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Pany Luzein 

Winters are the most tranquil and pleasant season, liked by all. The best part about winter is you could snuggle up in your bed and devour a hot chocolate. But did you know winter has much more to offer than that? You must be wondering what. You could go skiing, snowboarding, air boarding, hiking or on toboggan runs and have the best time of your lives. The bliss of crunching powdered snow below your feet is mesmerizing. You could also build a snowman or just throw snow balls at each other. Winters are the best time to venture into that vacation you’ve planning for a while, now. Take a respite not only from the hustle and bustle of the city but also from the scorching heat the summer months have in store for you.

Located at Prattigau in Eastern Switzerland, the ski resort of Pany Luzein has a lot to offer to the regular wanderlust-driven traveler. It is a small but fine ski resort situated in the heart of Graubunden. Enjoy skiing, snowboarding, and hiking like never before! It is a snowy paradise that would keep you enthralled and enticed with the multiplicity of winter sports options to choose from. Taste delicious cuisines, have a chat with the natives and witness the stunning imagery and panoramic view of the mountains sparkling in the sunlight. 

Resort Details

The ski resort of Pany Luzein is located between altitudes of 1330meters (4265 feet) and 1550 meters (5085 feet). In other words, the resort base is 1330 meters (4265 feet) and the elevation at summit level is 1550 meters (5085 feet). The region is serviced by aerial airways and ski lifts to aid tourists to travel up and down the slopes, with ease. The place is best suited to families and adventurous souls. You can have the peace and tranquility you’re looking for. 

Skiing and Snowboarding Details:

The ski resort of Pany Luzein has wide stretches of skiing slopes that are suited to every level of skier. Whether he is a beginner, an intermediate or an expert at skiing, he is sure to enjoy himself to the brim. There is a total of 5 kilometers () of skiing slopes available for skiers to do what they love doing most. It has a rich winter sports area, which is filled with tourists, in the peak months. Their hospitability is authentic and makes you feel at home. Let us have a quick glance at the facilities provided by this ski resort village of Pany Luzein:
For Beginners: Out of the total 5 kilometers (3 miles) of slopes laid out for skiing, a total of 3 kilometers (1.8 miles) are available for the learners. These form about 60 percent of the total skiing area and these are comparatively easy runs that allow beginners to enjoy themselves while enriching themselves. This place is meant for mostly beginners and families and worth a visit.
For Intermediates: Out of the total 5 kilometers (3 miles) of slopes laid out for skiing, a total of 2 kilometers (1.2 miles) are available for the intermediate learners. These form around 40 percent of the total skiing area and these have some challenging slopes mingled with easy runs. Intermediate learners are believed to partake of the fun while skiing down rocky edges and mountain slopes.
For Experts: This ski resort town has no pistes prepared for expert skiers. However, they can ski and have fun in the intermediate slopes of 2 kilometers (1.2 miles). The intermediate runs have a lot of challenging slopes in store for the experts.

The ski resort of Pany Luzein is a small resort that has perfectly prepared pistes for beginners and intermediate skiers. The place enjoys optimal temperature and has the perfect condition of snow throughout the year to welcome the flock of tourists. It enjoys a considerable number of sunny days, as well. This place is sure to give you the respite you’re looking from and take a quiet repose in the snow. 

Ski Lifts

The small yet astonishing ski resort of Pany Lutein is serviced by an efficient network of ski lifts and aerial airways that help to move the tourists up and down the slopes at convenient hours. There is a total of two ski lifts that serve the entire region and the 5 kilometers (3 miles) of skiable area. The two ski lifts have a combined capacity of carrying 1500 passengers per hour. Both of them occupy a total area of 1.3 kilometers (0.8 miles). One of them is a rope tow or beginner’s lift while the other is a T-bar lift. They operate between 9 A.M. to 4.15 P.M. Timings are subjected to change due to weather conditions. A ski lift pass for an adult for a day costs US$ 30 and a ski lift pass for a child for a day costs US$22. 

Lodging and Accommodation Facilities

Pany Luzein Statistics

Base Elevation: 1330 m

Summit Elevation: 1550 m

Vertical Drop: 220 m

The small town of Pany Luzein has a number of varied accommodation facilities, to choose from. You could stay in luxurious holiday apartments if you wish to relax and relish your stay. You could also stay in holiday homes where it is not only affordable but also comfortable. There are numerous lodging facilities available around the place. They are reasonably priced and come equipped with all modern conveniences and help you enjoy a happy stay. Let us have a look at some of the lodging facilities, most preferred:

Hotel Buel – This is the most recommended hotel available in the ski resort. It allows you free Wi-Fi, free internet connection, free parking services. You can enjoy their spa and sauna facilities or taste different cuisines. A standard room for two adults for a day is priced at US$165.
HausFasortis – This is one of the most recommended holiday apartments available in the area. You get modern services and Swiss hospitability at its very best. Not only reasonably priced it has all the conveniences you might be looking out for in your holiday. A standard room for two adults is priced at US$150.


The most awaited part of any vacation is undoubtedly food. Good food, to be precise. Pany Luzein has a variety of restaurants in its vicinity to give you a taste of the very best delicacies and cuisines Switzerland is known for. There are a number of fancy cafes as well, where you can savor a hot cup of coffee or expresso or satiate yourself with a hot chocolate while you have a nice chat with your friends. 

Café Sunna-Egga – This is an iconic café situated in the area. It is just not a bakery. It has a small shop where you can buy your daily necessities. It has a brewery which offers some of the best beer. It is a nice place to play cards and be friends with the natives. Their cakes are delicious. The cheese available here is worth dying for. 

Restaurant Diana – If you’re in Pany-Luzein, you must visit Diana! Though it has a limited menu, the food is worth drooling over. It is ideal for hiking or skiing and has very friendly staff. The ambiance is great and you’re going to cherish the memory forever. The place is located at the heart of Pany and is sure to enthrall tourists for many more years to come. 

With so much on offer and a wide range of things for you to enjoy, you cannot afford to miss out on all this. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead, book your tickets and pack your bags and head out for this charming place with your family and friends. You will surely make some new amazing friends and return back home with a bag full of memories. It is here you will experience what true heaven feels like; it is here you will ski freely with no obstacles at unbelievable heights and it is here that you will have the best ever vacation of your life!

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