Obersalzburg Gutshof-Germany

Obersalzburg Gutshof, Berchtesgaden- The best place to enjoy skiing!



The Obersalzberg lies south of Bavaria, on its border with Austria. It is popularly known as the holiday destination for Hitler and other winter athletes. It’s now one of the most popular ski resorts in the region as it attracts thousands of tourists every week, during the winters who visit this the place to enjoy a wide range of winter sports such as skiing and snowboarding. Situated at an elevation of 900 meters (2952.8 feet) of 1050 meters (3444.9 feet) this place is the ideal vacation sport for winter sports fanatics. If snow conditions do not prevail all around the winter season, then artificial snowmaking systems make up for their loss. Weather forecast updates and webcam images are available twenty-four seven. The ski arena of Obersalzberg provides five ski lifts, including a children’s ski lift with provision for beginners as well as advanced level skiers. The summit is at an elevation of 1800 meters (5905.5 feet), the Valley at 630 meters (2066.9 feet) and the difference in elevation being 1170 meters (3838.6 feet). Blue slopes occupy 74% of the total area while red slopes take 26%.


Ski School and Ski Rental

Berchtesgaden Statistics

Base Elevation: 900 m

Summit Elevation: 1050 m

Vertical Drop: 150 m

Professional courses for skiing are available at all stages- beginner, mediocre and advanced levels. The courses are also offered for children. Tutoring is provided in groups as well as in private. The basic courses include- ski courses, cross-country ski courses, snowboarding lessons, ski lessons for kids, basic knowledge for tourists, etc. Equipment are also available for rent with reasonable costs. Latest models of snowboards, ski boots, poles, helmets and other equipment are available in large numbers.

Ski lifts



The total number of ski lifts available is 5 with a capacity of 4200 people per hour and length of lanes, 1.2 kilometres (0.75 miles) in all. There are four drag or plate lifts- three towing track and one plate lifter. There is also one sealift or exercise lift. House lift – With a drag length of 380 metres (1246.7 feet) and carrying capacity of 1000 people per hour, this lift is for advanced beginners. Eckerbich lift – With a drag length of over 600 meters (1968.5 feet) and carrying capacity of 1000 per hour it is suitable for sporty drivers. The Eckerbichlift is a homologated FIS slope. Kehlstein lift – With a drag length of 450 meters (1476.4 feet) and transport capacity of 1000 people per hour and specifically for advanced beginners. Oberauer lift – This platelet with over 350 meters (1148.3 feet) length and carrying capacity of 700 people per hour is suitable for beginners to pedal school and for those who come fresh from school. Seil lift – This practise lift with a length of 100 meters (328.1 feet) has a transport capacity of 500 people per hour. Descent length is 150 meters (492.1 feet) to 700 meters (2296.6 feet). The slopes are all down hills groomed and easy. There is an extra snow tubing lift. The prices for ski lift are 19 Euros for adult and 11.50 Euros for a child in case of a day ticket, 15 Euros for adult and 8.50 Euros for child in case of 4 hours ticket, 11 Euros for adult and 6 Euros for child in case of 2 hours ticket. Reductions available include family reductions, group reductions, Senior citizen reduction and youth reduction. Point cards are also made available. The opening hours are from 9:30 am in the morning to 4:00 p.m. with sufficient snowing from 20th December to 22nd March.

Cross-country Ski runs

There are three cross-country ski runs. The trail moves on the Obersalzberg to Oberau, and the three cross – country trails run to a course of 1 kilometre (0.62 miles), 2 kilometres (1.24 miles), 5 kilometre (3.1 miles) and combine to form a 9 kilometre (5.6 miles) course. The trails are trended in both classic cross country skiing and skating.

Toboggan runs



This run stretches 3 kilometres (1.9 miles) down the Obersalzberg to the Naturrodelbahn up to the centre of Berchtesgaden. The toboggan run ends at the valley station of Obersalzbergbahn in two minutes and goes up again. Toboggan rentals are available directly at the cable car station. Toboggan run Obersalzberg is of length 3.5 kilometres (2.17 miles). Toboggan run Eckaualm of length 3 kilometres (1.9 miles). Toboggan run Hintersee of length 0.7 kilometres(0.434 miles). Accommodation Hotel Edelweiss Berchtesgaden- With 240 beds, it is situated at one of the most serene settings in the place. Alpenhotel Bergzauber- With 26 beds and situated in the Renothenweg 2, 83471 street of Berchtesgaden- Oberau, this hotel is luxurious in its own right. So these winters, leave your blankets and fireplace, step out and challenge the snow. Come and enjoy the breathtaking scenery of the snow capped mountains of Austria. Experience and encounter some great slopes and great skiing and fall in love with the serenity and immense beauty of the mountains. Get in the skier’s shoes and visit Obersalzburg. Enjoy skiing and snowboarding like never before. Have fun!

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