Ochsenkopf – The Finest Skiing Resort to Visit With Your Family and Friends!


Ochsenkopf Statistics

Base Elevation: 2067 ft

Summit Elevation: 3360 ft

Vertical Drop: 1293 ft

The frost is settling down on the leaves, and the snow is spreading its arms wide across the nation. The warmth of the blanket and a regular cup of coffee is needlessly the best thing in this weather. The winter season is always the dense and calm weather which gives a resonating peace in mind. However, the winters are not only for sitting inside the house when you can do lots more exciting things in this season. Winter sports can really bring that excitement resting inside your body out in this gloomy weather.

Location and resort details:

Ochsenkopfski resort is located in the Fichtel Mountains (Fichtelgebirge) (Germany, Bavaria (Bayern)). The elevation of the resort is 659 m (2162 ft.) to 1,024 m (3359 ft.). And the height difference is 365 m (1197 ft.). The maximum vertical altitude is 361 m giving a breathtaking view of the valley below. The highest lift is at 1011 m thus, providing a truly heavenly experience for the visitors. There are three Airports within two hours’ drive, so ski weekends, snowboard breaks and short ski holidays to Ochsenkopf are perfectly feasible.

Ski statistics:

The major attractions of this destination are the two long forest runs that this resort boasts of. The North run is 2.3 km (1.42 miles) long, and the south run is 2 km (1.24 miles) long. Both the valley stations north and south have rope tows with easy practice runs and children’s ski areas. The total run distance is 4.7 km (2.92 miles). 51% of the total run can be categorised into the easy level of difficulty, i.e., 2.4 km (1.44 miles), while 49%, i.e., 2.3 km (1.42 miles), falls in the range of intermediate difficulty. There are no difficult runs at Ochsenkopf thus, maintaining the safety of the visitors. There are total four pistes (tracks/runs/slopes) at the resort. 2 of them are categorised into red, i.e., intermediate difficulty level. Another one is blue which is of length 1 km and is of moderate difficulty level, and the fourth one is green which is of easy level. In addition to this, there is a 30 km (18.64 miles) area of cross-country pistes. All the runs are below the tree line. The longest run is 2.5 km with an elevation difference of 374 m (1227 ft.) from Ochsenkopf Nord (north). 70% of the slopes have artificial snowmaking capabilities with 34 snow cannons put to constant work which ensure that the Northern slope remains until the end of March. A privately operated Latta lift at Ochsenkopf Nord is accessible from the ski resort. But, since it is privately operated, the ski pass at Ochsenkopf is not valid there. Sledding is also possible on the southern side at the Bleaml Alm and the northern side at Lattalift. The skiing is offered at a low altitude so that the snow cover can often vary.


Ski lifts:

Two double chairlifts can help you access the resort with weather protectors. The practice lifts can be found in the north and the south valley stations. There is also a Latta T-bar lift. The ski schools operate on their own rope tows. The resort boasts of 4 ski lifts which have a total capacity of 2925 passengers per hour. The total length of the lifts is 4.4 km. These include 2 Chairlifts These chairlifts can carry 2 persons at a time. These are high speed, detachable chairlifts with bubble.

There are two rope tow/beginner lifts.

In addition to these 4 lifts, the resort also has an exclusive Sunkid Moving Carpet. The following lifts are operational at Ochsenkopf: Rope tow/beginner lift: · Anfängerlift Talstation Nord (YOC 2007) Can carry two persons with a capacity of 800 per hour. · Anfängerlift Talstation Süd (YOC 2002) Can carry two persons with a capacity of 1125 per hour. Chairlift (fixed grip): · Ochsenkopf Süd (YOC 1997) Can carry 500 persons per hour. · Ochsenkopf Nord (YOC 1991) Can carry 500 persons per hour.

Ski pass prices:

The day ski pass for Ochsenkopf is priced at 20.50 Euros, while the ticket price for children who are aged between 6 and 15 years of age 16.50 Euros. In the evening, floodlit skiing with private operators costs around ten euros for adults and around seven to nine Euros for


Operating timings:

General season: mid- December to early April. Operating times: 09:00 – 16:00 The timings can vary based on external conditions, the day of the week, school holidays and public holidays. Ski Schools:

Northern Bavarian Ski School

The Skischule Nordbayernisbased is located on the North Slope at the Valley Station. The schools have around 140 ski instructors to teach the joy of skiing. There is a “Nubi Club” for children. The “increasing ski length” method is employed for teaching- starting with 65 centimetre long skis.

Hottenroth Ski School

On the southern side, the Hottenroth Ski School offers skiing fun with “Juhuu“ the elk. Several ski hire stations stock the latest equipment for skiers of every experience level. So, if you are also a snow lover and if the smell of winter instills that excitement in you or even if you are a sports enthusiast, then this place is eagerly waiting for you. Be it skiing, snowboarding, snowmaking, beautiful chairlift rides, or snowshoeing, this place is really one of the best for every snow related adventure. Even if you are new to all this, you must give it a try because it is worth it. Not only is this but the captivating beauty of nature which can be viewedduring those scenic chairlift rides or the skiing adventure ever ready to shower its breathtaking beauty on you. What are you waiting for when the mountains are calling you with the pure snow sprinkled on them?Grab your passes and book your tickets for this place because Ochsenkopf is worth the visit. Visit this amazing ski resort and have the best winter time ever!

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