Melchsee Frutt Ski Resort-Switzerland

Melchsee Frutt Ski Resort 

Woah! Winters are here! It’s time to go out of homes and try some thrilling and adventurous activities. Winter’s is not only about fun to do activities but also holidays and festivals. When it’s time to ornate our houses, Christmas trees, and exchange sweets. To make winters more special and vacations to mountains and hilly areas seem to be a perfect idea to relax and unwind yourself. Incredible scenic views, cozy atmosphere, outdoor activities, building snowman, Eskimo huts and the list is endless. Mountains offer you something magical which is something beyond that anyone can imagine and believe unless you see and feel. 

There is something special for everyone in the mountains. Some go there for vacations, some to find peace and some for the love of nature. Kids love playing with snow and taking part in all the outdoor activities such as – Skiing, ice skating, snowboarding, sledding etc. The vacation mode begins with the arrival of Christmas and New Year Eve. And it is a perfect time to spend quality time with family and enjoy chilling winters with them. Let’s go for skiing, skating, make a snowman and have some snow fight. Well, that’s so exciting. Imagine frolicking around the mountains and enjoying the serene beauty of it. Mountains covered with snow glistening with sunlight and people skiing and snowboarding. 

About The Place!

Located in the heart of Switzerland, Melchsee-Frutt resort is one of the most reverent ski resort and is famous for exhilarating views it offers. Moreover, it is one the famous destination among people and tourist. Switzerland is a dream destination for every traveler and to explore its beauty is everyone’s dream. This resort is suitable for kids, adults, couples, families. It is a perfect destination who wants to spend some quality time away from their busy life. A person born with wanderlust gene cannot afford to miss this beautiful destination.

The Melchsee-Frutt resort village is located between Engelberg and Hallberg's ski areas. It is a high altitude village near Melchsee Lake and can be reached by cable car from Stöckalp in the valley below.  The Melchsee Frutt is perched at an elevation of 1175 meters (3855 feet) at the vertical drop, 2255 meters at the highest lift and the 1080 meters (3540 feet) being the resort altitude. The ski resort is open for public from early December until early April.  The Melchsee Frutt resort offers plenty of possibilities for enjoying a cozy retreat as well as amazing mountain experiences. The resort offers activities such as skiing, Nordic skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, hiking, biking, rock climbing, paragliding, and fishing.

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

Melchsee-Frutt lies at the heart of central Switzerland and is regarded as extremely snow-secure. There are 36 kilometers of ski slopes and 15 kilometers (9 miles) of cross country ski trails. It is said that Melchsee-Frutt is best suited to intermediate skiers and snowboarders. For beginners and advanced skiers, there is some terrain. Kids have an amazing opportunity to discover Frutt land and enjoy memorable hours because it’s free. For first slides, skiing merry-go-round is there. Snowtubing, swings, and slides are also available for kids. Bonistock is considered to be the meeting point for snowboarders and experienced skiers. Steep slopes here offer a lot of carving. For speed freaks, the Skicross piste is a perfect place as it provides a fast-paced mix of jumps, waves, curves and sliders.

Here night skiing and sledding are fun. It gives you a lifetime worth remembering the experience. It only takes place on Fridays and Saturdays. For adults it is approx $18.81, young people $15.86 and children $9.41. Cross country skiing is also a feature of this resort. The varied cross-country tracks are drawn in the snow leading from peaceful and charming landscapes. Well-groomed trail of 15 kilometers offers a varied skiing experience. This route can be covered either by skating or classic style.

Learn to Ski

Watching others skiing and wondering how to learn skiing? Not to worry friends, if you don’t know how to ski and you’re visiting a ski resort. Ski and Snowboard school at Melchsee Frutt offers you a varied leisure experience. No matter what you want to learn whether it is skiing, snowboard, telemark or cross-country this school is a perfect place to learn. The school has courses for everyone, right from beginners to advanced level experts. Apart from training, they teach you the tricks and techniques for making elegant curves on the piste. Different types of courses are available as per your needs. Such as private course, group course for ski and snowboard. Group courses will give you a competitive edge and lots of excitement while learning this sport. Whereas private lessons will help you to grasp tricks quickly and will also help to concentrate thoroughly. 

Ski Lifts

Ski lifts is an important part of the ski resort as it helps to move up and down through the slopes efficiently and smoothly. The Melchsee-Frutt resort offers a wide range of 11 ski lifts which have a capacity of carrying 14150 passengers per hour and total lift length of 14.6 km total. It has four chairlifts, two carrying 4 persons at a time and other two carrying 2 persons at a time, four T-bar lifts and two gondolas lift carrying 15 persons at a time. At Melchsee Frutt ski resort, lift ticket price costs for adults costs $55 and for children $21. The prices for adults are high in comparison to the size of the resort. But there might be other benefits that justify the higher prices.

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities

Melchsee Frutt Statistics

Base Elevation: 1080 m

Summit Elevation: 2255 m

Vertical Drop: 1175 m

Melchsee Frutt resort is located at heart of Switzerland, offering beautiful views as it is surrounded by beautiful lakes and mountains. Hotels and lodges present here offers spectacular views of the surrounding area. These lodges and hotels are available at throw away prices where your which are readily available as per your requirements.

Frutt Lodge & Spa

Frutt Lodge & Spa is a 4-star hotel, portraying a perfect merge of Alpine luxury and modern design. It is a traffic free health resort overlooking the Melchsee Lake. The best thing about this resort is that skiing and hiking are available just outside the resort. It provides amenities such as spa, room for babysitting, jogging track, wifi, rooms for handicapped and perfect spacious rooms. Standard rooms are available for 2 persons that cost $197 per night.

Hotel Frutt Family Lodge

This is a new generation 3 star hotel located at Melchsee and is a part of Frutt resort. Its unique location amidst Alpine mountains offers plenty of possibilities to explore. It offers 3-4 different cuisines to its guests. Free wifi in the hotel and also 20 minutes relaxing massage per adult. It is located right on the lake and some rooms offer the perfect view of it.  Mornings on the terrace and evenings by the lake are the enticing views from the lodge. Standard room for one person each costs $1035 approx for specified number of nights.

Now as we know everything about the beautiful Melchsee Frutt, what are you waiting for? It’s time to pack your bags and leave for a long tour. Explore fantastic panoramic views and take a break from busy and hectic life. 

Melchsee Frutt Ski Resort is the ideal destination whether you want to have some adventure or even if you seek solitude. You can visit the resort with family, friends, or as a couple. It has something on offer for people from all age groups, making it a family-friendly place. From adventure sports like skiing to leisure activities, this resort offers many amenities. Plan your trip, book your tickets, and visit this place to live some of the unforgettable days of your life. You won’t regret it, we promise! Have fun!

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