Pitztal Glacier and Rifflsee Ski Resort-Austria


Cozy Winter Wishes- Pitztal Glacier and Rifflsee Ski Resort

The season of winters is like revisiting our childhood. It is the universal truth that children just love the snow and the atmosphere that this season is described for. During winters, families, and friends all gather around the fireplace and chat for hours in the end because that is the specialty of this beautiful season. It brings people together and gives you the opportunity to spend memorable time with your loved ones. Whether it is your son or daughter coming back from college for the holidays or a military personnel returning home just in time to celebrate Christmas or New Year’s Eve with his or her family, the joy you feel as you reunite is inexpressible.


Nothing beats the winter season without a proper holiday, and that is something which tops your wish list for this season. Take a well-deserved break this winter and explore a country and let go of all the worries as you begin your journey. It is time to reward yourself and your special ones with the perfect getaway to a winter wonderland. For all the holiday enthusiasts out there, the Pitztal Glacier and Rifflsee Ski Resort is located at Mittelberg, 6481 St. Leonhard, Austria and I am sure you have heard leaps and bounds about the incredible country of Austria. Due to the confirmed snow from the glacier, this resort keeps its doors open since September till May which makes it one of the longest available ski resorts in this region. Witness an unforgettable skiing adventure and enjoy the diversified sports in this ski resort.




Detailed Statistics


Base Elevation: 5709 ft

Summit Elevation: 11286 ft

Vertical Drop: 5577 ft

The Pitztal Glacier and Rifflsee Ski Resort aims at providing top class service to all its guests and tourists who have arrived at this resort to creating an invaluable experience. The resort is perched at an elevation of 3440 meters (11,286 feet) at the summit, 2685 meters (8810 feet) at the base and 1740 meters (approx. 5709 feet) from the vertical drop. Secluded powder snow and solid glacier snow are some of the reasons why skiing and snowboarding in this region are such a hit!


Skiing Statistics

There is a total of 22.2 kilometers (approx. 14 miles) of skiing and snowboarding trails and slopes combining the Rifflsee ski resort and the glacier ski resort for you to enjoy. Take a look at how it is suited for every skier.

For Amateurs: Out of the total number of trails and slopes, 3.8 km (approx. 2.36 miles) or 18% is allocated for amateurs and beginners who are just learning the sport of skiing and snowboarding. These runs are extremely easy and doable, and they are designed that way so that beginners can get a grip on this sport easily.

For Intermediates:  Intermediate skiers are awarded 16.2 km (10 miles) or 79% of these trails and runs so that they can advance their level in skiing and snowboarding. Such trails are intricately fabricated so as to provide an enriching experience to moderate skiers with moderately challenging twists and curves.

For Experts: From the total number of 22.2 km, 2.2 km (approx. 1.36 miles) or 3% is allocated for expert skiers who are pros in this sport. Expert skiers are capable of tackling serious twists and curves and in fact, derive fun from such challenging tasks that lie ahead in these trails.

All safety precautions are maintained at this resort. Safety of the guests and tourists are a prime concern and important motto of this well-maintained resort.




Ice Climbing

Now, this is something which is greatly enjoyed by most of the tourists as ice climbing in glaciers, and rock-hard snow is only available at a glacier accommodating resort. The semi-circular ice cave at 2,700 meters (8858 feet) is a stunning beauty to watch out for and offers firm overhanging and vertical dropouts as well as conveniently easy routes in the rim areas. The seracs at the front can be attempted by any skier irrespective of his or her skill level at this task. The picture that forms in front of your eyes as you go ice climbing is something that you will cherish for your entire lifetime.


Season Passes and Day Passes

Season passes for adults (Born 1997 and older) cost 540 Euros, for youths (Born between 1998 and 200) cost 435 Euros and for children (Born between 2001 and 2010) cost 285 Euros. Children born in 2011 or later are charged no fee. 1 Day passes for adults cost 40 Euros and for children cost 24 Euros. 1.5 Day passes for adults cost 63 Euros and for children cost 39 Euros. 2 Day passes for adults cost 76 Euros and for children cost 46 Euros. 2.5 Day passes for adults cost 97 Euros and for children cost 59 Euros. 3 Day passes for adults cost 109 Euros and for children cost 65 Euros. 3.5 Day passes for adults cost 120 Euros and for children cost 73 Euros. 4 Day passes for adults cost 134 Euros and for children cost 82 Euros. 5 Day passes for adults cost 158 Euros and children 95 Euros.



Ski Rental

There is no need to carry the unnecessary luggage of skiing equipment from all the way from your home when you can simply hire exclusive skiing and snowboarding equipment at one of the several rental shops available at this place. Shops such as Intersport Huter, PitzRenTal Sportshop, Sports Pechtl, Ski Profi, and Ski Hire Kirschner are some of shops which store efficient and fully functional skiing and snowboarding equipment. Basic skiing equipment at these stores starts from 84.15 Euros which includes a basic ski set and poles for absolute beginners.


Accommodation and Lodging Services

Considering the fabulous location of this resort, several hotels, lodges, and apartments are at your disposal as you visit this region. Each of the lodging facilities in this area is specially equipped to satisfy their guests and visitors to the fullest extent possible. From a plethora of options, here are a couple of hotels which tops the list.


Hotel Andreas Hofer: Hotel Andreas Hofer is an elegant and cozy family hotel where you get to feel like home as you spend your days here. It is a four-star hotel located in this region and is perfectly accessible to all the major skiing and snowboarding junctions. Price for four nights inclusive of breakfast starts from an affordable range of 1,232 Euros for double occupancy.

Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten: Another family, wellness, and gourmet center would be this hotel which is precisely 1.5 km (approx. 1 mile) from the ski resort. This is also a 4-star resort located amidst these Tyrolean Alps and overlooks mesmerizing beauty through your window. Price for four nights inclusive of 3 days ski passes starts from 743 Euros. You will also receive a 20 Euros Wellness voucher during your stay here at this resort.

The place has a large number of fun activities on offer for everyone, regardless of their age. Right from skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing to some other fun activities, this ski area has endless fun on offer. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, pack your bags, and head out straight for the Pitztal Glacier and Rifflsee Ski Resort with your family and friends and make the most of the ongoing winter. So that is just about it. Get packing and carry enough warm and heavy clothing to keep you warm because mind you, you are traveling to a glacier paradise!

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