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Mount Shasta Ski Park – The Perfect Winter Location!



What things ring a bell when we hear the word winter? Snowfall? Snowball fights? Making snowman? Sledge boards being pushed from the slopes? Well, that were the things we did when we were kids. Now we are grownups who would rather spend their weekends crawled up in blankets than to play with snow. Right? That’s where you are wrong. Winters offer the time to appreciate the opportunity nature provides us to enjoy the gift of snow. We have to get out of our comfort zone and find the adventurous side of ourselves. Snowfall now should mean skiing and snowboarding. Getting out and having fun. Living again the childhood memories.

Winters are no longer about hibernation but more about unleashing your dormant energy. Go alone and explore yourself or go with family and friends and make memories that will last forever. You have seen enough movies of spies skiing around and completing their missions, and all you think is one day you will also learn skiing like that. But you keep on postponing it. So prepare yourself for this winters, and you are not hiding in your quilt while the world moves forward, but you are moving forward with the world and facing the ultimate snow sport.

You can either be a rookie or an experienced skier but what matters is the fire within you to go for it. Mount Shasta Ski Park provides with just the right opportunity for everyone. Mount Shasta Ski Park is in Trinity National Forest in California. It receives 275 inches of annual snowfall, and a maximum vertical height is 1390 ft. The place offers exceptional skiing opportunity for all as the place has terrain for beginners, intermediate skiers and also experienced skiers. Mt Shasta is proud of its 100 cubic miles of mass. Mount Shasta Ski Park was built in 1985 and is the newest winter resort in not only California but also amongst the newest resorts in the United States.

Terrain Parks



The new trend started at Shasta Ski Park is the Revolution Terrain Park which has many unique features for the tourists to enjoy the snow in every possible way. Some of the features are Monster Tire, the Dragon, the Wave Box, the Wallaphant, the Battleship and much more.

Apart from these features the place has a lot of terrains to offer. The Park offers 425 acres of skiable area that has been divided into different abilities area.


Beginner level – Out of the total 20 % of the terrain is for beginners. The terrain is easy but does not mistake it for less adventurous. The slope will be gentle and mainly clear, but the snow level is what makes it fun. The lessons provided will get you excel at every descent and professionals will be there to make sure that you are safe.

Intermediate level – Out of total 55 % of the terrain is for intermediate skiers. The terrain gets more exciting and adventurous. The risks are increased, and challenges get harder. A complete downhill slope covered with inches and inches of snow. What can stop you now?

Advanced level – Out of the total 25 % of the terrain is for experienced skiers. Now this is where it gets more and more challenging. This is the terrain meant for those think of themselves as professional players of this fascinating sport.

Another aspect of loving about this park is the fact that it provides you with the opportunity of skiing at night. The park has the facility of fourteen different trails for a night that can be accessed by three lifts. Now is there any other reason needed to make you more enthusiastic to reach to this park and ski?

Facts about the Mount Shasta Ski Park that you should know



Before you travel, many doubts can arise. Where is the place? How to reach there? What will it cost you? At what elevation is this place? Is it safe? Are there lessons available for rookies? So here are some facts that will help you clear your doubts –

The place has a summit height of 6889 Ft., a vertical drop of 1435 Ft. and base at 5500 ft. The park has four lifts that are three triple chairlifts and one surface lift. The lift capacity is 6200 passengers per hour. So the passengers do not have to wait a lot of time. There are thirty two runs, and they are divided into three different terrains. The longest run offered is 2.82 km. The Mount Shasta Ski Park is expected to open on 12 – 15 – 2016 till 04 – 11 – 2017 this season.

They have lessons for skiing and snowboarding according to your level

  • First Timers
  • Can make gliding wedge turns and stop
  • Has or has not been on chairlift
  • Can turn on green and easy blue runs
  • Can turn on blue and easy black runs

It is situated on the east of Interstate 5 along SR 89. It is in between the city of Mount Shasta and the town of McCloud. Rental shop prices vary according to the season, and normally two types of packages are available

  • Ski Package
  • Deluxe & Telemark Ski Package
  • Snowboarding Package
  • Deluxe Snowboarding Package

Mount Shasta Statistics

Base Elevation: 5500 feet

Summit Elevation: 6890 feet

Vertical Drop: 1435 feet

Contests you can enjoy –
The Park organizes a variety of contests for tourists to enjoy and have fun. There are many other fun activities like the Shasta Ascension Backcountry race, Phil Holecek Memorial Race, Paul Ginera Race and much more that you can enjoy with your family and friends. The events are organized not only to get maximum participation but also for viewers cheering for their favorite contestant to win. These are hosted throughout the season and dates are available on their website. The races are according to different levels of skills on various terrains.

What should you carry? – Many tourists remain in confusion as to what to carry. The most important thing to remember is that at high elevation you are more prone to sun’s UV rays. It is important to carry some UV cream with yourself and goggles for your eyes, and if you are allergic to these rays, then it is more important for you. Weather at mountains can never be trusted. It might be clear for an hour then cloudy the next hour and a snow storm might occur in the next hour. So warm layers of clothes and water resistant outer layers is a must. The park also has a rule that guests without proper eye protection gear, gloves, and appropriate clothing are not permitted for lessons. Rest of the skiing gear or snowboarding gear can be rented from the park.

Rental Services

The cost for rentals, lessons and lift tickets is determined at the opening season of the park. The rates are different for weekdays and different for weekends and special holidays. The costs are determined according to your stay. Whether you want to stay the whole day (9 am to 4 pm) or half day (12 pm to 8 pm). You can expect discounted prices if you go there in groups. Groups having minimum 15 members can avail discounts on rentals, lessons and lift tickets.

Afraid to ski as you’ve never done it before? Don’t miss out on all the fun and adventure just because of this. 49 Degrees North resort offers both winter and summer training, private lessons, group lessons, adult lessons and lessons for children. You can opt for adventure multi-week lessons, explorer multi-week lessons or Holiday Camp. The resort also offers Rental and lessons package combined.

Lodging and resort services

The top 5 places to stay on Mount Shasta are –

  • Best Western Plus Tree House
  • Mount Shasta Resort
  • Swiss Holiday Resort
  • Shasta Inn
  • Alpine Lodge

Mount Shasta Ski Park is an ideal location for ski lovers and others who love spending time outdoors with family and friends. From skiing to other fun activities and lots more, this place is truly a great place to visit the upcoming winters. Go ahead, pack your bags and visit Mount Shasta Ski Park with your family and friends. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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