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Mount Spokane: Experience a vibrant and promising skiing experience


It is that time of the year again when temperatures rise and lower your self-esteem and everything around you gets nail-bitingly cold. The weather is extremely chilly with cool winds blowing and the temperature falling to negative degrees. This is the season when people go into their hibernation mode and do not intend to return from such a state. So, to awaken your senses and get your bones crackling a short ski adventure with close friends or family members could be all that it takes for you to get back to your regular self.

What is it with laziness and winters? They are like petrol to a car; one goes along with the other and are like the inseparable twins for eternity. In the northwestern region of the United States, lies the city of Spokane in the state of Washington. It is the center of Spokane County and Spokane Metropolitan area. It is known for its historical monuments, the river to the west and Rocky Mountains to the east. This city has a large population, and hence people live in a very busy place that flocks with other people throughout the year because of which they need a ready get away to any nearby resort for relaxing and indulging in some lone time.

The United States offers various sports and recreational activities, but skiing has its own benefits, which are: learning to control one’s body weight, balancing and monitoring body movements and interacting with individuals sharing similar interests and ideas in life. Not just this, snow-based activities also keep your reflexes in place for instance, when one snowboards his or her brain automatically focuses on the altitude at which they are performing, speed, motions of their body and how everything needs to fall in sync for one to achieve a certain level in the sport. Moreover, it is a learning experience for many who are first timers looking forward to learning and being able to practice a certain new sport. Skiing allows a person to give free rein to their inner child and let loose their toughness. It is a perfect solution to one’s stress and takes you away from all your issues; allowing you to cherish the beautiful world they live in.

Mount Spokane Ski and Snowboard Park promises to fulfill all such needs and ensures a lovely experience for all its visitors. It is situated 25 miles from Spokane city and caters to the immensely large population of the city as this is one of the nearest ski resort for all the people of Spokane. This ski resort redefines nature and sports adventures like none other in the western region with enticing views of the hills, snow clad mountains, and fun-filled activities for people of all ages.



Mount Spokane has a base elevation of 4,400 feet and extends to the top at 5,889 feet along with a vertical drop of 2,071 feet which provides skiers with convenient skiing terrain. The resort offers 1,425 acres of skiable terrain for the sports enthusiasts.


Previously, in the year 1933, Mount Spokane has hosted Northwest ski championships and even had notable Olympic winners, who participate in their events in these amazing events. It was originally located on the western slopes and is known for being home to the world’s first operational chairlift back in 1047.


This ski area has a total number of 43 runs out of which 23% are for the beginners which is the very basic followed by 45% which is for intermediate runners and the rest 42% for the advanced professionals with increased difficulty.


Five lifts transport all the passengers from one activity to the other and during the travel one can catch a quick glimpse of the surrounding area.

Terrain Parks

Nobody likes to perform monotonously and hence the terrain park at Mt Spokane is a one-mile long park with jumps and jibs for freestylers who can range from beginners to advanced skiers. Irrespective of experience, safety measures are always required while having a fun time at the park that Half Hitch on the top and extends down Lamonga Pass. There are jumps of all sizes and tons of rails for kicks, and specialized staff is always present during the working hours for assistance.

Progression Parks


The most trained and biggest of professional performers also started from the bottom, by learning the basic steps of skiing, practicing small jumps and getting accustomed to its features. So the Progression Park is one level down compared to the main Terrain Park as it focuses on giving confidence to the beginners and train them from easy level to challenging ones. Initially, every beginner needs to get comfortable and eventually with the flow they will be able to perform better.


It is the most important aspect of a ski resort; the safety measures they take for the benefits of the participants and the ones every individual needs to keep in mind while performing are truly incredible. A person should plan their freestyle terrain experience before entering the parks by establishing movements and the speed which will affect the landing in the end. There is a basic need to warm up before any physical sport otherwise, muscles tend to freeze. So proper warm-up exercises are necessary. Also, there is a requirement for all those inside the parks to keep their eyes open for other people who are also a part of the park and give everybody rightful opportunities by practicing in turns. The set up keeps regularly varying due to the rampant change in weather conditions and usage. Hence an individual is ordered to check it out before blindly indulging in any jumps. There are a variety of people visiting the parks from learners to hardcore professionals so one should know their capabilities and not push their limits in order to imitate others. Overall the resort has webcams and support staff that are always on duty to avoid any mishaps.



Mount Spokane Statistics

Base Elevation: 3818 feet

Summit Elevation: 5889 feet

Vertical Drop: 2000 feet

Mt Spokane region receives dry snowfall which is sufficient for all the snow-based activities to be performed, and hence they do not have any additional supply of snow or snowmaking facilities. Everything at the resort is natural and not created by machines or equipment whatsoever.

Night skiing

Hollywood shows everyone a pretty picture about comfortably skiing at night during winters and this resort fulfills that dream so that you can cross it off from your To Do List. Spokane has a wonderful night skiing option with staff to monitor the visitors as well as events where people can participate together and have some fun.

Getting Here:

This resort is accessible by road, and there is a large parking area on the base where you can park your winter trucks or cars conveniently during your stay at the ski area.


A number of affordable accommodation facilities are available near the mountain. Mt Spokane has parking facilities at the base of the mountain so one can park one’s vehicles there go have a jolly time at the mountain ski resort and come back down in the evening and ride back to the nearby lodge for the night and return in the morning for another day of fun atop the mountains.

Other Activities:


Mount Spokane has a well-equipped tubing hill where children can have a gala time sliding down the snow covered hills in glee. It is also open to enthusiastic adults who wish to relive their childhood memories as age is no barrier to merry. This facility is open on weekends and holidays and offers a 90-minute session for all those who wish to avail it.

With so many fun things to do and enjoy at this ski resort, one should not miss out such a chance this winters! Book your passes and plan your vacation soon with family and friends and make the most of your chilly winter days here at the Mount Spokane.

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