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Pico Mountain – Glide and Slide with Adverse Slopes

It’s winter time! The most exciting season of the year has finally arrived. People are already craving for those big discounts. People with a fetish for trips have their plans coming to life. For people living far from loved ones, it’s about time to feel the warmth of family and have some comfortable time. Cookies and candy for everyone regardless of age, parties and invites from various people piled up on your table.

If you’re looking for a trip to soothe all the stress accumulated during the entire year, just to have a breath of fresh air then join Pico Mountain as they celebrate the end of the year. Pico Mountain is located in Killington, Vermont. It was established in 1937 on Thanksgiving Day and is known to be one of the early commercial ski resorts to be established. The Mountain came to life with a 1,200-foot rope tow powered by a Hudson motor car engine which received a lot of appreciation and love. The resort comes with many lodge services such as child care center, Food Court, Restrooms, Sundeck and much more. The resort does not permit night skiing although.

The Mountain prides itself of a 3966 ft. summit with a base of 2000 ft.  and a vertical drop of 1967 ft. The drop is about 80% taller than most skiing areas in Vermont. The Mountain has become a winter destination for many families and skiers with over 70 years of hospitality and an average annual snowfall of 150 inches. They offer snow sports school to teach you how to enjoy yourself with all of Mother Nature’s goodness at hand. Skiers of all levels enjoy a total of 57 trails. The mountain consists of 7 lifts, whose tickets need to be purchased. The resort offers a skiable terrain of over 460 acres with snowmaking covering 156 acres of land to ensure you have the fun you paid for even when there’s no natural snow. Being one of the largest and the best ski resorts in the region, Pico Mountain attracts visitors from all over the region in large numbers throughout the winters.

Lift Tickets

Pico Mountain consists of a total of 7 lifts. These seven lifts are designated into 2 High-speed quads, 2 Double chairs, two triple chairs, and one surface lift. The tickets can be purchased online via E-booking, and the tickets can later be collected at the tickets counter on the third floor of the resort. In fact, you can grab any offers at hand with online ticket booking.


Pico Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 2000 feet

Summit Elevation: 3967 feet

Vertical Drop: 1967 feet

Multi-day tickets come with benefits attached. Tickets for 2 or more days get more turns and are ensured a good night’s sleep with the ski and stay package. Tickets bought for 3 or more days have a built-in “day off,” with tickets valid any three of four days, four of five days and so on. On purchase of tickets for 5 or more days each pre-purchased adult ticket scores one youth (12 years and under) ticket FREE for the same dates and times, though this offer is not valid on peak dates.

An adult one-day ticket cost ranges from $ 37 to $ 54. An adult ticket for two days ranges from $ 64 to $ 95. Adult 3 of 4 days ticket cost ranges from $ 108 to $ 142. An adult 4 of 5 days ticket cost ranges from $ 147 to $ 182. An adult ticket for 5 of 6 days cost ranges from $ 149 to $ 201.


There are a large number of trails to choose from at Pico Mountain, ranging from scenic glides to windy trails. It consists of total seven runs of which 18 % are beginner runs, 46 % are intermediate runs, and 33 % are advanced runs and remaining 3 % for expert level skiers. Pike, Pico’s longest trail, starts off at the summit of the mountain and ends outside the base lodge.

These trails consist of classic narrow England steeps; many experienced skiers will be amazed by the 1967 ft drop. It offers the longest run of 4 miles. All these trails lead to Pico’s easy-to-navigate central base area, making a trip to Pico hassle-free and relaxing. After a few runs and facing exhaustion, you can relax in the cozy base lodge beside one of the giant fireplaces.


Pico Mountain offers state-of-the-art equipment to its customers, and they also have helmets on hand, included at no charge for lesson participants age 17 and under. They also provide with handy technicians who are skilled enough to bring back an edge snowboard back to life.

Adults (age 19 and above) are charged with $ 47 for one day of rental and with $ 92 for two days. Youth (age 18 and below) are charged with $ 39 for one day and $ 76 for two days. Helmets for all ages for one day is $ 13 and for two days is $ 25. To update the performance of the equipment charged $ 5 for one day and $ 10 for two days.

For professional level skiers, you have the option of choosing Elan or Rossignol Demo skis if you are seeking the highest level of performance from your equipment.  Ski and poles cost $ 50 per day and Ski, Boots and pole cost $ 60.


First-time ski and ride program is designed to get any person started on those adventurous slopes. It includes beginner specific equipment, along with skiing lessons and a full day limited lift ticket for Bonanza Learning Area lift. Full-day session includes 2 one hour and 45 minutes sessions including lunch. Only ages 7 to 14 can apply to this.  For one day it costs $ 105, and for 2and three days it costs $ 154. Half-day programs are available for ages 7 and above. For one day it costs $ 85, and for 2 and three days, it costs $ 134.

Group lessons are designed for people who share the same level of skiing skills. This program is for people who a little knowledge in snowboarding and skiing. For ages17 and below it is required that they wear a helmet. The cost per day is $ 59 for a person. There are different levels within the program which are assigned to you based on your skills. You can add a family or friend to the private session at $ 69 per additional person.

Private lessons offer individual training for people of all levels of skiing capabilities.  The rates depend on morning or evening schedule. In AM sessions 1-hour costs $ 115, 2-hours cost $ 195 and 3-hour costs $ 270. The PM Sessions 1-hour costs $ 99, 2-hour costs $ 175, 3-hour costs $ 250 and 6 -hour costs $ 450. All rates are subject to change without notice.

On the whole Pico Mountain is a family fun place to be at. The place offers on spot lodging and many amenities like hot tubs, child care, Lessons, Rentals, Racing, and Restaurants. The Mountain partners with PepsiCo, Rossignol, Skoda and many other brands. The greatest pleasures at this place are that guests can enjoy the experience of a large mountain with the personal touch of a smaller ski area. First-time skiers and snowboarders can have fun enjoying their own chairlift and handle tow, serving two gentle learning trails at the Bonanza Learning area. For cruising and carving, check out these places: green circle and blue square trails off the Golden Express Quad, including Fool’s Gold, Prospector and Gold Rush.

With so many fun and cool things to do and enjoy here at the Pico Mountain, you and your dear ones can have a fabulous time during this chilly winter season. So go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight out to this amazing winter ski resort with your family and friends, and have a great time this winter!

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