Muttersberg - Hiking Paradise

In the modern world of technology and smart-everything, we have distanced ourselves from Mother Earth. We do not have enough time to appreciate the small yet important joys of life. We do not have sufficient time for our parents, friends, kids, loved ones and even ourselves. We are so engrossed in our work and busy life that we tend to overlook the things that really matter. Take out time for your loved ones and most importantly yourself and go for a vacation. Plan a weekend to the Montafon Valley in Austria and experience the pure beauty of nature. Get away from the hustle and bustle of your busy life and spend a few days in the peaceful lap of nature.



About the Place

Muttersberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 600 m

Summit Elevation: 1402 m

Vertical Drop: 802 m

Muttersberg lies above the town of Bludenz in Vorarlberg, Austria. With a base elevation of 600 m (1968 ft.) and the top elevation of 1402 m (4600 ft.), it has a vertical difference of 802 m (2631 ft.).It lies on the western side of Austria. It includes the valleys Bludenz and Brandnertal. The impressive Alps give a scenic view from the top of the mountains. The mesmerizing mountain landscapes and charming mountain lakes give it a picturesque location. Hiking, mountain biking, and other events are conducted in this resort which offers the perfect opportunity to mingle with others. Have a great relaxing time with your loved ones and refill your energy as you taste the delicacies offered at the resort.

The resort does not offer skiing facilities. But it offers various other leisure activities that will take you to just another level. It is the most popular excursion destination in Austria. The beautiful valleys and mountain sports offered here will make you want to visit this place over and over again. The ski resort can be accessed by an eight-seater gondola lift. Located amidst the beautiful mountains, Muttersberg will surely rejuvenate your spirit and rekindle the adventurer in you. Pack your bags, book your tickets and get ready to have a weekend full of fun and excitement.



This is the major highlight of the resort. It is a hiking paradise for all the nature enthusiasts. The resort offers over ten trails for you to choose the best one for you. Whether you want to enjoy a short trail or spend more time enjoying the alpine beauty, Muttersberg has just the right trail for you. You can go for a short Madeisa circuit or enjoy the great mountain routes. The trails at Muttersberg range from easy to difficult level, from a short 30 min round trip to over 3 hours of hiking. The panoramic vistas on offer at Muttersberg are a treat to the eyes.


Short trails-  Alpweg Tiefensee – AlpeEls and Panorama path Bludenz–Nüziders are easy hiking trails. You need to spend 30 minutes to 2 hours walking to cover the areas encompassed by these trails. You can enjoy these trails with children as well since they are not of the difficult level.


Difficult trails- For those who seek challenge and do not mind spending more time with the beautiful nature, the resort offers seven trails for them. You can spend 1.5-3.5 hours taking in the natural beauty of the mountains. Winter hiking gives you an out-of-the-world experience. The pure winter beauty is truly enchanting. Walk the trails of ValkentingwegBludenz–Nüziders, Old Town Muttersbergweg, Circular walk Tiefenessesattel–Fraßenhütte, High peaks (peaks), Hunter’s dough, ArmatinHöhenweg, or Dobler way to enjoy the pristine beauty of the Alps.




Mountain bike

Do you love bike riding? Muttersberg offers ideal conditions for you to go mountain biking. Get your heart racing as you ride down the Alpine slopes. If you are adventure seeking and want a taste of thrill, you can try out the difficult routes. If you to enjoy the panoramic view as you ride your bike, take the simple and easy routes. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Muttersberg takes care of everyone.


Even a bicycle lover needs refreshments. Take a break at the Alpengasthof Muttersberg and enjoy the local delicacies. At 1400 m (4590 ft.) above sea level, you are sure to see many beautiful and breath-taking landscapes. There are several interesting tours and bike paths for you to enjoy but the most popular one is the “AlpeEls”. Start your tour from the valley station of the Muttersberg cable car, go through the Alpengasthof Muttersberg, enjoy a ride till Tiefenseesattel and finally reach the destination at AlpeEls. The trails have sufficient signposts so that you stay on the right path.


Single-trail route

This is the biggest highlight for all the mountain bikers who visit Muttersberg. At an elevation of 1401 m (4596 ft.) from the sea level, the 4.5 km (2.8 mi) single-trail route is sure to surprise you with its 101 trailers and sweepers. This legendary trail was built especially for vivacious mountain bikers. Equipped with countless features, this trail is a treat for all types of bikers- speed freaks, technical, downhillers or trail-riders. Rent a bike at the Muttersberg’s local bike shop and brace yourself for the fun and excitement waiting for you at this trail.


Muttersberg trail boasts to be the longest single trail in Vorarlberg. With an average gradient of 20%, the trail will definitely send chills down your spine as you ride its slope. Similar to skiing, there are blue, red, and black levels of trails for mountain biking. These tracks have the RED difficulty and are a big no-no for beginners.


Section 1- Designed as a flow line, it has smaller bumps and waves so that the biker gets comfortable with the terrain. It has small jumps in between to add a dash of excitement.


Section 2- It consists of a few speed passages and steep curves with rapid directional changes. It is a bit demanding but amps up the thrill factor. There are relaxation phases on the flow sections so that you do not tire out in the middle of the journey.


Section 3- It contains jump-line which is a major attraction for experienced and challenge-seeking riders. It offers hopping sequences with massive airtimes. But those who do not wish to use it can safely bypass it.


Section 4- Natural obstacles like stones and roots are left on the trail to give a natural feeling to the trail. It lessens the artificial nature of the trail and gives it a more realistic feel.



Ticket prices (adult/ children) for this fantastic single-trail-

The main distinction in the ticket prices are based on season ticket and non-season tickets. The prices differ for adults and children as well. A full day ticket for visitors with season Montafon ticket costs EUR 14.90 for adults and EUR 12.10 for children, while those who do not have the season ticket pay EUR 22.90/ 18.30.Similarly, for a single trip, you pay EUR 2.80/2.80 if you have a valid season ticket else you will have to pay EUR 10.50/7.40.



Sled down the snowy slopes on a toboggan. Tobogganing is a sure way to relive your childhood. Crisp cold winter breeze brushing your face and the thrill of thundering down a slope in your toboggan will make you forget all your worries and anxiety. The resort offers a 3 km (1.86 mi) of toboggan trail from Muttersberg to Laz. Enjoy a fun toboggan ride and de-stress yourself. Rejuvenate your minds and get ready for more fun on the resort.


Fun for children

Muttersberg is a perfect family resort. While the adults can enjoy various activities, the young ones are not left behind. There is a beautiful children’s playground where the little ones can have lots of fun. Swings, slides, seesaws and many other attractions are available for children. Those who want to enjoy indoors can do so in the mega indoor playground. Climbing wall, Fred fire stone, slack lines and much more fun awaits you. The indoor playground is not just for kids; you can enjoy these with your kids. The indoor playground provides the perfect opportunities to strengthen your bonds with your kids. At the same time, you get to live your sweet old childhood days along with your children.


Alpengasth of Muttersberg: Culinary specialties

The tasty regional and traditional cuisines offered by this restaurant along with its sun terrace are truly unparalleled. Located at an altitude of 1401 m (4596 ft.), it has a huge sun terrace where you can enjoy the local delicacies while sunbathing. The high altitude guarantees a spectacular view of five mountain ranges in Vorarlberg. With more than 300 seats on the sun terrace and 300 seats inside, the inn is perfectly suited for company parties, seminars, and events of all types. The mouth-watering food offered here adds a cherry to the cake.


Whether you are a child or an adult, an individual or family, an adventurer or a laid-back person, old or young, there is guaranteed fun for everyone in Muttersberg. Enjoy the regional cuisines in the backdrop of the splendid Alpine mountains. A vacation full of beauty, fun, joy, tasty food and thrill is something you cannot afford to miss. Grab your tickets and visit this paradise to have a gala time. Have fun!



There are in total 14 lifts which carry about 18936 members per hour with a total lift length of 13 km (8.077 miles).


Aerial tramway: it is reversible ropeway and has the capability of carrying 60 passengers in a go without hampering the comfort.


Circulating ropeway: also called as gondola lift and has the capability of carrying eight persons in a go.


Chairlift: i) High-speed chairlift (detachable): has the capacity of carrying six persons


  1. ii) Chairlift (fixed grip): has the capacity of carrying four persons and two persons differently.

T-bar lift carries two people at a time.

J-Bar lift: carries one person at a time.



DOG SLEDGING: When you visit Brandnertal you get ample of options for having fun. To be precise, there are many ways by which you can walk on snow, by snow shoes, by foot, by skiing and much more but what makes the experience here at Brandnertal more enchanting is Dog Sledging. Workshops are held here at Brandnertal. At first, there is a snowshoe hike accompanied by a certified hiking guide and a husky, and after lunch break, most important terms like how to handle the sledge and dogs is explained. If everything is clear the participant can drive the husky himself.


HUSKY WORKSHOP: At the beginning, the participants learn about sled dog breeds, attitude, training, sports and much more about a cup of coffee / tea. Afterward, a small snowshoe hike is done, each participant gets a Husky as an accompaniment and so the first close contact with the dogs is experienced which is followed by the lunch break at the camp fire! Afterward, the sledding without Huskies as well as the steering, brakes, pedals and anchors are learned. Then it goes to the point. Turns are taken with a team of 2 with up to 5 Huskies per team, taking a round of about 2 km (1.24 miles).


Duration of this event is from 10:30-15:30 with minimum age requirement being 12 yrs with a Price of € 269, – per person.


To ensure that the group does not become too big, the course is limited to 6 participants and four companions. With the venue in winter being in Brandnertal / Bürserberg on the high plateau Tschengla at 1.300m


SNOW SHOE HIKERS WITH HUSKIES:  At the beginning of the program you will learn a lot about the Huskies, equipment and snowshoeing. Then, with joyful howls, it starts. They are accompanied by a husky, who is connected to you by a leash on your waist belt and pulls you. Of course, the Huskies look forward to strokes at the stops. This experience is ideal for nature and animal lovers.


This event lasts for three hours, with a minimum age requirement of 12 years.


Price: € 99 per person


The route guidance is decided according to the participants and the weather conditions in the short term and is feasible for everyone.



ICEFALL CLIMBING: A place where blue ice glimmers in winter and water jump over the rocks can rightly be called heaven. Brandnertal gifts you this heavenly experience by being the highlight of the ice climbing in western Austria. More than 30 ice and mixed routes from easy to extremely difficult are here in a confined space.


HORSERIDING: Have extreme love for animals and if you are searching for adventure then what could be more thrilling than horse-riding? Horse riding is available all year round in Brandnertal. 2 riding stables, two riding stables are available for beginners and professionals.


Just as the beauty of mountains is irresistible and just because everybody wants time out from their hectic everyday life and monotonous routine the idea of being at Brandnertal becomes even more unavoidable. So now because you are aware of various thrilling and frivolous activities offered by Brandnertal, tighten up your belts and gear up your instincts because something like this won’t happen twice! Brandnertal is a perfect place to enjoy winter holidays with your family and friends. Bring along your loved ones and experience a feeling of eternal bliss like never before!

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