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Neureichenau Dreisessel - A Snowcapped Experience



In this corporate world who doesn’t want to escape to a faraway fairyland where they could relax and drown their worries in a sea full of similar atrocities; never to remember them again. Think of a place with the best climate, a place where you can be above the world, a place to enjoy quality time with your family and a place to bond with the creations of nature. The Neureichenau Dreisessel Ski Resort is situated in Dreisessel, Neaureichenau and has the most breathtaking views in Germany. It is one of the most reputed resorts in the area and has been rated an average of 4 stars out of 5 by tourists. Germany in itself is the most enchanting country graced by a variety of landforms that include forests, rivers, mountains and beaches. The Neureichenau Dreisessel Ski Resort is highly recommended for families who wish to spend some time together away from their busy lives amongst the snow capped mountains and create memories skiing down the sparkling mountains.



About the resort

Neureichenau Dreisessel Statistics

Base Elevation: 3035 ft

Summit Elevation: 4304 ft

Vertical Drop: 1237 ft

The Neureichenau Dreisessel Ski Resort is perched on a mountain that has an elevation of 499 m (1640 ft) – 1259 m (4131 ft). The vertical drop from the summit to the base is 758 m (2490 ft). The average difference of the Neureichenau Dreisessel Ski Resort and others is 238 m (784 ft). The Neureichenau Dreisessel has about 38 sunny days in every season on an average. The sunniest month of all is February which consists of 18 sunny days at an average. According to recent statistics, the powder forecast in the region indicates a steep raise in snowfall during the month of January. As of April, the maximum snow depth ranges from 1219 m (4000 ft) to 1371 m (4500 ft). The resort also has 3 lifts that facilitate the provisions provided by them.



The Neureichenau Dreisessel Ski Resort provides a slope that has been recommended by several tourist websites. Skiing in this region is suited for beginners or recreational skiers who just want to enjoy. It makes recreational trips rather memorable. The place is known to few despite its distinctive beauty. A detailed view of skiing in this region is provided below:




The mountain offers a great slope for all skiers to enjoy their experience and the slope is appropriate for beginners. An experienced skier can definitely enhance the entire activity of skiing for the tourists and train them well. The outdated t-bar can create trouble for the less proficient athletes, but with guidance, the problem can be solved easily. The slope is not just recommended for beginners but also for intermediates. A great advantage of the region is that it not very populated and the amount of time spent waiting for lifts is minimal. The skiable terrain suitable for beginners is 1.93 km (1.2 miles).


The fact that it provides only one single slope does point out to the fact that it is not very suitable for advanced skiers who desire variety. Thus, there is no slope provided for advanced level skiing.

Lift Prices

The Neureichenau Dreisessel Ski Resort has three lifts that help in passenger loading and unloading. There are a variety of prices for these lifts based on the season and status of booking. The Neureichenau Dreisessel Ski Resort offers a varied range of prices to make it easy for tourists to use the facility of lifts in their resort. The hourly tickets have different prices according to the season and are classified as Low Season and High Season. These are further divided into tickets for adults, children, teenagers and senior citizens. While the Low Season tickets are not allotted in advance, the High Season tickets are priced with prior notice. These tickets are applicable after 2 pm, and the prices are stated as under: Adults: €8.00 ($8.48) Children: N/A (Not Allotted) Teenagers: €6.00 ($6.36) Senior Citizens: N/A (Not Allotted) The other classification is based on Seasons and is subdivided into Season and Pre-selling categories. They are similarly divided according to age and the prices for the Season tickets aren’t allotted. The Pre-Selling tickets are priced as mentioned below: Adults: €129.00 ($136.80) Children: N/A (Not Allotted) Teenagers: €85.00 ($90.14) Senior Citizens: N/A (Not Allotted) The Terrain Parks are the best place for tourists who are willing to learn skiing and snowboarding and enjoy the sport. The limited population of athletes makes it easy to perform stunts like jumps and doesn’t put others at risk either. While the resort provides a family atmosphere, it isn’t very suitable for families with children who are beginners at skiing. The reason is that the ascent could prove to be very troublesome due to the outdated t-bar lift. Apart from this, if one wishes to leave the lift en route, one has to cross a difficult area to find their way back. ACCOMMODATION There are several hotels in and around the resort which provide fantastic views that please the onlookers. They provide several facilities that make a living in them a luxurious affair. With the most delicious food, these hotels will get you the best deals in the mountainous regions. Have a look at the two best-rated hotels and decide what suits your needs the best. Winter journey Haus Bayerwald The Haus Bayerwald is a large hotel that provides the functions of ski storage, Wi-Fi, Sauna and a pool. All rooms have their own shower, TV, balcony and kitchenette. The restaurant provides international cuisines and vegetarian dishes. It provides great facilities for families like a playroom, sports centre, and bike rental. The standard rooms cost €59.50 ($63.22). Luckihaus Luckihaus is a holiday home that allows you to rent an attic flat on the first floor. There are three bedrooms which accommodate six people. It has a parking area, the internet, and sun deck. The rooms have shower, kitchenette, TV and balcony. With all these tiny details about this wonderful land, it’s time to get ready with all your baggage to check into an experience of a lifetime.

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