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Mount Ashland Ski Resort



Waiting to warm yourself up at home sitting by the fireplace and cozying up in blankets to stay away from all the snow and chilly weather?

Well, this is what most of out there prefer but what if for once you wish to enjoy the spirit of the mountains atop beautiful mountains with breathtaking views and create everlasting memories. Skiing will be the right solution and Mount Ashland the apt place to go looking forward to a memorable experience and some unforgettable moments of fun and frolic. Gather your near and dear ones and let go your lazy bones for a joyous festive time together because the winter is coming!


This resort has a notable past as it tended to the local countryside skiers in the 1950’s and used to be a very happening and often visited place for all. The resort has shifted ownership from being built by local skiers to being sold to a businessman and finally brought by the present authorities. There have been many developments in the ski park over the years hence it is updated with technology till this date despite being one of the oldest resorts in the area.




Mount Ashland is located in the mountains of Ashland and is nearest to Oregon and Ashland city. Its proximity to the main cities and towns makes it easily accessible for most of the people living nearby thereby helping the resort in attracting a large number of skiers from around the area. The resort is situated 8 miles off the Interstate five towards the Northern region of the Californian border which is midway, between Portland and San Francisco city. So, if you’re living in this region, Mount Ashland Ski Resort is one of the best places to visit during the winters in order to have fun with family and friends.


Mount Ashland Statistics

base area elevation- 6,383 feet

Summit elevation- 7,533 feet

parking lot elevation- 6,500 feet

vertical drop- 1,150 feet.

This resort is not just promising good skiing which is across 220 acres of land they also have a mesmerizing view that stretches across the area with trees and mountain ranges that offer the visitors a treat to their eyes making it worth the visit. The terrain is well suited for beginners, intermediate and professionals alike and has easy to challenging terrain on offer.  This is what makes Mount Ashland Ski Resort one of the best in the region, attracting thousands of visitors every winter. The ski park also has a separate terrain for kids where they can enjoy skiing without having to go through risky terrains and challenging slopes.


The motive of Mount Ashland is to provide people with a better experience, and make a difference in the society. Mount Ashland ski resort is founded to improve the society and work for a better community it was developed and maintained to satisfy these needs. So the resort is a nonprofit ski area dedicated to a better tomorrow. Hence, it is owned and operated by the non-profit Mt. Ashland Association in the aim to provide an excellent skiing experience to young and old all alike. They are already working towards this by providing low cost or free training for youth so that they learn the skill and can apply it. Further, they also provide internships which help youth learn and grow and contribute to the community which makes it special.



Mountain also has bump runs which help the adrenaline to pump for thrill-lovers and provides with excitement for participants. The mountains have a very scenic view similar to an amphitheater and forms a valley over the years due to repeated erosions of glaciers.

Elevation and Runs

Mount Ashland has a high top elevation at 7,500 feet and a base elevation of 6,350 feet; providing with a vertical drop that gives a lovely experience to the sports enthusiasts, and the height gives more snowfall and the terrain lets the skiers do jibs and jumps comfortably.

The resort has 23 runs and all are open bowl skiing. The visitors can form groups or pairs and take part in the runs to have a memorable time and these runs even lets you bond with more people in that place and makes you meet new people as well. Most of the runs are referred to as Shakespeare’s play names. The terrain offers a 5% of runs for beginners, 20% intermediate runs, 50% advanced runs and 25% expert runs all of which vary for every category. Most extended run is up to 1 mile long and is a perfect way to indulge in some heavy exercising for the visitors atop Mount Ashland.

Terrain Park

The resort houses two terrain parks and they have inbuilt snowboard trails which is an ultimate treat to skiers. A very sporty set up is created for all the snowboarders and snowbikers to perform tricks and provide with a visual treat for others. The picturesque locations on offer here at the Mount Ashland Ski Resort attracts thousands of visitors every winter.

Snowfall & Snowmaking

Mount Ashland has a very suitable location and receives 265 inches of snowfall which adds more benefits for the ski enthusiasts while also engages families to play with the snow and children to make snow fairies or castles for their merriment. There is no artificial snow made here as it is unnecessary due to the level of generic snowfall in that area. This is what makes Ashland Ski Resort one of the most visited ones in the region. The visitor count has steadily been on a rise over the last few years and the trend is expected to continue in the near future as well.


A total of 5 lifts work up and down the resort transporting the visitors and a pass is all that it takes to use the service and are special chair car services. This is the only possible service that helps the passengers to reach out to various parts of the resort. Lifts enable connective for all the people around the mountain and even lets them have a view of the magnificent differently shaped valleys. These lifts make Mount Ashland Ski Resort one of the finest in the region.

Lodging and rentals

Simply the best and the most comfortable stay at the bed and breakfast can be enjoyed, along with a captivating view of the mountains, music and family events. One can pay a visit to the ski resort and have a great experience without worrying about the lodging facilities, thanks to the top quality accommodation on offer.

You can easily get the skiing equipment at rent here at the Mount Ashland Ski Resort. All the equipment needed for treks are available on the mountain resort along with jackets, body sweaters, ski boards everything possibly required is there. Using these, you can enjoy the activities on offer here to the fullest.

Other Activities

Additionally the mountain also offers the visitors summer facilities like mountain biking, hiking trekking etcetera. During the winters as well there are groups that gather for ski activities and smaller camp fire gatherings.  All these allow you to bond well with family and friends and return with memories to cherish lifelong.

Incase if there are first timers in need of information regarding anything or to know previous experiences and feedbacks then Mount Ashland even has its own website and Facebook page where you can refer to people’s opinions and see a few pictures to get an idea of the place.

So, with so many fun activities and top quality facilities on offer, Ashland Ski Resort is the perfect place to have fun with family and friends. You can enjoy the best time ever and return with memories to cherish forever. Grab your set of boots and jackets or just avail a pass and have an experience worth a life time! Visit Ashland Ski Resort this winter!

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