of the chilly winter. 

If you’re a party person, you’ll be in for a delight. The social scene at Hasliberg never goes cold, and you can meet interesting people at bars that offer you the finest drinks.
Location and Access:

The closest international airports are Bern, Switzerland (88 km/54.6mi) , and Zurich, Switzerland  (112 km/69.5 mi).


The base station is just a kilometer (0.6 mi) away from the Meiringen train station, with a train every hour, from Luzern to Meiringen. Outside the station, it’s easy to find buses going to Hasliberg resort. 
 The activities and amenities such as restaurants, lounges and entertainment centers for families are quite good and the friendly and amicable staff makes the stay truly worthwhile. Despite the average costs, the stay and dining are reviewed to be simple and efficient. Thus, the resort overall is a great place to ski and enjoy other winter sports with your family and friends. 
Meiringen Hasliberg is the ideal destination whether you want to have some adventure or even if you seek solitude. You can visit the resort with family, friends, or as a couple. It has something on offer for people from all age groups, making it a family-friendly place. From adventure sports like skiing to leisure activities, this resort offers many amenities. Plan your trip, book your tickets, and visit this place to live some of the unforgettable days of your life. 
 Meiringen Hasliberg is a vast resort, a world in itself. Be assured that when you’re here you’ll have endless wonders to explore, and not enough time for all. Have fun!

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