Otis Ridge Ski Area-USA

Otis Ridge Ski Area 

Christmas is right around the corner blessed with the goodness of inches thick snow and the decorations of the arrival of surprises that one has waited the entire year. This time of the year is most awaited by people regardless of age as they are rewarded with cookies, candies, discounts and many memories to cherish for the rest of the year. For people living far from loved ones, it is about time to feel the warmth of family and have some comfortable time. It is about time to start over with fresh new resolutions as another New Year approaches us with many hopes. 

If you need a trip to move away from all the stress accumulated during the entire year of work, just to have a breath of fresh air, then join Otis Ridge Ski Area as they celebrate the end of this year. Located on Route 23 west of the town of Otis is the skiing area Otis Ridge which opened in 1947 and allows both day and night skiing with about 100% snowmaking capacity to help with the guests to ski when and wherever they want despite the natural conditions.

Otis Ridge Statistics

Base Elevation: 1,025 ft

Summit Elevation: 1,490 ft

Vertical Drop: 400 ft

The Mountain prides itself of a 1700 ft. summit with a base of 1300 ft. and a vertical drop of 400 ft. The Otis Ridge Ski Area has become a winter destination for many families and skiers with over 70 years of hospitality and an average annual snowfall of 70 inches. They offer snow sports school to teach you how to enjoy yourself with all of Mother Nature’s goodness at hand. Skiers of all levels enjoy on a total of 11 trails. The mountain consists of 4 lifts, whose tickets need to be purchased. The resort offers a skiable terrain of over 60 acres with snowmaking covering 55 acres of land to ensure you have the fun you paid for even when there’s no natural snow

Skiing and Snowboard

There are a large number of trails to choose from at Otis Ridge Ski Area, ranging from the easy slopes for beginners to windy trails for experts. It consists of total 11 runs of which 30 % are beginner runs, 40 % are intermediate runs and remaining 30 % are advanced runs. The longest run of the mountain is about 1 mile long which takes about 4 minutes to slide down. The area also allows night skiing on about 35 acres of land to let you ski whenever you wish to.


The Otis Ridge Ski Area provides an opportunity for young skiers of all levels to compete and have fun. Training is more deployed on a fun learning experience while developing skills, supporting sportsmanship and learning to play well with a team. During this season, the team at the Otis Ridge Ski area competes with the teams of other Berkshire areas who are participating in the Interclub and the racers get to test their skills against their peers and also get an opportunity to ski at other ski areas and test their ability to control their swirls.


Lessons by professionals are available every weekend and during holidays at the Otis Ridge Ski area. Group lessons are assigned by appropriate age and the ability of the participants. The session starts from 10:30 am and ends at 1:30 pm. On weekends and holidays, the session costs $35 an hour. The private lessons will let you be assigned to a professional who will observe and determine where you require the most development and work in order to get your skills better. Private lesson for a person per hour costs $70, for half an hour costs $40 and for every additional person $40.

There are also several packages like Beginner Terrain Package at $60 for those who are comparatively novice, first time or who have tried it before with not much effort and wanted to get the basics down. This package includes a group lesson at similar age and ability, access to beginner lifts & terrain, and rental equipment. There is also an all-area package for $75. If you know how to turn, stop and ride the lift and the basic stuff, then this package will help you take your skills to the next level with guided training. This package includes a group lesson at similar age and ability, access to all lifts and terrain, and rental equipment.


Daily rental gear is available at the Otis Ridge Ski area throughout the season at the Ski Shop which includes skis or snowboard, boots & poles. Rental equipment for adults on weekends and holidays is $35, from Wednesday to Friday $20 and on nights $20. For juniors on weekends and holidays rate is $30, from Wednesday to Friday $20 and on nights $20. For kids 6 and under on weekends and holidays rate is $20, from Wednesday to Friday $20 and on nights $20. Helmets are charged $10 on all days and poles only are charged $7.

Also, seasonal rentals are available for ages 13 and above the package cost $129, for ages 12 and below the package costs $89. The seasonal rentals offer an affordable alternative to buying new gear, especially for fast growing and curious kids.

Lift Tickets

Ridge Ski Area consists of a total of 4 lifts. These four lifts are designated into 1 Double chairs and three surface lifts. The tickets can be purchased online via E-booking, and the tickets can later be collected at the tickets counter. On weekends and holidays for all area, adult ticket cost is $40, from Wednesday to Friday $20 and on nights $20. On weekends and holidays for all area, junior ticket cost is $35, from Wednesday to Friday $20 and on nights $20. On weekends and holidays, the Beginner Pony Tow costs $15, from Wednesday to Friday $15 and on nights $15. 

On weekends and holidays for college students with an active ID card for proof, the ticket cost is $30, from Wednesday to Friday $15 and on nights $15. For seniors aged 70 and above the lift tickets are absolutely free. They are also free for kids of 6 and under when accompanied by an adult paying the full price such that only one adult is accountable for one kid.

The Otis Ridge Ski area offers a royal experience throughout your stay with much hospitality and services to offer. The prices are inexpensive and reasonable at the Otis Ridge Ski area. The place is a heaven for beginners as they learn fast enough on these comfortable slopes and get a firm grip on their basics and equipment. Despite the average costs, the stay and dining are reviewed to be simple and efficient. 

Though Smaller Mountain as compared to others does not have many trails, the ones that the mountain has are mostly good slopes. The staff is well experienced and cares about any or every kind of grievances with many decades of hospitality to boast off. The well-groomed terrains can impress anyone even though the area is pretty small. The trails are guaranteed to offer you a thrilling experience. This ski or snowboard school is great; the instructors are all pleasant and kind and help achieve you the goals that you have set up to reach. Thus, despite being a small area, the resort is a fun place to stay.

With so much on offer, Otis Ridge Ski Area is the perfect place to be at, during the winters. You can plan a trip with your family and close friends and make the most of the upcoming winters; enjoying various snow activities like skiing, snowboarding and some other sports as well. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, book your tickets and head out straight for the Otis Ridge Ski Area with your family and friends and have fun!

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