Postwiesen Skidorf – Neuastenberg-Germany

Ski Resort Postwiesen Skidorf – Neuastenberg

Postwiesen Skidorf Statistics

Base Elevation: 1969 ft

Summit Elevation: 2359 ft

Vertical Drop: 427 ft

You want to enjoy our winters this year by indulging in various sorts of thrill activities, but at the same time, you wish to keep it all to yourself by doing it all at a place that is less crowded. But the problem that you are facing is that less crowded places aren’t usually that good. Here is the solution to your problem – without having to give up on the quality of place, you can still enjoy all sorts of winter activities at a lesser crowded place. At Postwiesen Skidorf – Neuastenberg, there is 8 km (4.97097 miles) of long and white slopes available for skiing as well as snowboarding where you can spend a great and memorable time with your friends and family. It also has got to offer night skiing for some amazing nocturnal experience.

About the place

Situated in Sauerland of the Central Upland of Germany (Deutsche Mittelgebirge), the Postwiesen Skidorf – Neuastenberg ski resort is a complete thrilling and adventurous winter package for friends and family. The ski resort has 8 km (4.97097 miles) of slopes, eight lifts to transport the visitors and much more exciting things. The region where one can indulge in winter sports activity at this ski resort is situated at 605 m (1984.91 ft) to 730 m (2395.01 ft). There is a Fun Park at the ski resort which attracts a lot of freestyle skiers as this Fun Park is considered to be one of the best Fun Parks in the Northwest Germany. The closest town or village to the ski resort is Neuastenberg which is merely about 0.6 km (0.372823 miles) away from the resort. Neuastenberg is one of the most highly elevated villages on the well renowned Kahlen Asten Mountain of north-west Germany. The one different thing that you will notice at this heavenly ski resort is that the ski slopes are situated below the village. The rates of the various kinds of visitors based on their age differ here at the Neuastenberg’s ski resort. The price of ski pass for adult visitors is €26 whereas the same for younger visitors is much lower. For instance, the ski pass prices of youth visitors are €20.5, and that of the children visitors are €16.5.

Ski Slopes

When it comes to the types of slopes that Postwiesen Skidorf – Neuastenberg ski resort has got to offer, let us just say that it is a complete package. From the easiest level of ski slopes to the most difficult one that you would ever possibly come across in your life, this place has got it all. You will find that as you go lower and lower in elevation, the ski area becomes steeper. Further, you will also notice that there are numerous sorts of variations at the resort because of the open ground in the ski area. In all, there is 8 km (4.97097 miles) of ski slopes available for having a great time at skiing in this resort. To ensure that all skiers have the time of their life, this resort ensures that all difficulty levels of slopes are present here at Postwiesen Skidorf. The easiest level of ski slopes run about a sum of 3 km (1.86411 miles) while those that fall under the category of intermediate level of difficulty run up to 3.4 km (2.11266 miles). On the other hand, the most difficult yet the most thrilling ski slopes extend to about 1.6 km (0.994194 miles) which is estimated to be 20% of the total ski area of the resort. The run location at the ski resort is under tree line which gives immensely beautiful view to capture. In addition to that, the ski resort is well equipped with the snow cannons and has 23 of them. The resort also indulges into the artificial snowmaking with 50% of its slope having the capability to generate artificial snow. The opportunity to do some nocturnal thrill by indulging into night skiing is also available as an option at this breathtaking resort.


Ski Lifts

Although this resort has been in existence for a long time now, that does not make it any old school one. The resort is well equipped with modern day technologies of ski lifts that help in taking the passengers or tourists from the base station to the desired point. There are overall eight numbers of ski lifts present at the Neuastenberg’s ski resort. Considering each and every one of these lifts, the total length that these lifts cover is estimated roundly to be 2.5 km (1.55343 miles) in length. Another fascinating point is that the total capacity of these ski lifts is somewhere around 6762 passengers in an hour. There is one quad chair lift, and in addition to that, the rest of the lifts are either tow lifts or t-bar lifts. Osthangbun is the quad chairlift in operation at the ski resort which was constructed in the year 2013 to simplify things for the skiers. It has a length of 574 m (1883.2 ft) with a carrying capacity of approximately 2412 passengers in an hour. Then, there are T-bar lifts available at the resort which has a capacity of carrying 600 to 800 passengers from one place to the other. The names of these lifts are Schanzenhang, Westhanglift, Tenne 1, Obere Postwiese and Untere Postwiese. The last varieties of ski lifts at the resort are the j-bar and the rope tow kind which are Tenne 2 and Ubungslift Postwiese respectively. Both of these lifts have carrying capacity of individuals of about 400 and 450 people in an hour respectively. All the ski lifts at the resort are in really good and working condition. In all, this ski resort had got a perfect combination of all sorts of fun that one can imagine having with their families or friends.

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