Michigan Ski Resort Proposes Ski Training For Students-News

Posted On: 26 Feb 2020

In a rather pleasantly surprising move, Michigan Ski Resort, located in Grand Rapids has come forward with an initiative to teach university students some vital lessons on skiing. The skiing experts of the resort might play the instructors for this initiative. The best part about this scenario is that students get to witness firsthand the delights of an actual ski Resort while learning how to use a skiboard.

The students from Ferris State University are amongst the first to enjoy their ski training session. Two students from the university’s Hospitality Management program, Amy Dorey and Karyn Kiio stopped by to explain their experience. The whole trip will supposedly last for more than a week. It is said to wrap up on February 29th. Ski Recreation Management program students of Ferris University are currently enjoying their on-site training at Boyne Mountain Resort. More students are yet to receive their share of ski training.

More and more students are coming forward to narrate their exhilarating experience during their skiing practice. This stands as a good example of teaching the fun and effective way. This will also serve as a good recreation program and students will gather many joyous memories from this.

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