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Savour each day of your holiday at the picturesque Mt. Jefferson



Going away from your everyday life and relaxing in a calm environment that is a true vacation. One always likes to plan before going on a holiday, but those plans never become a reality. Usually, the instantaneous approach works for a vacation. One minute you are thinking and the other you are off to enjoy. Unfortunately, these quick plans become a time of stress and last minute arrangements are not up to the mark. Either you end up paying too much, or you do not find a good place to stay or eat. Every person is different and so are their needs and requirements.

What if you visit a place where you would not have to worry about your stay, food or fun? A place that provides all these within your stretch of pocket. An affordable family vacation is one where you would have to pay just for the services that the resort offers you rather than the brand. A ski resort will be the perfect destination for a holiday with family and friends. The various activities promising thrilling experiences and unlimited fun at a ski resort will get you hooked in no time. Moreover, a sudden holiday can go smoothly as there are so many ski resorts to choose from.

Where should you go to have a fun-filled holiday with family and friends?

Mt. Jefferson Statistics

Base Elevation: 107 m

Summit Elevation: 230 m

Vertical Drop: 132 m

Imagine a day surrounded by snow and on the mountain tops with your loved ones. The cold breeze is hitting your face and refreshing you and calming you down instantly. The rush of adrenaline that will hit you while sliding down from the mountain tops on snowboards or tubes will fill your life with excitement. A ski resort that is very much affordable and provides with the best services and activities is Mount Jefferson.

It is situated on Route 6 in Lee, about 12 miles east of Lincoln and 60 miles northeast of Bangor. The village is easily accessible. The place is devoid of unnecessary, extravagant luxuries, however, promises fun-filled activities and experience. The place is warm not in temperature but with friendly people. The place is a treat to the eyes and carries beautiful sceneries worth capturing. Further, the place is well connected with all the neighbouring towns and cities, making it easily accessible from these places. So you can easily pack your gears and visit the Mt. Jefferson with your family and friends without any fuss.

Some interesting facts about Mt. Jefferson Skiing area-



The village of Lee is picturesque and attracts many tourists from all over the world all year long. It is a perfect place to explore on foot. An ideal destination for any nature lover. Even artists like a photographer or a painter can plan a trip and capture the beauty of the place on canvas or photographs. The mountain tops covered with snow, snowflakes and watching sunsets and sunrise from the summit of the mountain will leave you breathless. The skiing area offers trails for its riders and skiers. It has divided its trails on the level of difficulty for everyone’s safety. There are 33% trails for the beginners, 34% intermediate trails, and 33% difficult trails. The names of theses trails are Bunny Slope, Maple Trail, Hemlock Treat, Tamarack, Pine Sluice, Pine Sluice cut off, Juniper Way, Birch Run, Spruce Alley, Cedar Lane, Elm Street, and Willow Way. All the riders have a great time unraveling these trails and enjoy their stay in the lap of nature. The total skiable area is 12 acres. The summit elevation of Mt. Jefferson is 752 ft. with a base elevation of 351 ft. and a vertical drop of 432 ft. The place is never overcrowded. You will not have to wait in queues to reach the slopes. There are three lifts including two 2000’ T-bar lifts and a rope tow.

What is so unique about Mt. Jefferson?

  • The small village of Lee is secluded and situated in a calm area in the lap of nature which makes the place full of beautiful sceneries. This makes the area a perfect destination for all the nature enthusiasts and lovers. Everyone seeking peace will opt to go to Mt. Jefferson for a vacation with family and friends. The picturesque place is worth a visit.
  • All artists whether it be a photographer, painter, singer, or a writer can go there looking for inspiration and enjoy the raw beauty of nature. The place fills your mind with good vibes and refreshes you.
  • Any person looking for an affordable vacation can count Mt. Jefferson as the ultimate destination. The place is fun when visited with family and friends. Your children can enjoy on the easy trails of the mountain and learn to ski while you can go through some intermediate or advanced trails.
  • The staff is ever helpful. They provide you will find all the necessities. Whether it be warm blankets or extra towels, they are there with a smiling face and giving you all you need. The people are understanding and treat their guests with respect and love.
  • If you want to celebrate some special occasion like anniversaries or visit for a honeymoon, the staff will assist you to make it the best. They offer excellent buffet services and arrange for all your special day with a minimum charge. You could plan the best surprise up in the mountains!
  • The resort also offers various skiing lessons. Take your first step on skiing here. The instructors are calm and very pushing. They help you learn in the best way possible. No problem, however long you take, they will be by your side.
  • You will not have to worry about safety; the ski patrol keeps an eye out. Moreover, there are trainers watching out for you and your loved ones. You can ski safely and not worry about a thing.
  • The ski resort offers various skiing accessories like ski-boards, snowboards, helmets, gears, goggles and some other necessities at a very low You can also get professional boots which will keep you warm and not hurt your feet while you are in the snow. The staff will help you get the perfect fit.
  • There are many skiing lessons to choose from, from group lessons to private tuitions. You choose what you feel comfortable with. These help you be safe and build confidence while skiing. These are organized for the novice, however, if you want to take these lessons even if you know skiing, no one will question you and instructor will be more than happy to teach you.
  • The more, the merrier. Visiting in groups, you can avail group discounts.
  • After the rigorous work up on the slopes, you can rest in the lodges, or you can eat at the various food joints and café and relax. The food includes all variety of soups, pizzas, burgers, fries and such delights.



The ski area is open for all, they love their guests and provide with all the services one could need. Pack your bags and head to the Lee village near Bangor. Once you visit there, you will be itching to plan another visit at Mt. Jefferson. Do not forget to keep your camera; the picturesque surrounding is not something you would like to miss capturing. Take lots of selfies and show off to your friends while boasting about the best trip of your life. The combination of natural peace and skiing thrill is what keeps the tourists coming and makes one fall in love with the place.

With so much on offer for you and your dear ones, you can have a great time at this awesome ski resort this winter. So, go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight for the Mt. Jefferson with your near and dear ones and make the most of the upcoming winters. Have fun!

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