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Skiing Holidays at Mission Ridge



Winters are here, and soon the snow will cover all the roads, and life will come to a pause. Winters, what exactly comes to your mind when you think about this phase? The coldest period of the year. The white sheets cover everything giving an impact that the earth is sound asleep. And you, you don’t notice this. You keep continuing your daily household work and yet doing nothing. You don’t do anything except working from home. Again doing those repetitive, boring things such as cleaning, reading blah blah blah. It is not the way to spend your winters; winters are meant for enjoyment and pleasure with family and friends. One can do this, enjoy the beauty of nature during winters by going on an adventure trip which involves all winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, speed skating, luge, figure skating, skeleton, ski jumping, bobsleigh, and snowmobiling.

Mission Ridge Statistics

Base Elevation: 4570 feet

Summit Elevation: 6820 feet

Vertical Drop: 2250 feet

Skiing is the most famous and common winter sport. It is very popular among youth. The sport has gained a lot of importance. And the most exciting thing is that you don’t have to go very far to feel the prettiness of winters. Mission Ridge offers you exactly what you desire. This cool resort is located in Wenatchee, Washington. You can relish your season with us. We provide you the best that we can. We bring back the hidden musketeer in you. Come to Mission Ridge; we will make your winters happening and catastrophic.

Mission Ridge: A Sunny Ski Area


Wenatchee is famous for its orchards valley and is called the apple city. People from all over the world come to relax and chill on the banks of Wenatchee River and for trekking in the Wenatchee National Forest.Wenatchee is a city situated in north-central Washington, and now it is also welcoming people from overseas to spend winters with it’s ultimate Mission Ridge Ski Area. Wenatchee being the largest city and also county seat of Chelan Country is no less than any dream destination. One of the most luring cities in the world specifically in winters.

Mission Ridge is one of the unbeatable skiing resort of Wenatchee. It is located about 12 miles from Wenatchee; the resort is built into a basin on the east of the Cascade Mountains, completely eloped in the snowy sheets of the mountains. Precisely situated at 7500 Mission Ridge Rd, Wenatchee, WA 98801, United States, the resort is ranked no. 1 among all the ski resorts in Wenatchee. And will definitely bring out the adventure freak hidden somewhere inside you.

It has Alpine ski areas and offers lessons, equipment on rent and organizes a lot of festive events. No overnight accommodations are there at Mission Ridge itself, but a large number of hotels nearby offer quick services to the resort. It is known for 300 days of sunshine annually as compared to other resorts.

The inimitable qualities of Mission Ridge



At a peak elevation of 6,820 ft and a base elevation of 4,570 ft, Mission Ridge is here to take you to a whole new level of thrilling experience. A total number of 6 lifts make the experience of skiing or snowboarding menace-free for you! With other facilities like sledding, seasonal discounts, school trips, group tours, special women program, childcare and various festive events, this place is like a golden necklace, adorning and mesmerizing you whenever you wear it.

Mission Ridge features 2,000 accessible acres basin on the eastern slopes of Cascade Mountains, with 36 designated trails served by four lifts and two rope tows. Almost 60% of skiers take intermediate runs while 10% are beginners and 30% are the advance.

Sunny days and festive events are the famous features of this place.

Things you would love doing at Mission Ridge!

Mission Ridge is here to give you the best experience in skiing. It provides you with the most spectacular and mind-boggling skiing and snowboarding. They have light powder snow and tons of sun. Located at a higher altitude, with dry snow with a quite more sunshine. Mission Ridge have a fantastic terrain park, and the staff is famous for its hospitality.

Snowboarding and skiing are received more actively by everyone. But not everyone can have accessories that’s why Mission Ridge provides you rental shops so that there is no hurdle to the happiest experience of your vacation. You just need to bring an ID proof and minors must be accompanied by their parents. Snowboards, skis and snow boots, these guys offer everything to make it easy for you to enjoy to the fullest.

Mission Ridge is an ideal place to hang out with your gang. Whether friends or family, there is special discount give special group discounts not only on tickets but rental equipment also. You have to make arrangements before your visit so that the staff can make the arrangements in a better way.

Mission Ride also offers special tickets and passes. They also have special facilities for pass holders. They get free transportation on weekends, and they can also avail free weekday skiing/riding. But all these offers depends on upon the pass you are owning. And if you don’t have one, get one to avail their striking features. They have family pass also that are designed to get you and your family at skiing that won’t affect your pocket; this won’t disturb the equilibrium. Triple play pass and gift cards are also available.

Not all of us know how to ski, thats why Mission Ridge brings you daily lessons from the most skilled and experienced instructors. It also has a common lesson session for 13 plus adults along with multi-week lessons for those who aspire to do something further in this field. Not only this they offer private lesson also for those who need special attention and want to pursue skiing, and it also has a special session for kids from 3 to 12 years. Kids are best learners, start grooming your child from the beginning only. Mission Ridge offers all of this at a very pocket-friendly price.

If you are not able to plan your vacation because your child is too little, don’t worry, Mission Ridge has a solution for that too. They offer a quality care for children between the age of 3 months to 6 years. It is a very delicate period and the child grows into what we provide him in his environment. The childcare services are best suited for this. For reservation, you have to contact 24 hours before and make the payment.

You don’t have to worry about how will you reach the palce as Mission Ridge provides you with transportation facility. Though Mission Ridge don’t offer overnight stays but they provide you with lodging nearby, and you can ask for special Mission Ridge discount also. The food is the basic amenity and Mission Ridge provides you with mid-mountain cafe and barbecue; over 30 restaurants and lounges, offering you entertainment.

Women Programme


In this program, Mission Ridge are looking for ladies to join their women’s escape group. WE is an organization which brings all girls together for skiing and offers socialization off hills. It is a primary organization but offers professional help also. The group is supportive, encouraging and tons of fun.

Skiing gives you the energy to deal with all the problems you face in life. Hence, skiing is the best activity for all the peace seekers. The ones who love to travel and meet new people, skiing, can be a potential option. Skiing is not only for adventure seekers, but it can be one’s potential career. You can always try in this field. The field of sports has a very fast scope in future. And skiing being a new one has a far way to go.

Mission Ridge offers you exactly what you want. Once you are at this place, you will forget everything but just the snowy mountain will be on your mind. Your heart will be filled with desires to try this adrenaline pumping sport again and again.

And what is the most amazing thing? The memories you make will last forever. So that when you get old, you can narrate long tales of your daring and bold experience in your primes. Telling tales to strangers and your grandchildren too will bring a kind of relief and joy that nothing else can. With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on visit the place. Don’t think twice, just book with Mission Ridge and have fun with family and friends

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