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Mountain High

It is winter time and people, according to their taste, have already made up their minds as to how they are going to spend this incredible season. While some prefer the solitude of their homes to adventures, the thrill lovers anxiously wait for this time of the year to step out of their comfortable homes and have fun enjoying the snow. While it is equally good to enjoy a good read while sipping a cup of hot coffee, winter sports can let you explore the other side of you – the adventurous side. Further, it gives you a much needed break from the monotony of life. 

And since winters are just around the corner, what better than a skiing trip to the well established ski resort in California that has a terrain which is the most sought after by skiers every year – the Mountain High. Children adults all alike, everybody loves to goof around with snowballs and have snow fights and a holiday in the Mountain High ski area would totally be a good experience. The Mountain High is snuggled among the Big Pines and looks as pretty as a picture and is has a breathtaking view as well. All this makes Mountain High ski area one of the best in the region; attracting a high number of visitors every year during the winters. The number of visitors is on a rise, thanks to its picturesque location and top notch services on offer. 


Mountain High ski area is one of the oldest winter resorts in the country and initially named as Blue Ridge which was later changed to Mountain High when the ownership changed. The resort was previously passed on to various owners and has had seen minor modifications over the years. Astonishingly, Mountain High built the largest ski jump to gain attention during the Winter Olympics in 1932.


The entire Mountain High resort is spread across the San Gabriel Mountains in the Los Angeles County of California. This beautiful resort is nuzzled along State Route 2 in the western region of Wrightwood, California. Most of the other mountain passes in this region either shut down temporarily or close after receiving heavy snowfall making it difficult for people to visit there hence Mountain High receives more traffic from people living in Southern California as it is easily accessible and remains open during most days of the season. Mountains have mysteries hidden among their peaks and so does this one, to know more you need to explore it thoroughly.

About Mountain High

Mountain High resort is divided into three areas, and there are connecting lifts from one section to the other two that can be availed with the same lift ticket. 

The Mountain High West Resort is the most favored among the three as it has a higher elevation as compared to the other resorts which enable it to be the only South Californian resort to be open first and close at the end of the season. The West Resort has the most exciting and thrill-lover’s favorite terrain park named as Faultline. This particular area of Mountain High is where skiing is offered as it has a well developed terrain for this sport. Faultline consists of Slayer Box and Paradox that serves the snowboarders with their amazing features. The West Resort has a special area which is popularly known as “The Reef” and it has an exceptional glade skiing and snowboarding facility available for the sports enthusiasts.

The pièce de résistance of the East Resort is that it facilitates longer runs and has a larger area of open terrain which gives the visitors an extraordinary experience while skiing here. This resort undoubtedly has the longest run in the Southern California region which is spread out for close to 1.6 miles and is popularly known as the Goldrush. 

Well, not everybody is a professional when it comes to snow activities and a lot of people just want to catch up on snow fights and family time, so this resort is basically for beginners and intermediates along with some snow play stretched across 70 acres of land. The North resort has very few transport availability one three handle tows and a quad chair. Previously this resort used to known as Ski Sunrise, and this is also where the North Pole Tubing Park is located. 


As the winter resort has three partitions along State Route 2, there are different elevation levels for each part of the Mountain High resort. In the East, it has a base elevation of 6,600 feet and 8,200 feet top height. Towards the North, it is 7,200 feet in the bottom-up till 7,800 feet in the top and the West it has 7,000 feet base elevation and 8,000 feet top elevation. The entire mountain has a vertical height of 1,600 feet which is highly convenient for skiers and skateboarders as it provides a great experience. 


The Mountain High has a total of 14 lifts, and one pass lets the visitors travel to all for enjoying the various attractions in different parts of the entire resort. There are special seasonal passes as well for people to travel up and down these snow-clad mountains. With these amazing lifts in place, you can check out some of the most breathtaking views of the Mountain High Ski Area with your family and friends. 

Terrains and Runs

Skiers and snowboarders can showcase their talents, learn and cherish their time here over an area of 290 acres along with night ski across 73 acres of terrain which is monitored and has all the safety measures for visitors to have a fun-filled time.  Mountain High has a total of 59 runs which has 20%  of Beginner Runs, 42% of Intermediate Runs, 34% Advanced Runs and a limited 3% of expert runs. Also, the resort has the equipment to produce about 275 acres of snow which gives experiences to cherish forever. 


The Mountain High has a bunch of premium properties as well as bed and breakfast availabilities to stay in for the visitors that are a treat to one’s eyes which offer family activities, excellent dining opportunities and first-class amenities for the best overall visiting experience. Season passes are also available for the people who want to visit the resort for sports activities.

Events & Guides

Winter comes with cheer and Mountain High hosts fantastic events during the season for family gatherings and outings. Also, they have a First Class Guide with detailed directions to Mountain High if anybody wishes to travel by themselves and they also have experienced professionals for first-timers to learn to ski. 

Other Activities & Attractions

Additionally Mountain High has a remarkable tubing park that is dedicated to Snow Tubing entirely. This facility has a provision of a conveyor belt lift, multiple lanes and two handle tows which can accommodate many visitors in one go. The tubing facility is efficiently managed with the help of two handle tows which has multiple lanes, allowing many tubers to get down and have fun all at once. The tubing park has a moving conveyor belt lift. Further, the resort is also open during summer with Sun Rise Disc golf service which makes it an exception among others and those who fear the winters can visit during summers as well for a very good time a top the beautiful mountains. 

Until then enjoy winters, go ahead and book your seats for this season as the Mountain opens up on the 12th of November this year! The chilly winters can be enjoyed with some adventurous spirit. With so much on offer at the Mountain High ski area, you and your family can have a wonderful time enjoying skiing and other activities. As they say, the more, the merrier, gather your loved ones for a gala time atop California’s most loved winter resort. Go ahead and visit Mountain High this winter.

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