Mutten Ski Resort-Switzerland

Mutten Ski Resort 

Do you feel the chill down your spine? If yes, then I’m sure you know what season it is. It’s that glorious time of the year when you put on your snow boots, bring out that cheery mood and head on out of the house, because of its winter! It’s also an awesome time to take up something new or catch back upon that special sport you thought you will never get time for. If I may make a few suggestions then skiing, sledging, air boarding, dashboarding or even ice – skating could be a few fabulous options for you to try out. If the location back at home doesn’t give you the real taste of winter, then I see no reason why you shouldn’t take that long deserved TIME OFF from your everyday mundane life and travel to a beautiful ski resort that offers you a refreshing and absolutely new experience, for both you and your family.

Traveling with family and friends are always a memorable occasion especially when you are sliding down mountains, conquering cliffs, and enjoying a view filled with sleeping giants covered in bright white snow. Now isn’t that just a wonderful opportunity for a photo that would decorate your shelf beautifully? The ski resort of Mutten gives you just the opportunity to have a relaxing vacation as well have a stimulating winter sports experience. 

Resort Details

Located in Viamala, Eastern Switzerland, Graubünden, with a spectacular 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) of skiing and snowboarding slopes it’s a perfect destination for all skiers, travelers, guests and winter sports enthusiasts. Not only does the Mutten ski resort provide you a fine experience in mountain skiing but all other sorts of popular winter sports. Switzerland itself means that you have the fantastic view of the Alps every day of your trip. You also have the comfort of cozy and comfortable hotels and cottage facilities to make you feel right at home.

The Mutten ski resort is situated at an elevation of 1395 meters (4576 feet),1863 meters (6112 feet) at the summit level and 1724 meters (5656 feet) being the resort altitude. The difference in elevation is 134 meters (439 feet). A ski lift is available to escort all passengers along with 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) of perfectly prepared red slope for all sport lovers. Here are several facilities to ensure your slide down the hill is amusing as well as refreshing. 

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

If you are worried about satisfaction, don’t be! The Mutten ski resort promises to give you the best adrenalin rush you have ever experienced. The powdery hills and smooth snow slopes offer the best chance for you to have a fabulous ride for both amateur and pro alike. They offer 3 kilometers of fine slopes that are suitable for smooth skiing, cross-country skiing, and even sledging as well as snowboarding. Their cross country trails are preached at height of 1474 meters (4835 feet).

For Experts and Intermediates

The entire 3 kilometers of ski slopes, available at the Mutten ski resort, is perfectly maintained for skiers at the beginner’s level who want to try out their hand at the sport and have a fun time experiencing it with family. It is also very well suited to those at the intermediate level who would like to keep up the practice in order to better their skills at skiing, sledging or snowboarding. Many skiers visit the resort especially for its gentle slopes so as to have better practice on lesser challenging trails. Besides, Mutten is highly preferable for families to bring along their children to learn this amazing sport because of its easy slopes, which are absolutely safe.

Not only is it the place to visit for experiencing the finest view of the Alps but also it is highly recommended to families for that nice and cozy winter flavor at affordable prices. Those who love the sports which winter has to offer can enjoy so many different types of powdery ice on its trails which are ideal for skiing, tobogganing, and snowshoe tours at Muttnerhorn. You can also take a shortcut to the valley of Muttner hohi and derive pleasure from the gorgeous panoramic view. Not only that but their fabulous winter hiking trails, cross-country trails and natural ice rinks are a specialty.

Ski Lifts

It is extremely important for any ski resort to have an available ski lift otherwise that creates quite a bit of trouble for anyone to reach the summit with a pair of heavy ski boots attached to your feet. Fortunately, Mutten ski resort has a perfectly functional J- bar lift to transports you up the slopes. The length of the lifts is about 519 meters (1702 feet) and has the capacity to carry 376 people per hour. It had been recently installed in 2009 and comes fully equipped with a replacement lift at Obermutten. At the Mutten ski resort the lifts prices for adults is 22.4 US$ (approx 21 Euros) and for children, it is 13.8 US$(13 Euros).

Accommodations and Lodging Facilities

Mutten Statistics

Base Elevation: 1724 m

Summit Elevation: 1863 m

Vertical Drop: 139 m

The accommodation and lodging facilities at the Mutten ski resort is also very attractive and equipped with all modern amenities such television, room heaters, hot water and also free Wi-Fi. The hotels are available just a few steps away from the resort itself, along with comfortable and warm villas, cottages and dorms to give you the best feelings of a family vacation. Now let’s have a look at some of their hotels

Eiger Swiss Quality Hotel

This 4-star hotel provides the best lodging experience you can get without putting much pressure on your wallets. It gives a spectacular panoramic view o the area and has earned several positive reviews from serving its guest to the fullest of its capacity. It offers luxurious accommodation in the traditional Swiss style with a country house like furnishing along with a large bathroom. Its restaurant, named Eiger Stuebli, serves exquisite Swiss and international dishes that cater to a variety of tastes. It also has its own Sauna, equipped with a hot tub, auto- heated pool, sun bank and also sun showers.

Hotel Jungfrau

Found at a tranquil location this hotel is surrounded by lush meadows and creeks. It offers comfortable accommodations which are soothing as well as pleasing for the guests. The ski lifts are just 7 minutes away as the hotel is situated in a prime location. Along with a sober ambiance the rooms are equipped with television, automatic room heating, Wi-Fi and everything one needs to feel right at home. The guests at the hotel are even allowed to take pleasure from the public baths hot spa.

Hotel Alpenruh

Situated just minutes away from the nearest ski lift in Mutten, hotel Alpenruh offers excellent cottage lodging that reflects the traditional Swiss alpine atmosphere. The rooms are spacious and are given a fine wooden tinge along with television and radio being an added bonus. The restaurant La carte offers an immense variety of choices along with serving all of Switzerland’s traditional dishes, prepared with fresh organic ingredients. After entire day o skiing on the slope of Mutten, he guests is welcomed to enjoy the Sauna along with free Wi-Fi.
Leave the hustle and bustle of your city and travel to this exotic place of serenity meet adventure and thrill because sports such as skiing and snowboarding are the activities which are bound to give you that rush of adrenaline as you descend the mountain. When it comes to skiing in Switzerland, Mutten is one of the best. The offers and facilities are boundless. So start packing and make a move towards the Mutten Ski Resort here in Switzerland! 
So don’t think, book your flight, pack your bags and fire up your ‘to-do’ list because the slopes of Switzerland are waiting for you! Have fun!

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