Pizol–Bad Ragaz-Wangs ski resort-Switzerland

Pizol–Bad Ragaz-Wangs Ski Resort

It’s the winter season again; the chilly winds and the smell of the snow are making the atmosphere magical and cheerful.  You can see the children outside who are busy playing with snow, throwing snowballs at each other, building snowmen and Eskimos. Not only children but adults too are busy engaging themselves in winter sports like skiing, snowboarding, sledding, ice skating tobogganing. Such things make the winters so special and memorable for us. This beautiful and magical season starts off with the most awaited holiday that is, Christmas and New Year’s Eve. This is the time when all the family gathers and celebrates together. And no doubt the prospect of taking a family vacation always comes up and there is no time better than the winters for a family vacation.  

If you are looking for a spot to vacation this winter along with your family to experience the joys and thrill of the winter sports then, Pizol–Bad Ragaz/Wangs ski resort is the place for you. This particular ski resort is located in Heidiland (Switzerland, Eastern Switzerland). There’s a unique natural landscape which surrounds the peak with a grand view of the Alps of the Eastern Switzerland and the Vorarlberg which reaches all the way to Lake Constance. The resort is suitable not only for families but for couples and friends too. It is an incredible destination for every vacationer who is looking for some peace and quiets away from all the hustle and bustle of city life.

Resort Details

The Pizol–Bad Ragaz/Wangs ski resort is situated between the altitudes of 510 meters (approx. 1673 feet) and 2,250 meters (approx. 7381 feet). One of the features of this resort is that it has two very modern 8-person gondola lifts transport guests in just a few minutes from the base to the diverse winter sports resort. One more additional feature of this resort is that the winter sports region is only half an hour away from Lindau and the base station can be accessed from the Autobahn exit in only 5 minutes. This particular resort also offers a lot of fun activities too. The main highlight of this resort is that it offers speed measurement course which is free of charge between Pizolhuette and Gaffia and public race course with time measurement also free of charge between Neuhuetten and Furt. It also offers night skiing as an option too.

Skiing and Snowboarding Statistics

The Pizol – Bad Ragaz/Wangs ski resort offers ski slopes and trails which suits all types of skiers ranging from beginners, intermediate to the experts. There are a total 43 kilometers (approx. 26 miles) of ski slopes and they are mainly located above the tree line. The ski slopes are characterized by easy, intermediate or difficult level.

Easy: Out of the total 43 kilometers(approx 26 miles), 14 kilometers (approx. 8.6 miles) is reserved for the skiers and snowboarders who are at the amateur level.  These slopes are comparatively of the easier level and the beginners can take this advantage to learn how to ski.

Intermediates: From the total of 43 kilometers, 21 kilometers ( approx.13 miles) is kept aside for the skiers and snowboarders who are at the intermediate level. Such slopes and trails will help them develop their skills and give them enough practice to reach the expert level.

Difficult: The rest of the 8 kilometers (approx. 5 miles) is allotted to the expert skiers and snowboarders. These slopes and trails are specially designed for the pros to provide them with adrenaline rush who are skilled enough to handle the many twists and curves which this particular slope offers.

Learn to Ski

All thrilled and prepared to visit a ski resort but afraid you don’t know how to ski? Do not worry my friends!  The Pizol – Bad Ragaz/Wangs resort has a ski school which arranges special lessons for those who wish to give skiing a try. You can either go for group classes where a group of people will be there to learn alongside with you or you can go for a private lesson where the instructor will teach you one on one to help you build your skiing abilities. It also offers special courses for children too. Group courses for adults and children for 1 half day costs 45 Euros,3 half days costs 123 Euros, 5 half days costs 182 Euros. 

For 1 person, one-hour private lesson costs 82 Euros, 2 hours half a day costs 145 Euros, 3 hours for a whole day costs 200 Euros, 4 hours for a whole day costs 255 Euros, and 5 hours for whole day costs 309 Euros. For group snowboarding classes consisting of 4 or more people costs 45 Euros for 1 half day, 86 Euros for 2 half a days,123 Euros for 3 half days, 155 Euros for 4 half days. And for the private snowboarding lessons for 1 person one-hour costs 82 Euros, 2 hours half a day costs 145 Euros, 5 hours for the whole day costs 309 Euros.There are also special courses organized around Christmas and New Year’s. 

Ski Lifts

Ski lifts are essential to any ski resort as it is through which you travel up and down the slopes easily which also saves you time and energy. The Pizol-Bad Ragaz/Wangs ski resort offers as many as 10 ski lifts which can carry up to 12786 passengers per hour and the total lift length are about 15.6 kilometres (approx.9.6 miles). There is a total of 4 chairlifts, two of them can carry four persons at a time and the other two can carry four and six persons at a time. It also has 2 T-bar lift and 2 J-bar lifts. There are also practice lifts in Furt and Pardiel for the beginners. The lift ticket prices for the adults costs $57(approx. 54 Euros) and for the kids, it costs $27(approx. 26 Euros).

Accommodation and Lodging Facilities 

Pizol Statistics

Base Elevation: 510 m

Summit Elevation: 2227 m

Vertical Drop: 1717 m

The Pizol – Bad Ragaz/Wangs resort is located at an incredible location which offers not only exciting winter sports but also appropriate and comforting lodging facilities.  All of these hotels and the apartments provide you with the enchanting view of your surroundings. They are all located around the towns and cities which are easily accessible whenever required. See it for yourself!

Hotel Ochsen: Hotel Ochsen offers peace and relaxation along with the amazing lodging facilities. It has all the modern amenities such as hotel bar, restaurant, TV room, accommodation for the pets and much more. The rooms are spacious and the walls are decorated with beautiful paintings showing the signs of regional attractions. Standard room for 2 persons per night costs around 176 Euros.

Hotel Schweizerhof: Hotel Schweizerhof offers a lot of facilities like free Wi-Fi, parking space, accommodation for pets, cable TV, hotel bar, etc. Standard double room at this hotel costs around 136 Euros per room/night. 

So, now that you know all about this beautiful vacation spot what are you waiting for, start packing up your bags and book the flights immediately to indulge into the winter sports and experience Switzerland like never before.   

How To Reach

One way to reach Pizol–Bad Ragaz/Wangs ski resort is from Wangs through railways. another way to reach is to take the train from Bad Ragaz. The timetables are always there to help you with the timings.

Plan your trip with the family or your friends. With so many awesome activities on offer here at Pizol, what are you waiting for? Awesome terrain, lovely weather, and holiday season all geared up at the same time. Pack up your travel bag, get on the airplane and visit the Pizol! You won’t regret it, we promise!

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