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One of the several beautiful mountains in Germany is the spectacular Mount Grüten, also called the Warden of the Allgäu. At an altitude of 1738 m (1.08 miles) high, this mountain stands tall and apart from the other mountains of Germany, and the Mittag Ski Centre is situated just close enough to it that it claims this gem of nature for its own. Located in the Allgäu, the Mittag Ski Centre is located at an altitude of 1451 m (0.9 miles) high itself and boasts of a large number of winter sport, snowboarding and skiing provisions. It is rated one of the best ski centres for free riders and snowboarders, due to its vast expanses and beautiful scenery.


Mittag Ski Centre Statistics

Base Elevation: 2625 ft

Summit Elevation: 4757 ft

Vertical Drop: 2133 ft


Skiing and Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are encouraged in the Mittag Ski Centre. Having 12 km (7 miles) of slopes open for skiing, it is a great place for families, beginner skiers and experts in their fields. You are allowed to ride from the peak of the mountain down to the end of the run at Immenstadt, Allgäu, with several outlying runs made for beginners and experts. Snowboarders are encouraged, as there are several safety precautions in place for snowboarding. Two chairlifts function down the mountain, the Mittagbahn 1 and Mittagbahn 2. The Mittagbahn 1 is a two person chairlift, which runs down a length of 750 m (0.466 miles), and carries 781 passengers up and down its route per hour. It has a replacement one person chairlift in the case of any technical difficulties. The Mittagbahn 2 is a two person chairlift as well, but this one runs down the length of 1155 m (0.717 miles) and carries 830 passengers per hour up and down its route. The Mittag Ski Centre has three runs down the mountain, one easy, one intermediate and one difficult. The easy run is recommended for beginners and families and can prove a lovely family activity. It is 1 km (0.6 miles) long and composes of 8% of the Mittag’s entire run. The intermediate run is recommended for practised beginners, and is 6 km (3.7 miles) long, composing of 50% of the total run. The difficult run, which composes of 42% of the run and is 5 km (3.1 miles) long, is recommended for experts only and is quite a wild ride. Snowboarders, as well as skiers, are free to use these rides as they please during the opening hours of 8 in the morning to 4 in the evening. There is a valley run available, wherein the skier will be allowed to experience the inimitable scenery of the mountain’s valley. Cross country skiers are also given several provisions such as 35 km (21 miles) of trails, with altitudes varying from 750 (0.4 miles) to 1000 m (0.6 miles). This area is also used as a start of Ski Tours, an exciting prospect wherein the skier is given a tour by a professional of the beautiful mountain. There is also a toboggan run of 5.2 km (3.2 miles) long, which starts at the summit and ends at the valley station in Immenstadt. Toboggans can be rented at the Immenstadt valley station. The slopes of the Mittag ski centre are very well maintained, and the lack of artificial snowmaking machines is compensated for by the deep snow cover provided by the mountain itself. The winter season for the Mittag Ski Centre begins in mid-December and ends in late March, and can stretch or lessen depending on weather conditions. There are several ski schools, such as the ski school Frey Halasch, Immenstadt, which teaches children, beginners and families about the art of skiing well. They also give lessons on snowboarding and tobogganing depending on the need of the learner. Snowboards and Ski equipment can also be rented at Immenstadt, at the Sport Altenried, where they sell quality equipment for the best price. The chairlift system is said to be Bavaria’s longest chairlift, and the run down the mountain is told to be Germany’s longest ski run.



The price of a ski ticket in the Mittag Ski Centre is 21 euros ($ 22.29) for an adult, 16 euros ($ 16.99) for teenagers and senior citizens, and 11 euros ($ 11.68) for children. However, this pricing may vary depending on the economy. There are offers for families and large groups. Children younger than seven years of age get tickets free of charge, and there are special family discounts at Christmas and other festive seasons. Groups larger than 20 also receive a special discount. Apart from ski tickets, the renting of a toboggan, ski equipment, lessons at a ski school and snowboards may vary from place to place. There is an option of free parking at the Mittag Ski Centre, and riding the chairlifts is also kept free of pricing.



There are several kinds of accommodation available at Immenstadt area near the Mittag Ski Centre. There are holiday homes, holiday apartments and low priced inn rooms, depending on the needs of the skier. Some places well recommended by other vacationers are: The Sonnenhäusle, in Immenstadt im Allgäu, a large and spacious vacation home. The Memil, in Immenstadt im Allgäu, which is a holiday apartment for four people. Alpenhotel Dora, in Sonthofen, which is 8.6 km (5.34 miles) from Immenstadt, a lovely budget suite for vacationers. The Mittag Ski Centre is a perfect place for experts, sportspeople, families and people coming for a lovely view, and it has something to show for everybody. It is a memorable place to have some family fun. It has special winter activities like snowmobile races and special Olympic ski races. The place has about 845 food and fun restaurants to experiment with your taste buds while you’re at the resort. The hospitality and service are very friendly and sophisticated. With divided sessions and qualified teaching professionals, a total beginner will have concrete basics in skiing and snowboarding to remember while leaving the resort. So, what are you waiting for – go ahead and enjoy skiing at this amazing ski destination. Have fun!

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