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Nordic Valley Resort: For Your Summer and Winter Retreats


 About the Region

The Nordic Valley region is small and comprises of an unincorporated community which is settled around the Nordic Valley ski resort. It is otherwise popularly known as the Wolf Mountain region located within the Weber County, Utah.

The development of this region is credited to the keen eyes of a certain Arthur Christiansen who came here in the fall of 1960. He also christened the valley so because of its apparent Norwegian ancestor. Precisely because of this reason you will find many of the local street names to be carrying references from the Norwegian folklore also including the Nordic Valley Ski Lodge which was earlier named as Odin Hall. Back in the day, the Odin Hall was quite a lively place because of the various gift shops, snack bars and ski patrols. Often people would gather here and it is here that occasional parties would be hosted. Now, before the lodge was constructed, in its place was a barn which today serves as a ski lodge.



Overview of the Nordic Valley Resort

Utah is like the home of skiing resorts. Here, at the Nordic Valley Resort you can find 100% of the mountain covered with lights which facilitates night time skiing. Additionally, they are open beginning from Monday’s right through Thursdays between 11 am to 8 pm. On the Fridays and Saturdays, they commence their operations from 9 am to 9 pm. On the other hand, Sundays, the resort opens up at 9 in the morning and closes by 4 pm in the evening.

Moreover, the Nordic Valley Resort is not only about snow and the winter season along. During summers, the resort is becomes an exceptionally great place to go for a retreat.

 Nordic Valley Statistics

Base Elevation: 5440 feet

Summit Elevation: 6400 feet

Vertical Drop: 960 feet

You can enjoy a full course at the 18-hole Disc Golf course which is located on topo of the Apollo Lift. Hiking, biking, and a whole range of lawn games are the other forms of activities which are quite popular among the visitors. You are bound to get comfortable in the personalized form of hospitality and services that they provide. Locals from the nearby region particularly love the atmosphere and therefore frequent the resort irrespective of the season. It is a great place to just sit down and create memories with families and friends over BBQ.

During summer time the resort follows a different Lift schedule altogether. Over the weekends the Lifts will operate only between 10 am and 5 pm. Furthermore, Saturday nights are rather impressive due to the sessions comprising of live music and grills which you can access between 6 pm in the evening and 9 pm in the night. As far as the prices for this service is concerned, it is a meager $10 per car. While at the Grill you will get some of the most classic food items such as hamburgers and fries along with many regional delicacies at the most affordable prices. To get the best feel of the sheer natural beauty and the nighttime sky you can get ailing your own lawn chairs, blankets, coolers and also don’t forget to get your friends or family. The best part, yes, your pets are very much welcome.


The best known features of the resort can be witnessed during winters. It is around this time that the resort comes to life. Skiers of all skill levels can come here learn and at the same time have a great time. in terms of terrain classification, 20 % of the terrain is meant for those who have just started or have minimum experience in skiing. Moreover, it has been time and again said that the slopes of the Nordic Valley Resort are the best in the whole of Utah which is meant for skiing during the night time. You can find the mountain decorated and blooming in lights each evening and it looks splendidly delightful.

The ideal Lift meant solely for beginners is the Magic Carpet. It is equipped with conveyor belts and facilitates everyone who is learning how to ski. There is also the Wolfs Lair Triple which was constructed in the Rockies for all those who are on the intermediate level and also for the snowboarders. People of all age groups are welcome on the Triple. Furthermore, the largest of the lifts at the resort is the Howling Wolf Double Chair. Through this lift you will gain access to the more advanced trails. Barney’s Way, Dyer Straits, and Cougar Canyon are among the few which are intended for skiers with greater degrees of experience.


Another feature of the Nordic Valley Resort is the region’s best known park – Wolfs Lair. This park contains smoothest of flowing lines on which you can go freestyling. It has 40 rails and snow which can be accessed through the Wolfs Lair Triple lift.

You can get along your entire family and stay here to experience the casualness and simplicity of the Nordic Valley. Just last year the valley received abundance of the world famous powder. As far as accommodation is concerned, there are private luxury homes that have as many as 8 bedrooms, perfect for relaxation with family.

The resort also features a ski school which maintains the following schedule. So, if you are interested then get registrations done as soon as possible to avoid late charges.

Weekdays: It operates between 11:00 am-1:00 pm and then recommences at 1:30 pm right up to 3:30 pm.

Weekend and other holidays: The school opens up a little early at 10 am and then closes at Noon and begins again 1 pm, finally closing for the respective day at 3 pm.



 The Terrain Parks

There are many terrain parks in the Nordic Valley region and can be accessed with as many as 3 Lifts. The terrain parks occupy as many as 20 acres which are equipped with features best suited for riders of all abilities. Beginners need not worry about any sorts of embarrassments. They can get help at any given time and will be assisted by the most experienced staff members.

Nordic Valley Resort operates on the policy of safe entertainment. In the same regard, the resort has taken up numerous measures along with the installation of well trained staff members across the resort. These efforts clearly signify the kind of dedication that the resort operates with.

A few facts and figures

Runs: There are a total of 22 runs.

Terrain: 36 % is meant for beginners, about 45 % of it is meant for folks at the intermediate level and the remaining 18 % is dedicated for the experts.

Area: Roughly the ski resort spans over 110 acres.

Lifts: There are 4 lifts in total which can be classified as follows:

Doubles: 2

Triples: 1

Surface Lifts: 1

Snowfall: The region receives on an average 300 inches of snowfall.

Elevation: The base elevation of the resort is at 5,400 feet and the elevation of the summit is at 6,400 feet. Moreover, the vertical drop is about a 1000 feet.

Distance from the closest airport: 51 miles.

Prices: For the 11 am to 4 pm slot – the passes for the Weekdays (adults) is at $ 25, the same for children is at $ 20. On the other hand, for the 11 am to 8 pm slot, prices are at $ 40 and $ 30 respectively for the above.

Night passes: For adults, starting from 4 pm to 8 pm the price of the tickets are at $ 25 and the same for Saturdays and other holidays is at $ 30 for half day and $ 45 for the full day. Children, on the Saturdays and other holidays will have to pay up $ 25 for the half day and $ 35 for the full day’s course.



There are even more number of offers such as season passes through which you will be able to save up a great amount of money. To get more details check out their website.

The Nordic Valley Resort came into existence in the year 1968 and since then has been the pride of Utah. It also featured as an important training ground during the 2002 Winter Olympics. It is among the best known winter and summer retreat locations in the powder country. Now, if you do not have your own skiing gear, then there is nothing to worry about, as at the resort you can access rented equipment’s.

When you are at the Nordic Valley Resort there is hardly anything else but the snow and the prospects of having a great degree of fun that will fill you up with excitement. Come here with your entire family and create cherishing memories.

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