Obertauern: The Peak of Joy!

Holidays are the best time of the year when you can self-explore yourself and pursue your interests. Traveling to different places can be fun and relaxing at the same time. There is one multi-beneficiary activity which you must do. It is Skiing. Widely considered as one of the best activities to engage in during cold winters. The conditions are also perfect for Skiing with low temperatures and snowfall. A ski holiday is all one needs to refresh themselves and bring color to their monotonous life.

It involves energy and enthusiasm combined with speed and excitement. Skiing is indeed an experience you cannot miss. Along with the fun, you will also improve your health condition. Skiing is known to increase your appetite and also make your bones and muscles stronger. Age is never really a factor when it comes to skiing. People from all ages can come together and enjoy speeding down the slopes. Families will enjoy the most, developing some good bonding among themselves. Skiing is clearly and all way compatible activity. Also, it is relatively cheaper and safer when compared to other adventurous activities.



About the Place!

Obertauern Statistics

Base Elevation: 1630 m

Summit Elevation: 2313 m

Vertical Drop: 683 m

One of the majestic places to go skiing is located in Austria. Obertauern is a beautiful Ski resort located in the place with the same name in Austria. With as long as 100 Km (62.13 miles) of slopes and 26 Ski lifts this resort is a huge one. The unique attraction is the elevation at which it is located. Standing at a height from 1630 meters (5347 feet) to 2313 meters (7588.58 feet), it is the highest Ski resort in that area.

Visitors can witness a majestic view from such a humongous height. The temperatures provide the chilling atmosphere and increase your excitement levels. Being one of the most famous resorts in the area, the resort attracts a lot of crowds. This is a perfect destination to meet new people. Sufficient accommodation facilities are available. Sportspersons can pack their backs without a second thought.

Come along with friends and family to make some of the most memorable memories. Skiing is just one of the many things you can do here. Professionals can use the slopes as a training ground. Some professional tournaments and races are also organized here. The resort is equipped with everything you will require for Skiing or snowboarding. The Ski area is truly a paradise where you can explore your newly found skiing skills if you are a beginner.


The Terrain Structure

The slopes here are perfect for some serious practice. They present the skiers with all kinds if variations. Out of the 100 Km (62.13 miles) of the total slope, 61 Km (37.9 miles) is easy to Ski on. This covers 61% of the total slopes. Experienced Skiers can use the stretch of 35 Km (21.7 miles) of slopes which are rated as medium. They offer decent challenge and are ideal to gain some exciting Skiing experience. This makes up to 35% of the Skiing area. The remaining slopes of about 4 Km (2.48 miles) are the difficult ones with a variety of challenging terrain variations. This 4% of the slope is for those professionals and skiing enthusiasts who want to get a taste of the real skiing challenge. These slopes will test your Skiing skills to the core.


Another advantageous feature of the slopes is the presence of snow cannons. 95% of the slopes have artificial snow making facilities. There are 280 snow cannons in total. The desired quantity of snow is always maintained on the slopes. Apart from this, Speed measurement range is available to the visitors where they can test how fast they are. One can race with other Skiers at the public race course. Both these facilities can be accessed free of any charges. However, for the race course pre-registration is required. Night Skiing is also offered. However, there is no Halfpipe in the region.



The Ski Lifts

Contemporary chair lifts can swiftly access all the slopes. The total capacity of the 26 lifts combined is about 50597 passengers per hour. The entire length extends up to 20.4 Km (12.67 miles). The different types of lifts available are circulating ropeway (1 in number), combined gondola and chair lift (1 in number), chair lift (18 in number), T-Bar lift (6 in number). Additionally, five Sunkid magic carpets can be used for the same purpose. All the main lifts are manufactured by the famous company, Doppelmayr. Ski lifts provide the unique opportunity to witness the majestic beauty of the slopes. The amazing lifts here make the resort one of the best in the region. This is one of the major reasons why a large number of visitors come to this place every winter.


The Snow Report

The nature and depth of the snow on the slopes are two important factors to look for in any Ski resort. It is the snow that makes smooth skiing possible. The snow depth in the valley is about 110 cm (43.30 inches) while the depth at the mountain is 170 cm (66.92 inches). This depth is good, and there is plenty of snow available. With artificial snow facilities, the quality of snow is maintained at the optimum condition. Frequent natural snowfall also supplements the snow quantity. There are a lot of activities one can do with snow, ranging from snow modeling to snowball fighting. Children can make the most of the snow available and have a lot of fun.



Other Events and Activities

There are so many things to look out for apart from Skiing. Those who are skiing for the first time are recommended to visit the Skiing school. There are several schools with top class instructors. Training is provided to experienced skiers too. Along with snowboarding classes, private lessons are offered to adults on request. If one does not want regular skiing, they can go for cross-country Skiing or sledding runs. These freeriding spots are readily available from mountain stations. For those who like group activities, they can go for winter hiking. Up to 26 Km is open for the same. There are many sports events to watch out. You can witness real live races.


The Ski Passes

The prices justify the service provided. The three most important type of tickets sold is single day ticket and multi-day ticket and the season pass. Tickets can be conveniently through an online ticket booking portal. During the main season time, a day ticket costs 44 Euro for Adults and 33 Euro for youth and only 22 Euro for children. As in any Ski resort, special offers and discounts are available which can be availed. One can even calculate the estimated expenses at their official website through the price calculator.


The Season’s Timings

The general season may start from mid-November. However, it heavily depends on the snow conditions. The resort would be open when there are favorable conditions. The season extends up to the start of May. The lift operating times are from 9:00 AM in the morning to 4:00 PM in the morning. Due to the height at which it is located, the temperature can be around sub-zero levels. It can be reached easily by various transport services like the Ski bus.


The spectacular Ski Resort is a must-visit destination for families, Ski riders, snowboarders and anyone looking for an adventurous winter. Right from sports such as skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing to other fun activities, the place has plenty on offer for everyone; irrespective of their age. You can have a great time at this resort. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes, pack your bags and head out straight for this awesome place with your family and friends and make the most of the ongoing winters. Do not miss out the opportunity to experience some amazing skiing in the upcoming holidays. Have fun!

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