Pfander - A View Not To Be Missed

Summer ends to start the commencement of the lovely winter season. Snow falling all around the world with the cold wind blowing is a blessing in disguise for everyone. All of us want to sit near the fire with our loved ones and have an hour long conversation about our ongoing life. Sipping a cup of coffee while watching the snow falling down gives us pleasure that is second to none. Some people like to go out and have an adventure to fulfill their desire. Skiing, sledging, hiking, climbing are the words that erupt in our mind while thinking about adventure. Doing all this while the snow descends on the land makes us feel like we are in the seventh heaven.

This can all be achieved if we go to the amazing place called Pfander. Pfander is a mountain located near Lake Constance in the western part of the European country i.e. Austria. Situated in the state of Vorarlberg, Pfander is a place with most scenic views in the country. The elevation of Pfander is about 1,064 meters (3,481 feet). The winter season is the best time to visit the Pfander. The schools and offices close out in the winter, but the fun at the Pfander starts! So you can keep all your tedious work aside and visit the Pfander during this time.




Pfander Statisics

Base Elevation: 421 m

Summit Elevation: 1064 m

Vertical Drop: 643 m

Are you a professional skier, do you want to have an experience of skiing once in your life or you want to just ski in the chilling season of winter for fun? Well, you can fulfill your wish if you go to Pfander. Pfander has large skiing area. There is no match to the skiing area of Pfander. The ski area of Pfander lies in the area of Bregenz. Bregenz lies in the state of Vorarlberg. The skiing area of Pfander starts from 421 meters (1250 feet) and ends at the top of the summit i.e. 1,064 meters (3,481 feet). Ticket price for the adult and the children are 18 and 12 euros respectively.

To take you to the skiing areas, there are total four lifts in Pfander. There is only one Gondola lift to help you in watching the scenic view of the lake Constance while you enjoy your trip to the skiing area. The remaining three lifts are the surface lifts. Imagine this- you are in one of these lifts enjoying the beauty of nature with your friends and family. Excitement is running through your body because after enjoying all this, you will ski and fulfill all your desire for adventure. Amazing, isn’t it? Coming back to the topic, there is a 3 km (1.86 miles) of the trail. This is an easy 3km trail.



Do you love animals? Are you a wildlife enthusiast? If yes, then you should not think twice about visiting the Alpine Wild-park in Pfander. The Pfander’s Alpine Wild-park will not give you the excitement of an African Safari, but it is a wonderful place for any person who gets infatuated by the sight of a wild animal and trees. The Alpine Wild-park is famous for two main reasons. First reason is that it is open throughout the year. So if you are an ardent wildlife fan, you can visit this place even in the season of summer. If a place is free to visit, everyone will go to that place at once. The open place with wildlife all around. Wow! This is the second reason for the Alpine to be a famous visiting place.


To enjoy the beauty of Alpine Wild-park, you should have at least an hour. That will not be a problem for any wildlife enthusiast. Alpine Wilde-park tour starts from Berghaus Pfander. Children will definitely enjoy the commencement of the tour because here they will get a chance to look at dwarf goats and hare. Go a bit further; you will be able to see an animal know as Stony block ascending the hill. A few miles might scare some of you. It is because you will see the nasty, fierce wild boars who are the ancestors of charming domestic pigs. Mufflonwidder is the next animals to witness in the park. They are the wild and tall goats with curved horns and are dangerous. Alpine Wild-park is most famous for the animal named as Rothirschrudel. At the end of the tour, Marmots are the animals who will always help a tourist leave with a smile on their face.




The thrill of adventure doesn’t end only with sledging, skiing or the wild park. Hiking is an activity which is on every tourist’s checklist. Pfander provides excellent facilities for hiking. There are well-developed roads, and they are connected properly to provide the tourists a world class hiking facility. A visitor can have a small walk or have a proper hike in the hiking region. Pfander always respects the choice of a tourist! To make your hiking a lifetime moment, you should follow some of the simple tips provided by the Pfander resort. The first is that you should walk through the Alpine park along the nature trail which is approximately 3km (1.86 miles). It will take about thirty minutes for a fit man to complete this task.

There are different types of a hike for a hiking lover. You can try out a valley hike through the Hintermoos and the Fluh in the valley of Pfander. There is a hike known as Cheese teaching hike which you will not want to miss. It is not only for a hiking experience, but it also gives you the knowledge about cheese production. Knowledge can be given in an effective manner and to do that there are cheese production diagrams all along this trail. Two hikes are specifically planned out for the professional hikers and the most daring tourists. They are known as Elevation hikes and 3-one thousand-hike. These hikes will help you to enjoy all the views of the Pfander if you can reach the summit.


Culinary and Extra Activities

A big foodie will definitely not want to miss the delicacies of Pfander restaurant. Well, the Pfander provides you four restaurants with excellent chefs and professionals. Do you want a small celebration or a get-together of a friend circle? A Pfander restaurant facilitates a visiting group or an individual to get what they want along with mouth-watering dishes and some unforgettable views of nature. You can enjoy your meal on a table in the closed environment or on the terrace of the restaurant. The choice is yours!

Do you love to cycle around with the earphone in your ear while listening to your favorite brand of music? If yes, you can make this more delightful while cycling around the mountain of Pfander. Biking tracks are all around the Pfander resort.

A museum has also been made in the Pfander. The museum has been made specifically for the people who like to know about the place they visit. Pfander museum provides the background, history and how the idea of Pfander restaurant came into existence.

After reading all this, if you are still wondering about should I visit this place? Maybe you should not be thinking right now, you should start planning the trip to this place. Pfander cannot be missed! So what are you waiting for? Awesome terrain, lovely weather, and holiday season all geared up at the same time. So plan your visit, book your tickets, pack your gears and head out straight for this awesome ski park with your family and friends and enjoy every moment spent here. You won’t regret it, we promise!

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