Nordpark – a bridge between the rustic and the novel

Walking down an alley with the winter breeze passing through your clothes and chilling every ounce of your body, sometimes a calming breeze sometimes a hateful one- the breeze that we all need. It is true that only winter can bring about such an event, such a feeling, and such a serene touch- it is something to look forward to. Many times we wish to store the memory of this breeze in our skin, many a times in our thoughts, yet every time this feel seems lost too soon. An escape from the boxed everyday life could be an attempt to bring back the feeling of that breeze. One chance to re-live the joy, the agony and the innocence of that breeze only here, in Austria!

Grace your winters with a youthful burst of activities, try skiing and snowboarding in some of the finest winter destinations in Austria. Here at Innsbruck, the capital of Tyrol, Austria, skiing is an altogether new experience. The capital is a host to modern day architecture related to skiing- the lifts and the ski jumps. After spending your day in the lap of adventure proceed downwards to the town’s center and walk around to absorb the art and the history of the place. Innsbruck is a treasure of well-groomed skiing slopes and picturesque scenery. Here we introduce you to one of the best-kept secrets of Innsbruck, Nordpark Ski Resort.

Located at a short distance from the town’s center, Nordpark Ski Resort is a paradise for ski lovers. The pristine slopes merge with the urban landscape to offer a blend unmatched by the ski landscape anywhere. You can relax in the luxurious hotels of Innsbruck and enjoy the comforts of an urban stay while being surrounded by the rugged terrains of the alpine snow. Following is some important information related to slopes, lifts, and tickets, so plan well and plan quickly!




Interesting facts about Nordpark

Nordpark Statistics

Base Elevation: 860 m

Summit Elevation: 2256 m

Vertical Drop: 1396 m

Nordpark hosts some of the best skiing grounds in Austria and mesmerizes its guests with its proximity to the urban center of Innsbruck. The guests can directly travel from the city center to the slopes in only twenty minutes. The average elevation of Norpark is 2,256 meters (1.40 miles) while the base elevation is 860 meters (0.53 mile), so some 1396 meters (0.86 miles) of height to feed your adventure seeking appetite. Within Innsbruck, there are some 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) of ski slopes, in the resort at Nordpark the total length of the slopes is 13.9 kilometers (8.63 miles).

Nordpark is equipped with a total of 5 lifts that can provide traffic free transport.  Ski routes worth 5 kilometers (3.10 miles) are also available at the resort, so skiing and site seeing go hand in hand. Let us have a closer look at the lifts in the resort.



Meet the Hungerburg funicular (section1) that travels from Innsbruck to the Hungerburg station, located at a height of 860 meters (0.53 mile). The Hungerburg station is an architectural beauty of Innsbruck capturing everything that is worthwhile about this place. The second section of this lift is an aerial tramway that reached up to a height of 1905 meters (1.21 mile). The third section of the Funicular is again a tramway leading up to Hafelekar at a height of 2256 meters (1.40 miles). There are two chairlifts that connect guests to the Seegrube slopes.  A people mover is also available at the resort.





Well groomed slopes are what make Nordpark a skiing paradise. The total run of the slopes is 13.9 kilometers distributed evenly among easy, intermediate and difficult routes. You will find most of the slopes near the double chairlifts, close to the Seegrube. One of the most difficult routes is the one coming down from the Hafelekar to the Seegrube. Valley runs can be used when snow conditions are good.


Novices- For the newcomers in the ground some 0.5 kilometers (0.31 mile) long run has been groomed. You and learn and enjoy on the wide slopes without worrying about your safety. Though the run is easy, we promise you some extreme thrill and adventure.


Semi- pros- Surprisingly most of the runs at Nordpark are designed for the intermediate players. A total of 13 kilometers (8.07 miles) of ski runs is set aside for the semi- professionals. The perfection of the intermediate slopes is for you to see and believe!


Pros- For the daredevils, we have a 0.4 kilometer (0.24 miles) long run. Steep edges and high altitude make this slope an ideal for adventure lovers.


Facts worth knowing

The ski resort Nordpark has 5 kilometers (3.10 miles) worth of ski routes and a valley run that ends at Hungerburg. The longest run at the ski resort is between Hafelekar and Hungerburg with a length of 6 kilometers (3.72 miles). The elevation difference for this slope is 1396 meters (0.86 miles).


The most difficult are Seibahnrinne with a length of 0.8 kilometers (0.49 miles) and an elevation difference of 350 meters (0.21 miles). The slope at Hafelekar (2256 meters also 1.40 miles) has a 70% descent making it one of the most dangerous and steepest slopes sin Europe. There is also a viewing point at Hafelekar.




The average price for the lift passes varies according to time duration and season. During the high season, the average price of a ski pass for an adult is €38.00 ($41), for youth, the price is €30.40 ($32.80), and for a child, the price is €22.80 ($24.60).


The high season is observed between late November and early April. Operational timings for the lifts are between 8 hours and 17 hours. The dates for high season and the operational timings for the lifts are determined by external conditions like weather and public and school holidays.



A comfortable stay is an inevitable part of any holiday. Here at Nordpark, you can easily choose to stay at the urban capital Innsbruck and visit the ski resort at your will. Choose from an assorted range of hotels, rentals and ski resorts.


How to reach here?

No one can deny the importance of an easy and affordable travel while planning your holidays. Especially when you plan to visit a cold place, comfortable travel becomes all the more important. You do not wish to be stuck up in traffic with your family or be a victim of bad weather.  Here are some travel options for you.


You can choose a car travel to reach Nordpark. The Hungerburg lift (section 1) can be easily reached in a few minutes from the Inntal Autobahn. Free parking is available in the city between 8 and 18 hours. Plan to travel by air? The nearest airport is Innsbruck (INN), Austria. The approximate distance between the resort and the airport is 4 kilometers- you will not take more than 10 minutes to reach your destination!


Winters are a comfort to the scorched body and a charm to the decaying mind. With a promise of revival, snow enters our lives to energize us. Let us partake in the glory of winters and play along with the cold to learn anew and to live anew.  Visit Austria to experience the unmatched cold of the Alpines, the serenity of the landscape and the beauty of the people. Nordpark Ski Resort promises nothing less than a meditating experiences with a twist of urban comfort here the rustic blends with the novel. Visit this amazing resort with your family and friends and have a great and fun-filled experience; returning with memories to cherish forever. Have fun!

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