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Grand Targhee Resort – The Perfect Place to Ski!



With winters just around the corner, everyone has his or her wish list ready. While some prefer reading books by the fireplace and sipping a hot cup of coffee, the thrill lovers eagerly wait for the arrival of the winters to enjoy snow sports like skiing and snowboarding. Snow sports can never go out of fashion and this is precisely why lovely ski resorts are brimming with people from all across the region who arrive at these parks to have fun with their family and friends. If you’re a skiing lover, there cannot be a better place than a lovely ski resort in the winters, and Mount Rose Ski Resort is just apt for you.

Live your skiing dreams fulfill your desires at Mt Rose- Ski Tahoe resort the sole properly equipped ski resort in Reno, Nevada. It is a perfect get away from Reno city for the weekend and could be combined with other trips as well. Nevada is home to acres of arid desert and lush forests both in the same place. Skiing can help you relax and rejuvenate, and the best way to do so for people living in western regions of United States could be a visit to Mount Rose.

Elevation and Location



Ski Tahoe is situated at the peak of Mountain Slide which is 50 kms south of Reno in the Carson Range. The base elevation at Tahoe is 2,520 m and the summit is 3,000 m. The entire resort is spread across 1,200 acres of land and provides enough space for spacious and comfortable skiing experience. From the top, people can get a mesmerizing view of the fresh running water of Lake Tahoe; vast desert lands in the eastern areas while green lands in the western region are offering a 360 degree view of the entire surrounding area.


Grand Targhee Statistics

Base Elevation: 9700 feet

Summit Elevation: 8260 feet

Vertical Drop: 1800 feet

Slide Mountain was home to two different ski resorts one on the east side and one on the north side. The resort was initially opened up in 1953 on the east side of the Slide Mountain and was named as Reno Ski Bowl which was later changed to Slide Mountain Ski Area while on the north side “Mount Rose Ski Area”, began operating in 1964. In 1987, both the resorts merged to form today’s Mount Rose Ski Resort. Since its inception, Mount Rose has always been a major ski resort in the region with the number of visitors increasing every passing year – a proof of how amazing this place is!

Basic Idea

Mt Rose is an ultimate ski destination for skiers and could be clubbed with a vacation on Lake Tahoe which would increase the fun. It is accessible through shuttle service as there are many available from local areas in Reno. Lake Tahoe provides Mt Rose Ski Tahoe with 1,800 feet vertical drop which is the perfect drop for professional skiers and ski enthusiasts as the height increases the excitement while skiing giving a better experience. The resort also offers discounts for U.S skiers which could be availed.

Lifts and Run



The resort has a total of 8 lifts with 2 six packs, 2 Quadra, 2 Triple and 2 Surface occupancies and functions to take skiers from base to the elevation where the ski activities take place. There is a total of around 60 runs with 10% expert level, 20% beginner, 30% intermediate, and 40% advanced, the percentage shows the level and the intensity of runs at various levels. The longest run is about 2.5 miles long in that area.

The snowmaking capacity 28% and the resort has a snowfall of 400 inches during the season. Ski Tahoe has a trail map in case if the participants wish to navigate the areas of the resort as to where they would possibly ski then even that is made possible with an interactive Mt Rose – Ski Tahoe navigation map. All these features make Mount Rose Ski Resort one of the best places to ski in the region.

Terrain Parks


There is DoubleDown, Badlands, BlackJack and Progression the outdoor recreation area where snowboarders and skiers can meet greet and perform tricks for an audience. Many people with various talents are present, and here there is an opportunity to ski at the well designed terrain parks. It is a fun filled learning experience to perform along with experts and beginners as everyone has a lot to offer. These parks are open throughout the day and close in the evening as Ski Tahoe does not have night skiing facility.

The Chutes

This is the longest vert in North America which is spread across 200 acres. It is a chair lift that gives the visitors a glimpse of slopes from a height which is an enticing view and is a treat to behold with your eyes. It is a ride with three parts: Chuter-5mins, Northwest Magnum 6 – 4mins and Blazing Zephyr 6 – 4mins. There are special gates for entry and lifts transport the visitors to the chutes. A great chute ride is another attraction of Ski Tahoe and is a must try activity which is open unless there is a sudden avalanche or snow slide.

Ticket Scheme

Ski Tahoe has a very different ticket scheme which is either for weekday/weekend/half day or 2day-6day pass which is because they have various attractions for the visitors to see and enjoy along with skiing. There is a possibility of hiking or snowboarding as well in case if someone wishes to do so. The resort also has webcam surveillance through which families can always check up on their kids, and the visitor’s safety is always taken care for.

Lessons for all



Not all of us know how to ski, and none of us is born with those skills, so there are coaching lessons for toddlers to adults where one is taught how to snowboard, ski, skate, and then their experience at the resort would become more memorable. Separate lessons are available for kids and adults and various learning programs are offered to match the requirements of visitors; based on their knowledge of skiing. Right from beginners to advanced skiers, everyone can visit the place and learn to ace skiing.

Updates to assist guests:

Mt Rose also provides driving directions for visitors who wish to come by road, and they have a website that updates the snow forecast at the resort so that visitors have a hassle free experience that can be cherished and remembered forever.


Other very exciting facility provided by the resort is that they are open to renting the place for occasions along with catering so if you plan on a birthday party or a dream wedding in between snow- clad mountains, river and trees then this could be your destination dream come true. Further advertisements through hoardings are also available for clients to post adds on for visitors to know more about the rental facilities available.

Lodging facilities

In case if you are planning to spend the holidays with your family atop the Slide Mountain at Mount Rose – Ski Tahoe there are comfortable lodging and boarding facilities available. Winter Creek is a comfortable place providing indoor as well as outdoor seating for the visitors along with bar facilities which can be a hangout spot post all the fun filled activities on the top of the mountains.

From skiing to other snow activities on offer, Mount Rose Ski Tahoe is truly a visitor’s delight and this is why the place is full with people from all across the region. You should also visit this grand ski park with your family and friends and make the most of the upcoming winters. With winter just around the corner and people flocking in for a worthwhile experience reservations for a memorable time is just a few steps away!

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