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Visit Mount Baldy This Upcoming Winter and Enjoy Skiing To The Fullest!


Nature is full of gifts. Each season that we face be it, summers or spring or rainy or winters is a unique gift from nature. Summers gives us the opportunity to get tanned, spring gives us the most beautiful flowers, rainy gets us wet, and winter gives us challenges. During winters many people go into hibernation mode. Getting off from work as soon as possible and getting home to curl up in a quilt with hot coffee. Now that has to change because winters are not for hibernation but activation. Snowfall being the most elegant and beautiful gift of this season is what provides us with many adventurous opportunities. Skiing, snowboarding, snowball fights, snowman making and much more fun activities are there awaiting us.

Mount Baldy is the highest peak of San Gabriel Mountain range and is known to be the highest point in Los Angeles County. The peak is truly a skier’s heaven as the mountain has to offer 170 inches of snowfall. Skiing here gets as exciting as it can be. The peak is very famous and comes within San Gabriel Mountains National Monument and Angeles National Forest. The official name of this mountain is Mount San Antonio, named after a local rancher, Saint Antony of Padua. When Americans settlers came and started looking around the area, they came up with the name Baldy concerning bare fell field that dominates the peak.

The interesting thing about this summit is that it has two peaks; there is one main peak at an elevation of 10,064 feet and a sub peak, also referred to as West Baldy, which is at 9988 feet. The main peak is known to mark the boundaries of San Bernardino County and Los Angeles County. This tremendous elevation provides the perfect opportunity for experienced skiers to show what they can be capable of. Although the terrain is meant for all i.e. beginner skiers, intermediate skiers, and experienced skiers but has more opportunity for experienced skiers. The place has many ski resorts that in total offer 800 acres of skiable area. The resorts are at a top elevation of 8600 feet and a base elevation of 6500 feet. The longest run offered is of 4 km

What The Place Has to Offer?

The area has many features that point out this place to be meant for skiing. The resorts over there have many features to attract tourists. Traditional runs, open bowls, chutes, tree runs are just a few amongst many features here. The place is proud of being the largest and steepest in Southern California. Although the area is skiable in multi – directions but main runs are facing south or south – west and others are facing north.

The place has four lift system. Three chair lift provides lift in Thunder Mountains and is facing north so as a result has longer lasting snow conditions. The one chair lift terrain is for down to base areas. Four chair lift faces west and south and has frequent spring conditions and corn snow. This gives the skiers the opportunity to choose to ski in many directions and see the beauty of mountain ranges from each and every side. Also, this gives people the space they need according to their level of skiing experience.


Terrain although is meant for all but is famous for experienced skiers. The ample amount of snowfall makes the place a true delight for skiers. The steep slopes and forest area is usually at the base and makes it freer for skiers.

Beginner’s level –
Out of the total terrain, 15 % is for beginners. This would include the people who either have never done skiing before or people who have tried it once or twice but are still unaware of the skills needed. This gives people a chance learn and have fun and to be adventurous with safety.

Intermediate level – Out of the total terrain, 31 % is for the intermediate skiers. This includes people who know the basics of skiing well. They can do beginner level skiing on their own and do not need supervision on those grounds. At the intermediate level, they face more challenging terrain and adventure takes a whole new level. This is what makes Mount Baldy ski lovers delight.

Experienced level – out of the total terrain 54 % is for the experienced skiers. This includes people who know their skill level and are ready to face the ultimate level of challenges. The terrain is tough, and every bit of energy in your body is needed to complete your run.

Although the money you spend depends on you and your choice of resort and lifts, this resort is quite economical. But on an average, the lift tickets may range from the US $29 to the US $69. The price depends on the resort you choose, the lift system you choose and level of terrain you choose. The money would also depend on the number of people you are and the nights you are staying at the resort.

The summit is also famous for a spectacular view of LA basin. Tourists can also enjoy snowboarding. Spending your day out enjoying the warm sun as you make your way from snow covered snow. The snow is light and fluffy when cold but once the sun rises and snow becomes a little hard it is perfect to have a snowball fight or to make a snowman. Kids can play around and have fun all day long – a perfect holiday for them.

Top Ski Resorts on Mount Baldy

There are many resorts to choose from to where to stay or where to enjoy skiing. This decision is very tough so here are a few resorts that you can trust –

Mount Baldy Ski Lifts

The place has a total of 800 acres of skiable area. It has a total of 26 runs which are divided according to the terrains for beginner skiers, intermediate skiers, and experienced skiers. The longest run is 4 km. It has four lift system, and it does not offer night skiing. The 26 runs span three mountains. The maximum vertical height is 2100 feet.

Other activities offered here are Zip Lines, Hiking, Disc Golfing, Mountain Biking, Scenic Lift Rides and much more.

Top of the Notch

This is not a resort but a very famous restaurant. The place is famous for serving delicious American food at such heights that every individual can enjoy. Nothing is more mesmerizing than to get lost in the beauty of snow covered mountains around you and having a delicious hot meal. To reach there, the tourists take 15 minutes Sugarpine Chair Lift and arrive at 7800 feet. The place also has a bar, and it serves local craft beers.

Mt Baldy Ski Resort

This resort is overlooking Okanagan Valley in Southern British Columbia. The resort has a top elevation of 2123 m and base elevation of 1726 m. It has 500 acres of skiable area. A total of 22 runs is available out of which 23 % is for beginners, 41 % for intermediate skiers, and 36 % for experienced skiers. The longest run is 394 meters. The resort has a total of 3 lifts which are one double chairlift, one magic carpet, and one quad lift. The place receives snowfall of 256 inches. The resort can be reached via McKinney road from Oliver and BC Highway 3 north of Bridgeville.

Mount Baldy Statistics

Base Elevation: 6500 feet

Summit Elevation: 8600 feet

Vertical Drop: 2100 feet

With so many fun activities on offer, Mount Baldy is truly one of the best places to ski in the region and at the same time, have fun with family and friends. So, go ahead, pack your bags and hit the place with your family and friends this winter. You would love it, we promise!

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