Planneralm Snow Valley-Austria


Planneralm Snow Valley – the best place to ski with friends!

Nights are getting longer and days are filled with delight! The snow is here my friend let us get together under the wintry light!

In this season of festivities and fun, joy and thrill walk hand in hand. The snowfall welcomes the guests of winters to an unforgettable journey to the end of the year. Enjoy the activities of skiing and snowboarding with your family, or rest along the slopes in your ski huts, liven up your romance like the winter sun or bathe in the memories of your childhood, all here in the hidden paradise of Austria.



About the Place

Planneralm is a mountain village of Styria, located in the municipality of Irdning- Donnersbachtal, district Donnersbachtal, Austria. The village is a storehouse of 100% natural snow, located in the beautiful mountains of Austria. The place is fortunate to live in the glory of untainted nature and pure weather. With calm and sunny slopes and freeride parks, the village offers a wonderful vacation to winter lovers.

Reliving nature in its purest form can only be a dream, given the eccentricities of city life. Here at Planneralm, we make sure that every guest experiences the bliss of pure snow and the warmth of the soothing sun. Travel through the corridors of organic life and breathe in the innocent air. Life at Planneralm is as beautiful as nascent. Here we provide you with some essential information to make your vacations a comfortable experience.

Interesting Facts

Planneralm Statistics

Base Elevation: 5249 ft

Summit Elevation: 6562 ft

Vertical Drop: 1969 ft

Often called the paradise of natural snow Planneralm is free of artificial now making cannons. The snow cover is promising and lasts throughout from December to April. Another highlight is the free riding park, bliss for adventurers and learners. At the heart of the park is the Kicker line offering a variety of ramps.  Planneralm is the highest ski resort situated between the 1,600 meters (0.99 miles) and 2,200 meters (1.36 miles), you surely will feel at top of the world! The total number of lifts is 6, offering a traffic free travel to the passengers.

Coming to the ski area, there is a 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) long terrain designed for pure ski pleasure. The resort offers other facilities like ski school and a sports shop. If you are visiting Planneralm with your family, we assure you a superb stay at the wooden boxes. These modern family apartments are comfortable and as close as 120 meters (0.07 mile) from the lifts. For children, there is a well- equipped “Kinder land”, a magic carpet and rope- tow. We assure you that your family with experience a wholesome adventure filled with joy and thrill.





A total of 5 lifts operates in the ski region. To offer a traffic free transport to and fro the runs, modern systems of lifts have been installed.  The average capacity of the lifts is 5910 passengers/hour spreading over a length of 3.9 kilometers (2.42 miles).


The lifts are divided among 2 Chairlifts carrying four persons/ hour, 2 T- Bar lifts and 1 Rope tow/ beginner lift.  For the little ones, there are 2 Sunkid Moving Carpet.



The total length of slopes is 15 kilometers (9.3 meters), divided among the easy, the intermediate and the difficult. As an “add-on” there is a 3 kilometers (1.86 miles) long ski route. Those who wish to experience more visit the valley through the runs.


Novices- We have designed a 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) long run for the young ones and the inexperienced. The terrain is wide and easy, allowing for a relaxed ride downhill. One can enjoy the beautiful scenery of the ski village, Planneralm while descending the sunny slopes. So enjoy one and all!


Semi- pros- Here are 11 kilometers (6.83 miles) long slopes for the less experienced in the field of skiing. The run is designed to offer maximum support to your inexperienced legs while providing you with an unforgettable ride. Try the easy slope for a safe yet exciting ride!


Pros- For the professionals, 2 kilometers (1.24 miles) long slope is designed. The groomed runs offer some surprising curves to raise your adrenaline levels. Ideal for the professionals, the slope will challenge you to an unforgettable ride. Unleash the daredevil in you!




Toboggan runs- The floodlit Toboggan runs are a fun adventure for the kids. The slopes are located at the height of 2,200 meters (1.36 miles) and offer a scenic view of the surrounding beauty, the mountains, and the valley. Get into the inner tube and slide on the sunny slopes.


Hiking- While holidaying on the mountains walk around the snow. Do not forget to climb the slopes to the peaks. Planneralm village is surrounded by beautiful mountains, and one can explore this view while walking along the slopes.


Cross – country trails-   Explore a cocktail of fun, thrill, and culture. Here at Planneralm Valley skiers can enjoy their rides on the cross- country trails.  4 kilometers (2.48 miles) long cross- the country trail is designed to offer a pleasant route to the cross– country lover. For the skating enthusiasts a 4 kilometers (2.48 miles) long course exists, so slide away on your skating boards.



The prices of the tickets vary according to season and duration of time. On an average during the high season the cost of a ticket per adult is €39.00, for a child, the cost is €20.50, and for youth, the cost is €35.50.


General season is observed from early December to mid- April. Opening time is 9 hours to 16 hours. Important notice regarding timings for the season and the lifts, the operational hours is dependent on the external conditions and the local weather reports.



A holiday needs a homely stay. At Planneralm the comfort of home combines with the luxury of a hotel, and we present to you the Dornbush Hutte- the Chalet standing on the road.


The Hutte is designed with two intimate guest rooms and a large sun terrace. You can relax and spoil your mood to an assorted list of local delicacies and original drinks.  By prior arrangements, the guest house is available for private companies. Accessibility to the stay is offered through road.


How to get here?

Here are the ‘How’s?’ and ‘Where’s?’ of your traveling. Remember that traveling is as important as the rest of the holiday. Thereby one must enjoy the travel and the destination. You can plan a car travel and enjoy free parking space.


Given the exciting details of this ski paradise, waiting will only delay your experience in thrill and fun. Planneralm village offers a ski and mountain getaway for an exhilarating exploration into the hidden and the rustic. This place offers a close intimacy with nature and engulfs you in the local culture. The promising snowfall, the untainted surroundings, and the heartwarming welcome will color your days with love and fun. Nothing seems artificial here. It is at Planneralm that man comes closest to nature. It is at Planneralm that man lives the inexperienced.


With so many things on offer and a whole range of fun activities to enjoy at the ski resort, you cannot afford to sit at home this winter. Right from skiing, snowboarding, snowshoeing and other fun activities on offer, you can have an amazing time at the Planneralm resort. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your bags and head out for the Planneralm with your family and friends and return with memories to cherish forever. Have fun!



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