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An Enthralling Escapade to Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort

Winter is the season everyone loves. It’s the season of joy, happiness, sharing and of course cuddling in front of the fire hearth with a coffee mug in one hand. The incredible beauty of that first snowflake falling through our roof leaves us awestruck. Come to the first snowfall, and the playful person inside us awakens desiring for an adventure in the snow.

A skiing trip during the beautiful, quiet season winter, when the cold air just brushes past your cheek, making you shiver, the feel of wading your steps through the snow – makes you nostalgic about your childhood. Doesn’t it? How does a skiing experience in the vast terrains of Mt. Bachelor sound then? The scenic beauty of the terrain, cool winds blowing, snow laden valleys, the snow covered trees and plants – this is just a small glimpse of what the resort will offer you besides the skiing experience. So tie up your laces, put on your warmest coats and gear up for an icy adventure.

Why Choose Mt. Bachelor for an Incredible Winter Experience?

Mt. Bachelor Statistics

Base Elevation: 5700 feet

Summit Elevation: 9065 feet

Vertical Drop: 3365 feet

  • Bachelor Ski Resort is the largest ski resort in Oregon, covering an area of a thousand acres, and also holds the rank of the second largest mountain ski resort in the U.S
  • Mount Bachelor is one of the few resorts in the nation offering the longest ski seasons, that usually is the duration from mid-November through the end of May. You can enjoy with your dear ones for a longer period than the others.
  • For the local rider or skier who wishes to spend several days on the mountain, conquering the snow and exploring the range, Mt. Bachelor offers the Season Pass. Also known as the Pure30 Pass, live in this vast area covering 4,318 acres of natural terrain just like a mountain local. The Pure30 Pass is valid for any 30 consecutive days wherein you get unrestricted access to every activity offered at Mt. Bachelor Ski Area during the upcoming winters, which is going to be one of longest winter seasons in the country.
  • For the adventure junkies, the resort offers full season, midweek and 12 day pass too to suit all of your needs.
  • Afraid to ski as you’ve never done it before? Don’t miss out on all the fun and frolic just because of this. Mt. Bachelor Resort offers both winter and summer training, group lessons at discounted rates, adult lessons private lessons, and lessons for children as well.
  • The resort is located in the central Oregon, 22 miles west of Bend, the route along the Century Drive Highway. This makes the resort easily accessible and quick to reach. If you are worried about how to reach here, you can relax. The Mt. Bachelor Shuttle service connects the resort with bus service throughout Central Oregon. They also have a customer-friendly schedule so that you can choose the ride that is convenient to you.


Placed at a strategic location, the resort ski runs are on the northern face of Mount Bachelor. Mount Bachelor is a stratovolcano built upon a volcanic shield of the Cascade Range lending the area a distinctive feel.

Terrain: Renowned for its dry snow with a typical snowfall of over 450 inches per annum and a mid–winter base of around 100 inches, the resort lays claim to a lift-served vertical drop of over 3300 feet. MT. Bachelor has a summit elevation of 9065 feet and the base elevation drops at 6350 feet. The mountain boasts of a lift running to about 9000 feet which can easily be accessed through a short hike.

Trails and lifts


The Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort has a total skiable area of around 3683 acres which is readily available by the lifts. There is a total of 88 trails out of which 15% are beginner runs, 25% accounts as the intermediate runs, 35% are advanced runs and 25% of the runs are exclusive for the experts.  The longest run in the resort spans an area of over 1.5 miles. Mount Bachelor also boats of a cross country skiing area with a total of twelve groomed trails that cover an area of 35 miles on the ground and 850 feet of vertical.

The total accessible area available for lifts is about 3683 acres. The resort offers a total of ten chairlifts lifts which include:

  • Northwest Express
  • Outback Express
  • Skyliner Express
  • Carrousel Chair
  • Summit Express
  • Pine Marten Express
  • Rainbow Chair
  • Sunshine Accelerator
  • Sunrise Express
  • Red Chair

Out of these, seven lifts are the express squad lifts. Pine Marten Express was the first express squad built in the resort.


Alongside the regular skiing, snow tubing, and snowboarding, Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort also offers Sled Dog Rides, Snowblast Touring and Snowshoe tours in its plethora of services. Childcare services are also available. Apart from the top quality skiing lessons the resort offers, Mt. Bachelor has enough facilities to care about rental requirements. You can rent all the skiing stuff you need here at affordable prices. If you are planning a ski trip in advance, and know that you’ll need to rent the ski equipment, you can reserve and pay for your rentals four days in advance. The service is online, and you also end up getting a discount of 25% on online rentals. With the onset of the winter season, there are a lot of events lined up at the resort. Ski show, Bike event, Après Ski along with many other types of events are sure to get your adrenaline rushing. Not many would know that Mount Bachelor serves as the official training area of many Olympic athletes and professionals, and also hosts several competitions every year. The challenging terrain parks in the resort and the excellent snow conditions throughout the season account for the fact.


The premises of Mt. Bachelor Resort has seven restaurants, three bars, and three coffeehouses distributed along the area. The guests can choose for accommodations and lodgings from the close by resort community center of Sunriver or in the city of Bend. One can go for the Tetherow Resort, located at a 15 minute drive from Mt. Bachelor, Riverhouse Hotel, Seven Mountains resort. If you wish to stay in a condo or a townhome, Bend vacation rentals, and Sunset Lodging, Sunriver is good options. All of the lodgings are quite affordable. You can avail additional discounts if you book the rooms in advance or make the booking online. Each hotel room offers all conveniences, comforts and services you’ll require while staying there.

Skiing is an activity that not only serves as a recreation sport but rejuvenates you to the core. Experience a day without the hustle bustle of the city and free from the gadgets that have made us their slave. The feeling that strikes you when you are sliding down the slope or when the cool breeze rushes down your face as you admire the snow laden mountains can’t be understood unless you have felt it. A solitary walk in the snow opens up your mind to self –introspection, clear up all the negative and unnecessary thoughts and gives you a fresh breath towards life. The small, little moments you spend in the snow are what you will cherish for your lifetime. While skiing, you’ll get to meet and interact with people of all sorts. You go back home, not only with the memories of a breath-taking experience but also with some new friends with whom you share and enjoy a common interest in this fantastic resort.

With so much on offer at the Mt. Bachelor Ski Resort, you should definitely pay a visit to this place and enjoy having fun on the snowy slopes – enjoying various fun snow activities and skiing. You will not only get a great chance to have fun with family and friends but will also refresh your mind from the monotony of life. So go ahead and pack your bags and get ready for a snowy adventure this winter!

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