Okemo Mountain Resort-USA

Family Reunion at Okemo Mountain Resort

Winter season brings along the excitement of Christmas and the arrival of the New Year. This is the time to spend some memorable time with the family to welcome the year ahead together. This year make a change in the Christmas plans by making a day trip to Okemo Mountain Resort. The most top rated family snow resort in the USA by Parents Magazine, this place will definitely be rebound your family together this winter season. Located in Ludlow, Vermont, this ski destination has a skiable area of 667 acres.


Okemo Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 1144 feet

Summit Elevation: 3344 feet

Vertical Drop: 2200 feet

In 1955, Okemo Mountain Resort was founded by a group of local businessman. The operations started in 1956 with two inches of snow (102mm), Trail serviced by two Poma surface lifts. With the coming years, this resort saw the reflection of development. In the early years of 1960 four more Poma surface lifts. The ray of technology raised in Okemo Mountain since 1982, with the introduction of new chairlifts, trails, lodges and snowmaking.

About The Place!

The beauty of the mountain is going to mesmerise you in this gloomy weather. The adventure lovers are going to spend the best time of their vacation here at Okemo Mountain Resort. With a large area for the skiers to ski down the snow, this place has many more things in its box.  With a base elevation of 1,144 ft. and a summit elevation of 3,344 ft., the vertical drop of the mountain is 2,200 ft. which makes it the largest drop in the Southern Vermont. The mountain has 121 trails in the vicinity with different levels of difficulty. The Mountain witness snowfall at a range of 16.6 ft. annually.

Mountain Road runs along the mountainside which is used as a ski trail in the winter season, which also makes the longest trail of 4.5 miles. 98% of the trail area is covered with snow by snowmaking which makes it the highest percentage of snowmaking in the East. The excitement does not end here because this place has eight terrain parks for the enthusiastic adventure lovers. You cannot miss the beautiful scenic view of the valley from the top of the mountain. Okemo resort has well-maintained lift system with 13 lifts on a row to take you to the heights.

The 91st largest ski resort in the United States this place is definitely going to be worth a visit this season amidst the snow. Okemo Mountain Resort has been ranked #6 among the top 20 resorts in 2016. Located close to major cities and towns, the Okemo Mountain Resort remains one of first choice destinations for people in the region and therefore, attracts visitors in large numbers all throughout the winters.

The Audacious Trails

With a whole range of things to do here in Okemo Mountain Resort, the trails are the best things to experience in this frosty weather. You can easily ski down the mountains in just 16 minutes. The 32% of the total trail area is for the beginners who wants to fight with their fear of skiing this season. They will be trained and taught the skills of this energetic winter game. The intermediate skiers who are already in love with the game can polish their skills in the 37% of the total area kept for them. The crackerjacks of the snow are already aware of the skills and tricks of skiing, and they can just roam freely in the snow sloping down the heights. There is 31% of the total area for the expert skiers to show their tricks on the snow.

People who are looking for rail slides, jumps and other snow tricks this is the right place to come. The terrain parks of Okemo Mountain Resort will serve you with all the adventure you are craving for a long time. If you are a hard-core adventure lover, this is the place you want to be with your friends.

Reach The Heights

There are 13 lifts in the area to uplift the people to the heights of the mountain. It has the capacity to carry 33,450 people per hour to the top. The valley has seven surface lifts, three triple lift, nine quad lifts, 4 Hi-speed quad lifts and one six-pack lift. In the midweek an adult can access the lift ticket at a cost of $90 for a full day. If you want to access the lift for half day you have to spend $68 and after 2 pm the cost will be $47.

The young adults and senior can access the lift for a full day at a price of $79. The price will vary from half day, and it will cost $60 which will be $42 after 2 pm. When there is so much to see at this place, the junior and super senior can also join in the fun. For a full day at the mountain, it will cost $68 which will be $52 for half day. If you want to come after 2 pm, it will cost you $36 in the midweek.

Weekends are the best time to spend with family after a hectic week schedule. Okemo Mountain Resort brings the best deals to spend your vacation weekend here in the snow. An adult’s ticket will cost $101 for the full day, and if you want to spend half day in the mountains, then it will cost you $77. It will cost you $47 if you want to enjoy the ambience after 2 pm. The junior and super senior group can come for a full day enjoyment at the heights of the mountain at a cost of only $77, and if they want to stay for only half day, it will be of $59. It will cost $36 if you want to come after 2 pm.

The half day will start from 12:30 pm onwards, and the lifts are open from 8:30 am – 1 pm on Sundays.

The children (below 6) can always ride the lift for free.

Nordic Skiing And Snowshoeing

Okemo Mountain Resort will give you the best experience of Nordic skiing and snowshoe amidst the pristine surrounding of the valley. There is a well-marked 22km track for the skiers and 13km trails for the snowshoers. You can conveniently locate the Okemo Valley Nordic Centre which is just one mile away from the Okemo Mountain’s Jackson Gore.

You can enjoy every inch of the snow on this vacation with your family at Okemo Mountain Resort. This place will not only give you a perfect adventurous feel but also let you spend some precious moments with your family in their lodge featured with the best services. Your stay here will be a worth decision as it will give you some precious moments to cherish even after years. The place also boasts of amazing food centres where you can relish upon a wide range of recipes and have fun with your family and friends.

With so many things to do here at the Okemo Mountain Resort, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this place with your family and friends. So, go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight for the Okemo Mountain Resort which awaits you with all the fun and amazing things to do in the world.

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