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Peek n’ Peak: The Perfect Getaway of the Season

Winter is here! And so is the beautiful snow. A season that replicates heaven on Earth is ought to be celebrated in the best possible way! This winter, how about hitting the snowy slopes instead of being locked up in a room under a blanket? And with the highly accessible snow covered mountains, it is one of the things that you can do with ease and convenience.  Celebrate the white season with your loved ones with a twist: through adrenaline pumping adventures, a bit of solitude and lots of fun. It all happens at a mountaintop near you! All by yourself or with your loved ones- if you love a good adventure in a fairly unrestricted space, a mountain resort is the first place you should head to!

A mountain resort is a home away from home. And at Peek n’ Peak, you will experience an environment that goes beyond just a vacation destination. Comfort and luxury combine at great heights to give you the best of the both the worlds. Ski and snowboard on the beautiful snow with your loved ones. Not only glide through the white slopes but experience a fiesta of thrilling adventures, comfortable lodgings, and delicious delicacies- only at Peek n’ Peak Ski, Golf, and Vacation Packages.

Peek n’ Peak Statistics

Base Elevation: 1400feet

Summit Elevation: 1800 feet

Vertical Drop: 400 feet

Peek n’ Peak: Get the Best, at the Best!

A dream turned into an inception point for what was to become one of the most visited winter destination for individuals and families. In 1963, Phil Garvink dreamt of bringing the fun and joy of skiing to the city of New York. In 1964, Garvink, along with other partners- George Boozel, Myrl Babcock, Jim Caflisch and Jack Dean, brought 400 acres of land and named it Peek n’ Peak was chosen for it in 1965. The Scott Family purchased it in 2011. And today, Peek n’ Peak is a four season resort that is the ideal destination for families, individuals as well as groups. Apart from being an excellent ski resort that produces snow throughout the season, Peek n’ Peak is has a spectacular golf course, a luxury spa, pools and restaurants, and a multitude of mountain adventures, including mountain biking and cross country skiing.

Peek n’ Peak is a relatively high mountain, with a base elevation of 1400 ft and a peak elevation of 1800 ft. With ten lifts and 27 trails: 30% for beginner runs, 45% for intermediate ones, 15% for advanced runs and 10% for expert skiers, Peek n’ Peak is a destination for one and all, regardless of the level of expertise. Located at Olde Road in New York City, Peek n’ Peak is one of the easily accessible mountains in the US.

Easy on your Pockets!

Lift tickets for Peek n’ Peak are one of the least expensive ones in the entire country, with an all day ticket for an adult starting at just $49. Individual season passes start at $795, while weekday passes start at $395. Peak Five Pass and Peak Advantage Card lets you enjoy 40% discounts on lift tickets.

Peek n’ Peak offers numerous stay and ski packages that allow you to choose the lodging of your preference and ski to your heart’s content, eat and enjoy various other activities at less expensive rates. Be it swimming, tubing, or dining, these packages allow you to choose your favorite activity with our best lodgings and have the best of both the worlds! That is not all, Peek n’ Peak offers Holiday and Event Packages, Resort and Family Packages and even Birthday Party Packages! All this makes Peek n’ Peak one of the best skiing resorts in the region that attracts a large number of visitors throughout the winters.

Amazing terrain!

When it comes to skiing, Peek n’ Peak prides itself on offering the best terrain parks for you to conquer challenging slopes. 180 park is for beginners, 360 for intermediate skiers, 540 park is a treat for the most advanced skiers as well. Don’t miss out on Cross Country Skiing, which allows you to explore the wide range of trails at Peek n’ Peak. Skiing and snowboarding are one of the best sports out there. And there is no reason why you should compromise on fun, exhilarating moments. At Peek n’ Peak, skiing under the starry sky is not a far- fetched dream.  Night skiing is just another way to fill your season with unforgettable memories without wasting even a second of it!

Don’t fret if you have never skied before. Skiing lessons are available at Peek n’ Peak, and they are customized for your needs. Beginner Ski and Ride Lessons include skiing rentals and lift tickets! Professional instructors train you to not only master your snow game but have extreme fun while doing so! Your fun quotient at Peek n’ Peak isn’t restricted to just skiing and snowboarding. With seven tubing lanes that take tubers to the top the hill in the blink of an eye, the tubing experience is every bit a breathtaking one! The ethereal feel which you get when you enjoy these adrenaline-pumping snow sports is truly second to none.

Adventure Peak!

Peek n’ Peak is an adventurous world in itself! From Ariel Adventure Course, where obstacles and enthralling moments both are enough to make you fall in love with all that this mountain has on its platter for you. With another adventurous fiesta- Giant Dual Ziplines, you are sure to be thrilled away by an adrenaline producing day at the resort. Mountain Biking is another exploratory treat for bikers who seek thrilling moments within the valleys and hills of the mountain. Three mountain bike trails, for people of all experience levels, makes sure that your most challenging ride is also your most memorable one! Fitness biking allows you to explore the beauty of Findley Lake and the surrounding area the way you want to!

Nature is at its beautiful best around Peek n’ Peak’s Miniature Golf Course. The greens intermingle with the streams and waterfalls at the Championship Lower Course. You can have a romantic date with your loved one, or spend a sweet outing with your family at Peek n’ Putt. Everything is on offer here at the Peek n Peak Ski Area where everything on offer is suited to make your stay a memorable one.

A vacation- no matter where it is, becomes unique in the presence of delicious delicacies. A wide range of restaurants that cater to families as well as friends is all at your service with their fresh, local and seasonal foods. Right from Royal Court Dining Room and Regency Pub to Courtyard Café, food is at your disposal when you return from a thrilling yet exhausting skiing episode.

Skiing isn’t just a sport. The moment you step on the snow-covered mountaintop, the fresh air hitting your face is one of the best interactions with nature you can have! Moreover, the moment when you slide down the slopes, you will experience what freedom really means. Adventure mingles with reality to give you the best winter experience.

Peek n’ Peak is one ski resort that offers much more than just an opportunity of sliding down the snowy slopes. A luxurious spa, numerous swimming pools, biking, cross country trails and food that make your taste buds go crazy, this is a mountain that gives you a lot more than just a comfortable vacation this season.

Skiing, along with other snow sports like snowboarding and snowshoeing are sports you can enjoy all by yourself and also with your family and friends. So, get your gears, pick up the best people in your life and get ready to face the thrilling heights. The best time is now. Go and enjoy the wide range of fun activities on offer with your dear ones and make memories that you can cherish for lifelong. Spending time on snow isn’t just a sport, it’s life.

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