Visit Nassfeld Pass with your family and friends for a perfect skiing experience!

Recreational and adventurous activities are a great way to step aside from your everyday

routine and relish the beauty of nature; moreover, feel one with it.

Skiing is one such exhilarating activity which can make you feel the icy winds rush past you, while you glissade down snow-laden mountainsides. Doesn’t it sound thrilling?

It can not only be enjoyed solo but also with friends and family. As is the case with most outdoor sports, the technique is important here too, therefore skills like balance, application of pressure and decision-making form its crux.

Austria is a central European country, landlocked on all sides, and situated amidst the resplendent Alps. Geographically, it’s mountainous terrain and the fact that nearly three-quarter if its area lies 500 m above sea level enhances its value as the destination of choice for winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing, night skiing, and the like.

Nassfeld Pass is an important mountain route between Hermagor (Austria) and Pontebba (Italy) nestled in the Karnisch Alps. It boasts of a vast ski area, that is situated bang on top of the summit of the Pass. Located on the Austrian side of the pass lies the Nassfeld Ski Resort. It is the largest ski resort in the Austrian state of Carinthia.

Here the winter season is expected to last from early December to mid April. During this time, tourists and locals alike flock to this resort in huge numbers for some adrenaline pumping activities like skiing, snowshoeing and snowboarding. It ranks highest in the amount of snowfall than that received by any ski resort in Austria. Their motto is “Nice Surprise” and people definitely get one when they see the diverse fun-filled activities that everyone can take delight in. Nassfeld has been honoured with fifteen awards over the years, like “Snowiest Ski Resort” , “Best Family Ski Resort” , “Best Accommodation directly next to slopes or pistes” , and so on.

Whether you want to relax on the snowy terrain and savour the tranquil view of the Southern Alps, or partake in competitive and/or friendly ski races, this is ALL available just for you. All you are required to do is pack your bags and book your tickets to this superbly glorious resort!



Some highlights of Nassfeld Ski Resort are:

Nassfeld Statistics

Base Elevation: 610 m

Summit Elevation: 2200 m

Vertical Drop: 1590 m

Plenty of snowfall: This region is fortunate enough to experience a good amount of snowfall, averaging at 7-8 metres every year. There are some rare days when snowfall does not occur, but Nassfeld has that efficiently covered. Around 220 artificial snow making machines are installed on all the slopes here, they make sure that on days when nature is not by their side, they provide a solution using technology. The ideology is that the fun and games must never stop!

State of the art Lift system: Almost all the slopes available in the Nassfeld Ski Resort can be accessed by chairlifts and gondolas. These lifts are of great quality and design, are extremely fast, and can take you to your destination of choice within no time. There are 30 ski lifts, with a few chairlifts fitted with seat heaters to warm you up before you reach much colder parts. The seating arrangement has options of fifteen or six or four. Beginners in the lower regions can use the T-bars and pommel lifts. A special cable-car lift called the Millennium Express starts at the base and reaches the top (travelling 1919 metres) in only 15 minutes! The 30 lifts combined can carry 49386 passengers per hour!


The winter sports area is located between 610 to 2200 metres of altitude, with a vertical drop of 1592 metres. Its exact position is at the Nassfeld Pass summit, which lies at 1552 metres.



Ski Slopes:

There are around 110 kilometres of ski slopes or pistes, as they are called available for use by the public. They are wide and well maintained by the resort authorities.

The difficulty levels of these ski slopes are easy, intermediate and difficult. They are  denoted by the colours blue, red and black respectively on maps. 30 km are easy, 69 km are intermediate and 11 km are difficult. Some runs of slope are almost treeless, other runs venture into valleys and therefore skiers may experience a sprinkling of trees here and there. All ski slopes are closed between 5 PM until 8 AM for the seventeen “piste bashers” who work relentlessly with machines called winches in order to prepare the slopes for the next day. The opening times are declared by Nassfeld authorities depending upon external conditions, day of the week, school and public holidays. Many slopes even have video cameras to allow visitors to record themselves while gliding through the snow.



Nassfeld Ski Resort offers a range of different lift pass prices for its guests. Various types of passes like day passes, multi-day passes, season passes, Coach Group prices and School Group prices are provided. Day Passes range from 38 to 85 euros (€) depending in time of day. Multi-day Passes for people on holiday range from 79 to 349 euros, starting a day and a half, to two weeks. Season Passes for coming to Nassfeld for the entire winter season will cost around 160 to 421 euros depending on the age group. Coach Group Passes can be obtained for 30 to 40 euros, whereas School Group passes range from 40 to 60 euros, depending on the number of days. Special discounts can also be used, which again depend on a number of factors. There are special kids’ packages throughout the year. Night skiing charges are separate. All in all, your stay here will be complete value for money.




Before heading to any place, it is important to know the kind of weather you will be confronted with. Yes, you are going to a ski resort in winter. But that is not the only information that you need to be equipped with. The mountain temperatures are always in negative digits, and valley temperatures are in single digits. Snowfall in the valleys is 30 cm thick and on the mountains is 50 cm thick.


BONUS for children:

The Nassfeld ski resort is a winter haven for families. Some adventure packages prioritising children are very popular choices for tourists. Children under the age of 10 years are given ski equipment free of charge, with the “Nassfeld Ski Surprise” offer. Provision of three children’s practice areas is also made available. Childcare services are offered at discounted rates. Parents can also check-in at children friendly hotels that are present all over the region.


Beauty of Nature:

Nassfeld Ski Resort is a sight to behold, ascribing to the mountainous panorama and the breath-taking view of snow-capped peaks. Some chairlifts and cable cars are assigned for tourists to take a look at the world from these magnificent heights. Blankets of white snow covering the entire area, with flecks of green owing to lanky trees, prove to be worthy candidates and potential winners for any nature photography contest.


Sunlight in this region is said to last 100 more hours than other ski region, and gives an almost heavenly look to the mountainsides as it shines on the thick snow. Nassfeld even has a special Sun Ski Safari that lets guests ski in the sun all throughout the day. It has the largest sun terrace in the Alps.


With all this exciting knowledge at your disposal, gear up for the adventure of a lifetime and an experience to be etched in your memory forever. Nassfeld Ski Resort welcomes you warmly. Because with so much on offer and so many things to do at the Nassfeld Ski Resort, you cannot afford to sit at home. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your bags, and head out straight for the Nassfeld Ski Resort with your family and friends and make the most of this season of snow. Have fun!

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