The Oy-Mittelberg Ski Resort- A Perfect Holiday Destination For the Chilly Winters!

Oy-Mittelberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 3281 ft

Summit Elevation: 3773 ft

Vertical Drop: 492 ft

Does the word vacationing strike a chord in your ears? Does the mere idea of holidaying in the glistening snow covered mountains and trees with nothing less than the pure bliss of nature around you, send in an adrenaline rush in your veins? If the answer is a yes then you must visit the Oy-Mittelberg ski resort located in Mittelberg, Bavaria, Germany. It is a mini ski resort with a relatively small area available for skiing and snowboarding but is sure to impress its visitors with its well-structured model and design which is meant to be suited as per the recreational needs of its visitors. The surroundings boast of immense beauties of nature and a ski resort at such a promising location is yet another addition to its aesthetics. Its scenic view and the amazing weather are sure to provide a relaxing and refreshing break to all its visitors.



The Oy-Mittelberg ski resort is cast at an elevation of 90 metres (295 feet) at the vertical drop. It has its highest lift perched at an altitude of 390 metres (1279 feet) with its bottom lift at an altitude of 300 metres (approximately 984 feet).


The Oy-Mittelberg ski resort offers ski slopes and trails in the wonderful winter landscapes. Winter hiking trails is yet another feature of this resort , which is quite a favourite choice for all its guests and visitors.This resort is incorporated two sub-resorts namely The Petersthal-Oy-Mittelberg ski resort and The Ellegglifte – Faistenoy (Oy-Mittelberg) ski resort. Both of these have slopes, trails and other facilities to offer to its worthy guests. Here is a look at some of its key services available for skiing and snowboarding activities in both of these resorts: The Petersthal-Oy-Mittelberg ski resort: The Petersthal-Oy-Mittelberg ski resort which has its location in the Oberallgäu(Germany, Bavaria (Bayern), Swabia (Schwaben)) has a total of 0.5km (approximately .31 miles) of slope available for various skiing and snowboarding activities. The winter sports arena is located between the elevations of 885(2903 feet) to 905(2969 feet) metres of the resort. The total of .5 km of slope available is devoted to the beginners’ category of the snowboarding sport. Under this, the novice candidates get an opportunity to learn and enjoy this sport to the fullest. Such trails are a relatively easy mode in order to allow the beginners to slowly and gradually grasp the sport. Another important feature available is the valley run which is quite a necessity to enjoy this sport of skiing and snowboarding fully. The Ellegglifte – Faistenoy (Oy-Mittelberg) ski resort: The Ellegglifte – Faistenoy ski resort has its location in the Oberallgäu (Germany, Bavaria (Bayern), Swabia (Schwaben)). With a total of 1.1 km(.68 miles) of slopes and trails available for skiing and snowboarding activities, it is quite a favourite amongst the beginners. The winter sports arena is located between the elevations of 930 meters (3051 feet) and 1000 meters (3280 feet). The total of 1.1 km(.68 miles) of the slope is devoted to the beginner’s category in this sport. This resort is therefore quite popular amongst the people who have developed a freshly rooted interest in skiing and snowboarding. With easy cuts and simple tracks, this resort provides full opportunity for the toddlers in the field to hone their skills and satisfy their adventure lust. Just like the Petersthal-Oy-Mittelberg ski resort, The Ellegglifte – Faistenoy (Oy-Mittelberg) ski resort also provides the facility of valley run This resort has an ideal setup consisting of a perfect blend of snow, climatic conditions and exotic landscapes which are sure to enhance your hunger and excitement for skiing and snowboarding. Not only these, but the Oy-Mittelberg resort also has various other facilities like the Ski Town Wertach which is a wheel rental andSki hire service. It has all such facilities like the repair and sale of bikes, clothing, spare parts availability and all other repair services. All such comforts couples with the beautiful aesthetics of the place are sure to leave you enthralled and wanting for more.


SKI Lifts

The Oy-Mittelberg ski resort has a total of 3 ski lifts for its visitors.ThePetersthal-Oy-Mittelberg has one while The Ellegglifte – Faistenoy has two ski lifts. The total capacity of the lifts in theEllegglifte – Faistenoy resort is 1500 passengers per hour. It has a total lift length of 0.5 km(.31 miles). One of them is a T-bar or a platter or a button lift as it is rightly called with a capacity of 1000 passengers per hour while the other one is a Rope tow or a beginner lift with a capacity of 500 passengers per hour. The Petersthal has a single lift with a total distance of 250 meters(820 feet) and is a perfect one for beginners. The ski pass prices are € 10 for adults and €9.50 for children. Also available is a ski school for those who have immense craze to try out these fantastic sports yet are inhibited due to non- exposure in this domain in the past. It is located on the Vogatsbichel 2, Oy-Mittelberg and it is a perfect place for all winter lovers


The Oy-Mittelberg ski resort has innumerable options when it comes to accommodation and lodging facilities. There are approximately 97 accommodations available in and around the resort. Starting with the Mueller Erich hotel located in Faistenoy, Oy-MittelbergAllgau, which offers quiet nights, sound meals, thrilling hiking trails and a beautiful experience altogether in the lap of nature. It is quite famous for its excellent facilities and happy customer reviews. The Holiday Apartment Jannetti and Holiday apartment Andrea/Schrag Dieter are also well-known lodging sites in the Oy-Mittelberg, Alligau. They have facilities ranging from beautiful farmhouse stay to exotic apartment rentals all of which are so amazing that they are bound to leave you delighted and spellbound. All in all, The Oy-Mittelberg ski resort is a must visit when you step forth on the beautiful land of Germany. It surely will give you the experience of a happy and rejuvenating vacation just the way you always wanted.

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