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Mount Peter Ski Area – Paradise for Snow Sports



December is the favorite part of the year for a holiday enthusiast. Taking many pictures with the snow and selfies with Santa that flood Instagram feed. Nothing beats the joy of waking up to fluffy snow, surrounded by pure white coloration. The aura itself that this month brings along with it is very auspicious. The streets are decorated with ribbons, lights and all the ornaments that Christmas requires. All this happiness is better enjoyed while sharing with their loved ones with a memorable scenic view in scope.

Mount Peter Ski Area boasts of their 80 years of servicing people who have sought for an adventurous winter. Mount Peter is located an hour away from the New York City situated in the beautiful Hudson Valley of Orange County, New York. If, however, you need directions from the east, then you need to be on Route 17A to Mount Peter. The specialty of Mount Peter is that there’s a learning area installed with a handle tow called “The Hub” located close to the Lodge. The Mount is perfect for beginners to gear themselves for some solid basics. They offer lessons charged according to the group you choose. They provide reasonable rates.

The Mountain prides itself of a 1250 ft. summit with a base of 750 ft. and a drop of 450 ft. They have a total of 5 lifts of which 2 are surface lifts and remaining 3 are Double chairs. It has a total of 69 acres of skiable area. The 69 acres of land is used for night skiing, and snowmaking covers the whole area in the case of absence of natural snow. There are a total 14 trails in Mount Peter Ski Area. All of them almost equally divided on the basis of the level of comfort in skiing.

Lift Tickets


For anyone who wants to have a snow adventure, a lift ticket is a must. The cost of lift tickets depends on the hours of visiting and the age of skier. Ages 5 to 11 are considered juniors whereas ages 12 and above are considered adult. The five lifts are Carpet Lift (Snow basin), Hailey’s Comet, Sam’s Chair, Ol’ Pete, The Hub (Learning Center Lift).

The charges for hours on the weekend are as listed. On a full day (9 am to 5 pm) the lift ticket for an adult costs $49 and for a junior costs $42. On half days (12:30 pm to 5 pm) the lift ticket for an adult costs $45, and for a junior, it costs $39. The tickets at Twilight (3 pm to closing time) cost an adult $35 and a junior $29. For night skiing lift tickets cost $25 per each person regardless of age.

The charges on a weekday are as listed. On full days (9 am to 5 pm) lift tickets for an adult cost $30 and for a junior $25. At Twilight (3 pm to closing time) the tickets cost $24 for an adult and $23 for a junior and as for lift tickets for night skiing $22 for each person regardless of age.

Skiing and Snowboarding



Mount Peter Ski area has a total of 14 trails covering 69 acres of snowmaking area. These trails are divided almost equally for a different level of skiers, though they mainly are advantageous for beginners. The trails are designated as 43% of beginner runs, 21% of intermediate runs, 21% for advanced runs and the remaining 14 % for experienced skiers. The longest run is one mile long. They also offer to ski with Santa on December 18th  

There are six beginner level trails namely Deer Run, Lower Rim Run, Snowbasin Learning Center, Upper Rim Run, Snowfields Lower and Snowfields Upper. There are three experienced level trails which are known as more difficult by the skiers; they are namely Cedar Lane, Lower St. Pete’s and Upper St. Pete’s. The remaining 5are experienced level and are the toughest trails that only professionals are capable of skiing or snowboarding, namely, Dynamite, The Wild West – Racing Trail, River Bottom, Terrain Park on River Bottom, Upper Devil’s Tail, Lower Devil’s Tail and Outback.  All these make Mount Peter Ski Area one of the best in the region which attracts thousands of visitors every week.

Ski Packages



Ski packages rate depends on the age of the person taking the package. The special mid-week ski package which is conducted on non-holiday weekdays which trains beginners (ages 5 and up), it includes a one-hour group training sessions lift and rental tickets at the cost of $65 for an adult and $55 for a junior.

The Saturday Night Learn to ski or snowboard package also includes one-hour group lessons, rentals, and beginner lift tickets. Ages 7 and above are qualified to attend these sessions. Reservations are required for this package. The package costs $60 for adult and $50 for junior.

Private lessons cost $85 per hour. All the packages require a credit card and driver’s license for security deposit. For skiers or snowboarders under the age of 18, the signature of a parent or guardian is a necessity.


Mount Peter Statistics

Base Elevation: 750 feet

Summit Elevation: 1250 feet

Vertical Drop: 450 feet

At Mount Peter, the charge of rentals depends on the equipment you require. The rentals are located near the lodge. You are required to be 18 to sign for your own rental, for ages under 18 a parent or guardian is required to sign up for the equipment.

Skis, Boots, Poles or Snowboard & Boots Adults 12 yrs & up cost $30. Skis, Boots, Poles or Snowboard & Boots Juniors Age 5-11 cost $25. Skis, Boots, Poles Tiny Tots – Age 4 & under cost $20 and helmets are $15 for all irrespective of age.

Snow Tubing

Tubing experience at Mount Peter is surreal with the 600 foot downhill ride, and the best part is that you don’t need to drag your tube uphill again; you have a conveyer carpet ride uphill. The cancellation of rides must be given at least a 24-hour prior notice. These tubes require you to sit on them instead of lying flat on your belly.

Tubing is only allowed for participants of a minimum height of 42 inches, children under age of 12 require adult supervision. The sessions are limited to 90 tubers and hence require prior reservations.  Anyone experiencing snow tubing must sign a release form and must purchase tickets.

No hard shell boots like ski boots are allowed. One should wear winter boots or hiking boots and waterproof snow pants and jacket along with waterproof gloves and warm layers that can be removed if necessary. A helmet and glasses are highly recommended for the safety of the user.

At Mount Peter Ski Area the prices are inexpensive and reasonable. The place is heaven for beginners as they learn fast enough on these comfortable slopes. Despite the average costs, the stay and dining are reviewed to be simple and efficient. The trails are pretty short and easy, once familiar beginners can try more difficult trails like Cedar Lane. Along with the level of difficulty, the slopes get steeper, and one starts sliding faster. Though the longest run is only one mile which takes about 4 minutes to slide down, the fun is still intact. The place, though, is not much fun for experts at skiing as the slopes and trails do not meet their necessary requirements and are too short.

Mount Peter Ski Area has a lot on offer for its visitors, and you can have a lot of fun and merriment with your family and dear ones on a chilly winter day. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight for the Mountain Peter Ski Area and have a great time with you dear ones, and return with memories to cherish forever. Have fun!

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