Pomerelle Mountain Resort-USA

Pomerelle Mountain Resort: The Best in Idaho

The Pomerelle Mountain Resort is a one of kind ski area where you can enjoy a complete laid-back day full of fresh powder. Its location being within proximity of Albion has furthered its image of being family friendly and particularly inviting for children. Kids in-fact of all age groups can have the time of their lives. Pomerelle is the best ski resort wherefrom they can begin their skiing or snowboarding journey. Furthermore, if snowmobiles are what get your engine running then go ahead, you will find ample space here at the resort for you to run wild. Particularly the terrains at Mount Harrison along with the Howell Canyons will provide you with ample opportunities for snowmobiling at greater speeds. In an otherwise scenario there are two other options available, first being the area next to the parking lot and the second being about half a mile away from the base parking lot, at the warming shelter. This point is also quite a hit during summers as tourists usually hop onto the chairlift and get here for their biking or hiking trips.


Located in southern Idaho, the Pomerelle Mountain Resort is situated high up and surrounded by the Sawtooth National Forest. There is a triple chair lift along with a double and the much recently introduced magic carpet boardwalk lift through which you can access the entire skiable terrain. Since the resort is located near to Albion, therefore, geographically speaking it falls in an area which receives the most amount of snowfall. Further, the regional weather system benefits from both the lakes – Tahoe in more pro-California and the Salt Lake of Utah. In fact, both these water bodies result in storms which are conveniently able to move in this part of the Cassia County. Due to these reasons, Pomerelle Mountain Resort receives more than 40 feet of light and dry snow.

Pomerelle Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 8000 feet

Summit Elevation: 9000 feet

Vertical Drop: 1000 feet

The resort also has lodges which are located at a height of 8000 feet which is, as a matter of fact, the highest as compared to any other such location. During the season, other than the dominant white one can also see bright yellows in the form of school buses which typically roll into the parking lot during almost every weekend. Students from the neighbouring regions flock here in the anticipation of the best snow on earth. Most of these students take in the assistance provided by the rental stores. They can get everything that they could possibly require from boots to skis to poles. The rental stores are well equipped in terms of quality and quantity of essentials and operate round the clock.

Pomerelle is quite popular among children and families as well. The resort is secure and provides certain degrees of exclusivity along with all sorts of comforts. More so, there are families who have been coming each season since the 1970s. Over the years the resort has built a strong rapport with regional schools and that is precisely the reason as to why Pomerelle Mountain Resort has featured in various listings of best ski destinations within Idaho.

The resort has everything that one could foresee in a good ski resort. Beginning with over 500 acres of well crafted and diverse terrain to plentiful resorts having fantastic rooms, skiers of all capacities and skill levels can come enjoy and perfect their skills. It is definitely a skier’s paradise. People are known to come here from faraway lands. The skiing industry as well recognizes Pomerelle to be an integral part of their community. Here you will get homely experiences at the most reasonable pricing.

Quick statistics

Elevation: The elevation here ranges between 8000 feet and 9000 feet.

Trails: Over 500 acres of skiable terrain can be classified in the following ways-

o    Beginners: 40%

o    Intermediate: 40%

o    Advanced: 20%

Tickets: Prices for the lifts range between $ 25 and $ 45.

Parks: There are 2 terrain parks.

Pomerelle is one of the oldest alpine ski resorts in Idaho. The resort has over 500 acres of skiable area which is surrounded by the beautiful Sawtooth National Forest. Skiers and snowboarders can have the time of their lives on 24 top of the class groomed runs. Additionally, there are 2 terrain parks and a 1000 foot vertical drop which is serviced by one of the three triple chaired lifts. Annually, the region receives 500 inches worth of snowfall. It is also among the first ski resorts which open up way early during the season. Now, if you are in anyway unsatisfied with the lodging facilities at the resort then you have other options in Albion. There are multiple options available for families and couples. Privacy is the unique selling point of Pomerelle. There is a kind of exclusivity which you get to experience here.

Timings of operation

Pomerelle Mountain Resort usually remains open between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. In the month of November, the resort will remain operational only between Thursdays and Sundays. Days beginning from Thanksgiving till the 16th of December, the resort will remain closed. However, daily operations at the resort will commence exactly from the 16th of December and the timings will remain the same – 9 am to 4 pm.

Further, night operations at the resort will begin from 27th of December. Timings for night skiing are – 4 pm to 9 pm but will not take place on Sundays and Mondays. For any other information or confirmations, you can contact them or drop an email.

Terrain parks

Buttermilk Terrain Park

It is the entry level terrain park of the resort and is in-fact the best place for young folks to perfect their skills. This park is equipped with smaller features which are always changing.

Colt 45 Terrain Park

It is a terrain park which is particularly meant for folks at the intermediate and advanced levels. You will find here two very large kickers which are located back to back. At these spots, you will find some of the best-skilled athletes throw down. There are 7 prominent features at this park namely – 35? kicker, 20? flat box, 20? skate rail, 35? whale tale, 10? flat box, 18? up-flat box and a 20? flat-down rail.

Now, once you are there at the resort there is a ‘responsibility code’ which each of you will be mandated to follow. These codes are not only meant for your safety but also the security of everyone around. Some of the pointers which Pomerelle requires its customers to follow are as follows:

Always stay in control.

People ahead of you have the right of way.

Stop in a safe place for you and others.

Whenever starting downhill or merging, look uphill and yield.

Use devises to help prevent runaway equipment.

Observe signs and warnings, and keep off closed trails.

Know how to use the lifts safely.

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