Plattekill Mountain-USA

Experience the Seasons Like No Other, Only at Plattekill Mountain!

It is winter. Heavenly snow is on its way to cover everything under a white sheet. But, it would be a great idea to explore the beauty of snow covered places instead of just sitting in a room near a fireplace. If you want a quiet repose from the hassles of day to day life while being surrounded by the green and white beauty of nature, going to a mountain resort for a few days with your loved ones might just be your best decision.

New York is a city filled with the hustle bustle of a thousand visages. It is quite easy to get lost in the crowd. However, in the same city, lies a mountain where you can reconnect with nature, your loved ones and your own self. Plattekill Mountain is a mountain owned and operated by the Vajtay Family. Located in the outdoors of Catskills in New York, Plattekill Mountain is known for its rustic style lodge and warm hospitality that will leave its lasting impression on your mind.

Plattekill Mountain at Your Rescue!

Plattekill Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 2400 feet

Summit Elevation: 3500 feet

Vertical Drop: 1100 feet

Standing at a Base Elevation of 2400 ft and a Peak Elevation of 3500 ft., Plattekill Mountain is one of the best vacation destinations – not only for Winter but also for summer. Four lifts accompany 35 trails- 20% each for beginners, advanced and expert skiers, and 40% for intermediate skiers, makes Plattekill an adventurous delight for skiers who seek an exciting challenge. Voted as Top 5 Bike Parks in the Northeast Region, Plattekill Mountain has reached 21 years of its existence in full glory.

Plattekill Mountain offers excellent biking opportunities for people of any skill level. The numerous packages include bike rentals, tickets, and guided tours. Lift and Trail Tickets start at only $39. And you have to pay only $59 for two days. Adult and Teen Season Passes start at $685. Plus, Plattekill has bike rentals for all types of bikers. ‘Downhill Bikes’ to ‘Free ride Bikes’ for casual riders and ‘Cross Country Trail Bikes’ for heavier riders. At only $85, you biking adventure on a mountaintop is just worth it!

Winter season is filled with snowy adventures of all kinds. At Plattekill Mountain, hit the slopes to your heart’s content! Be it skiing, snowboarding or snow tubing, snow covered mountain serves best when it comes to enjoying the essence of winter. Lift passes for winter start at only $61! With season passes, you don’t have to wait in long lines for a lift, use the pass anytime throughout winter, and get a great discount on skiing and snowboarding lessons. The best skiing experience is only complete with the good gears and the even better environment. Plattekill Mountain provides you all of that, at much less expensive rates than the other big resorts and mountains.

You can also snow tube at Plattekill Mountain. And with lift serviced Snow tubing, you can go all the way down to the base of the mountain, without the hassle of climbing! And the icing on the cake is, you can have fun with the tubes on the snow all day long. On Saturday nights and during holidays, you can even glide down the snow at nights! A 3-hour snow tubing session will only cost you $25.

At Plattekill, biking adventures form only the tip of the iceberg. The NY Outdoor Expo is a treat for all outdoor lovers. Activities in the likes of kayaking, fly fishing, and guided hikes are all you need this season to explore this beautiful world outside the four walls of your house. Experiencing outdoor expeditions is an exhilarating task. However, at the base of Plattekill, you can avail camping facilities. At $15 for the weekend, this is not such a bad idea.

Plattekill is occupied by 10 Geocache points. If you are rooting for a family adventure, Geocaching is the ideal sport for you. Simply use you GPS to find the geocaches scattered throughout the mountain. Outdoor fun combines with modern technology to give you the ultimate adventure with your loved ones. No age bar and no skill are set. If you love a good treasure hunt aided by technology, Geocaching is what will give you utmost satisfaction. 10 locations at Plattekill are Geocaching Points. Some are as easy as a cake walk, and some are challenging to the T. No matter what the level of challenge is, a fun time wit you family and friends are surely on the cards with Geocaching!

And if you enjoy witnessing the marvel of green scenic beauty, take their amazing Plattekill Chairlift Sky ride! Go for a hike and witness why the beautiful natural landscape is one of the most beautiful things you will ever see. Enjoy an amazing picnic with your loved ones or take a ride back to the base of the mountain. Descent from the summit is equally breathtaking as ascend. The majestic mountain landscape is divinely beautiful in its own right!

A Wide Array of Fun Activities On Offer!

Plattekill Mountain is not just a biking destination. At Plattekill, you get to experience a world of fun and joy. With “Music on the Mountain”, Plattekill Mountains will echo with four music concerts on the first Sunday of a new month. A different genre of music every month will become an auditory treat for all the visitors. The best part? It’s free to the public, and a special dinner will await you after the concert is over. Holidays were never so musical before!

Plattekill’s scenic beauty is second to none. Make it a backdrop for the most special day of your life – the wedding. Enhance your wedding experience with the panoramic mountain views and treat your guests to a thrilling day. With an accommodating capacity for up to 150 guests, the Mountain is all yours for the happiest day of your life!

Join ski groups, biking groups and much more to avail awesome discounts. All you have to do is be there with a group of 10-15 people or more and enjoy not only concessions on prices, but also amazing activities such as Ping Pong, Volleyball, Hiking, and onsite overnight camping.

Plattepalooza Family Festival is a true fun event for people of all ages. Kids can indulge in activities such as Face Painting, Magic Show, Bounce House, Pumpkin Painting and much more. With vendors and fabulous sales to delicious BBQs and seasonal brews, this Family Festival has something on its platter for everyone around.

Choose to stay at any one of Plattekill’s partner lodgings and save big on snowy enthrallments. Saving on the fun was never so much easier. Also, you can relish some amazing cuisines here at the various outlets present in the resort.

Relive the adventures you only find in fictional stories. Spend some days of the season at Plattekill Mountain, and create magical memories with your loved ones! Ski, snowboard, snow tube, go biking, hiking and camping- do all of this while saving big at every step, only at Plattekill Mountain! Have a good laugh with your loved ones, play with snow and discover unexplored parts of nature; it is now easier than ever before. With affordable rates, luxurious accommodation and excellent adventure sports accompanied by memorable concerts and events, Plattekill Mountain is just the right destination for people who seek beautiful sounds and sights.

Witness the beauty of nature with the adrenaline-inducing adventures at the most friendly destination in New York- Plattekill Mountain. With so many fun-filled activities to enjoy, you and your family can have a really incredible time this winter – skiing down the slopes or including in various other events. So, go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight for the Plattekill Mountain, and enjoy yourselves to the fullest and return home with memories to cherish lifelong.

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