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The Heaven of Memories: Mont Cascades

Psychologists have recently discovered that the best way to counter stress is to think of the happiest moments of the past. By remembering them, you relive them, and you thereby relieve your nerves. If you were to ask yourself what is your happiest memory today, what would your answer be? Would it be work, which we deem so important that we put aside everything to complete it? Or, would it be all those moments which we have spent with our families and friends, the moments that we spent vacationing, adventuring, and actually living our life to the fullest?

Mont Cascades Statistics

Base Elevation: 7851 feet

Summit Elevation: 9920 feet

Vertical Drop: 2270 feet

Maybe, most of us will take the second option. And this question I think, would lead most of us into asking ourselves some very important questions, because if we are indeed choosing the second option, then how many such happy memories have we created? If we have made very few happy memories, it is high time we make more. Because memories are the real treasures in life, maybe it is high time we realize that the other treasures we are so busy collecting are not nearly as precious. They are transient things, and memories are everlasting.

To help you make more memories, a resort is waiting for you, with open arms. Located on the crest of snowy peaks and the very lap of nature, Mont Cascades Ski Resort is an ideal place for both solo and family vacations, as well as snow sports. With a host of wide range of activities on offer for its visitors, Mont Cascades is truly the best place to visit during the upcoming winters. Further, the place is well-located and is easy accessible by all major towns and cities in the region; making it one of the best resorts to head out to, this winter.

Where Do The Cascades Live?

A rural municipality situated north of the city of Gatineau and east to the Gatineau River, Cantley (Quebec, Canada), is located within National Capital Region of Canada and is approximately 17 km away from Parliament Hill. The Mont Cascades Ski Resort was inaugurated in 1971, and today it is a major factor behind the town’s touristic and recreational assets. “Chemin du Mont-Cascades” gives access to the Water Park at the resort as well as Mont Cascades Ski Resort itself. It also gives access to the Mont Cascades Golf Club. The Water Park at Mont Cascades is the largest in that region (Outaouais) while the Ski Resort has the facility of 20 ski trails.

The Numbers that Matter: a scientific overview of Cascades

The Mountain can boast of a total trail count of 20 runs and 15 runs for night skiing. The summit elevation is 305 meters whereas the vertical drop is 165 meters and the base altitude is 140 meters. The total skiable area is 60 acres, and their longest way down is to Gratton (at a distance of 2km).

It has a total of 5 lifts, out of which 2 are quad lifts (one was inaugurated in 2015), one triple chair and one double chairlift, along with one red carpet. The lifts have the capacity of 7000 people per hour. Snow covers more than 95% of the skiable acreage, and they groom 100% of the skiable terrain. They also have two fan guns and 50 HKD snow guns.

Converting Pennies to Memories: Tickets and Passes

Before mentioning the ticket prices, the various privileges tourists get at Mont Cascades must be mentioned. All of these privileges come with the “winter 2016-17” pass.

If you have a winter 2016-17 season pass, you are eligible for a 15% discount at your exclusive boutique (when you show your winter 2016-17 season pass). However, the discount cannot be clubbed with any other offer and is applicable only on regular priced items. The discount stands valid for the 2016-17 winters. Also, if you have a Winter 2016-17 season pass from the Amerispa Spa (Nordique Cantley), you are eligible for two great discounts: Number 1, a 25% discount on beauty and body treatments as well as massage therapy (at regular price); Number 2, you get 2 thermal experiences which include the rental of a bathrobe, one towel, slippers and a locker, but for the price of only one (Discount is valid until April 15, 2017).

Apart from that, they have both 5/7 and 7/7 quad passes. The tickets vary from $32 for 3 hours to $41 for one full day for adults. For teenagers (13-21) it ranges from $32 for the full day to $26 for 3 hours, for seniors (65+) the tickets prices are the same as teenagers. For the youth (6-12) it varies from $24 for the full day, to $20 for 3 hours. For only the magic carpet, you need to pay $10.

Soul Food at the Cascades

One of the major attractions at Mont Cascades is its delicious food. Pub Amigo is a family restaurant and has the perfect ambiance for both social gatherings and family dinners, with great food and music. Their menu features a wide selection of delicacies and pertains to all kind of taste buds. So eating there is not just a great idea, it is a way to feel at home. They even serve a wide range of alcohol and cocktails, courtesy to their great oenologists.

Staying at the Cascades

Mont Cascades has two lodges. North Lodge is the main lodge, and it has excellent boarding facilities. There is food and beverage, and also a gift shop where you can buy souvenirs and collectibles and something for your dear ones. It also has a great view, so you can inhale nature every time you open your window at Mont Cascades.

The other one is World Cup lodge which only operates on weekends. It has the same in-house services as Mont Cascades primary lodge; the only difference is that it is situated on the other face of the mountain.

Learning to make Memories: Snow School at Mont Cascades

If you are planning to make some memories while indulging in snow sports, it would be very wise to polish your skills at first. And if this is your requirement, whether you are a first-timer or an expert looking to revitalize your skills, Mont Cascades is the place for you, because of its great Snow School. Even if you do not have the equipment for snow sports, Mont Cascades has a boutique for customer service inside the North Lodge, where you can buy gloves, mittens, socks and hats and layer yourself according to the temperature you are most comfortable in. The snow school provides both group and private lessons with special focus on first timers.

Night Skiing at Mont Cascades

They have 15 runs that are specially designed for night skiing and have a history of the safest skiing record in the dark. Their list of 20 runs feature on their website and are marked with respect to the easiest runs to the toughest. With their experience, they can easily claim to have taken night skiing to a whole different level.

At Mont Cascades, every day is a new adventure. Every adventure is a way to create another memory. If making good memories that you would want to revisit all the time is your goal, no other place could even compete with Mont Cascades – not only because of their excellent facilities but also due to their friendly and helpful staff. They offer online shopping facilities as well, so shopping for the equipment and preparing beforehand is very easy.

So prepare for a few days in bliss. Prepare for new adventures and memories. Because with so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on the fun. Right from skiing and snowboarding and snowshoeing, you can have a great time at the Mont Cascades with your family and friends and return with memories to cherish forever. Have fun!

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