Oberjoch – The Perfect Place for Ski Lovers!



Nothing beats the sound the snow makes as it parts beneath your skis when you trail down the winter mountainside of the Oberjoch ski resort in Bad Hindelang. Oberjoch holds the title as one of the highest situated ski resorts of Germany. The picturesque view of the well-groomed slopes, blanketed with crisp and pristine snow, and dotted with vibrant green trees is a dream come true for experienced skiers and vacationing families alike.





Most of these slopes are accessible via lifts. There is a total of 11 lifts that start at an elevation of 1150 m (3772 ft). The expert level slopes are reachable only using the cableway lifts. The resort has upgraded its lift systems with two new six-seater chairlifts replacing the Wiedhag and Grenzwies lifts and a single eight-seater chairlift replacing the feeder lift. They are fitted with weather protection hoods that are detachable and partially heated seats. These chairlifts are replacements for the old-fashioned tug lifts and offer better protection and safety, along with shortening the waiting time. These new upgrades help not only to modernise the overall skiing experience but only to increase safety measures and protocols. The newly improved rail lifts provide a quicker commute and thus increases the amount of time spent enjoying the slopes than wasting it. 

The price for using the lifts varies from 15 Euros – 38 Euros ($16 – $40) depending on the time of the season and also on the duration of your stay. You can also find a number of bars and pubs nestled along the mountain, providing a warm haven for replenishing your energy. There are also a number of ski rental shops available and for those seeking lessons in skiing, have no fear as there are schools that provide professional ski instructors for all ages and skill levels.

Trails and Runs

Oberjoch Statistics

Base Elevation: 3773 ft

Summit Elevation: 5115 ft

Vertical Drop: 1342 ft

The ski trails start off at an elevation of 850 m (2788 ft) and peak off at an elevation of 1559 m (5114.8 ft). The slopes of the mountain are colour coded according to the required skill level. The blue trails that cover a distance of 11 km (6.8 miles) are meant for the use of beginners and children, while the red slopes are for intermediary skiers. These cover a distance of 19 km (11.8 miles) and are long and winding trails that offer a stunning view and a terrific thrill for the skiers. For the experts, there are slopes covering an overall 2km (1.2 miles) distance of adrenaline-pumping drops starting off at the highest elevation of 1559 m (5114.8 ft). The resort also has separate runs of around 3 – 5 km (1.8 – 3.1 miles) for tobogganing that can be enjoyed by adults and kids.



Another key feature of the Oberjoch resort is the MINI sponsored Funpark that is situated on the Iselerbahn. Though intended for the amusement and delight of children, the park can also be enjoyed by adults. The children’s playground that covers a whopping 20,000 sq.m is a safe space for the kids to enjoy skiing and snowboarding along with other fun activities. For those seeking winter adventure other than skiing, there are several sports and games to choose. If you feel up to it, why not try one of the 36 cross-country ski runs that cover a total distance of 90 km (55 miles). You can also enjoy a sleigh ride with the family or a snowshoe hike up the trails. An indoor swimming pool and sauna are also available for those who need some downtime from the heavy athletics.

Ticket prices

The prices are rated based on whether you wish to apply for a single day pass or 6 days. For children under the age of 6 years, the single day fare is 19 Euros ($20), and the 6-day fare is 105 Euros ($111). For the age of 7 – 16 years, the daily fare costs to 28 Euros ($30) and the 6-day fare costs to 140 Euros ($149). For adults, the daily fare is 36 Euros ($38), and the 6-day fare is 175 Euros ($186). Senior members are given a slight discount with their daily fare at 33 Euros ($35) and the 6-day fare at 166 Euros ($176).


For the purpose of accommodation, there are several rustic, cosy, and affordable hotels, cottages, inns, even group apartments available that overlook the breathtaking scenery of the Oberjoch mountainside. Whether you are a ski enthusiast or hoping to spend time with the family, the Oberjoch resort is the go-to destination for the winter. So, mark it on your calendars, dust off your snowshoes and head on to Germany for a holiday filled with sliding down enchanting slopes with your family and friends.

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