Powder Mountain-USA

Powder Mountain: Utah’s Hidden Gem

Just about in the east of Eden, Utah is the lesser known ski resort of Powder Mountain or Pow Mow as it is otherwise known. The resort stretches between the countries of Weber and Cache. It can be reached easily from the international resort at Salt Lake City just by travelling 55 miles.

Powder Mountain has a supermassive skiable terrain of 7,000 acres including 144 runs, snowcat skiing backcountry touring’s and side country skiing. By taking averages, the Powder Mountain is the largest in the United States. You might also have noticed that many of the top Ski Magazines have provided Powder Mountain with highest of the ratings for being the ‘best value resort’. In the past 6 years, this resort has won 5 times the said award. On an annual basis, the region receives over 300 inches of snowfall and is ranked in the second spot for having the best quality snow and fourth for its character.

History of the resort

Powder Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 6900 feet

Summit Elevation: 9422 feet

Vertical Drop: 2522 feet

A certain Frederick James Cobabe was the owner of a winter range which existed at the very same spot before the resort came into existence. Cobabe between the years 1902 and 1948 accumulated vast tracts of land in the region of Eden. Back in those days, it is said that his massive land holdings fell prey to overgrazing and also the watershed was poorly maintained. The result of which was that the Wolf Creek used to dry up during each fall. Frederick James Cobabe adopted considerable measures to improve the quality of soil of his land and it formed the foundation of the resort. The vegetation gradually improved which resulted in better landscapes. Today, the Powder Mountain is famous around the region for having the best watersheds.

Dr. Alvin F. Cobabe, successor and son of Frederick James Cobabe went on to purchase a livestock company with all of the 8000 acres in the year 1948. The old timers suggest that in the 1950s one of the friends of the doctor just casually suggested that the area could serve as a great ski resort and the rest, as they say, is history. Alvin Cobabe went on to acquire more acres in addition to the thousands that his father had owned. Finally, in the year 1972 when the resort opened up for the first time, it spanned across 14,000 acres.

During the first season of the Powder Mountain, it introduced the Sundown Lift, night skiing facilities and a ski school. At that point in time, the food was cooked on outdoor barbeques, the resonance of which can still be found today. With the next two seasons, the Sundown Lodge, the Main Lodge and the Timberline Lift were also added.

The Contemporary times

Today, the Powder Mountain resort is equipped with four chairlifts which include – one each of the double, triple, fixed quad, and a detachable quad. Along with these, there are surface tows. Here at the resort, you will also be able to indulge yourselves in Snowcat Powder Safaris which run on an all-day basis along with single ride cat skiing and an inbound & backcountry tours.

It is also possible for you to reach the Powder Country by taking either of the slopes which are there on both sides of the roads. For this purpose, readily available busses are there which will take you straight to the summit.

Here you will also find that the terrain of the Powder Mountain is easily accessible through the various Lifts. The wide variety of runs is suitable for people of all levels of skills and includes beautifully assorted greens, blues and black runs. The inbound vertical feet is measured at 2,500 feet and receives on an annual basis over 400 inches of snowfall. All these features and much more cumulatively make the Powder Mountain the best skiing destinations in the whole world.

At the resort, accommodations facilities are of top notch quality and highest of the standards are maintained. There are condos right on the summit which will offer you ski-in and ski out facilities. Furthermore, among the latest additions at the resort include the Paradise Lift quad through which 1300 acres more of the terrain could be accessed. Additional 700 acres can now be accessed through the Cat Skiing which moved up to the Lightning Ridge. Between 2006 and 2007 a high-speed lift replaced the old Hidden Lake Lift.

Powder Mountain offers a kind of seclusion and therefore is an exclusive niche. You will be surprised to know that many of the folks of Utah hardly know anything about the resort. It is truly a matter of surprise since the resort is over 7000 acres in area and among the biggest in the country. Now, this is primarily because Powder Mountain resort does not really advertise. Moreover, it also does not have the same number of Lifts and infrastructure which could otherwise rival most of its neighbouring resorts. Powder hounds love this very aspect of the Powder Mountain resort, a complete, unhindered, all natural experience of skiing and snowboarding. It is almost like a paradise to them.

Details about the Terrain

The one thing that the Powder Mountain ski resort takes pride in is that they do not use snowmaking facilities. Well, truly indeed, after all, the region receives 12.7 meters worth of snowfall in one single year, they anyway would not need to artificially manufacture snow.

At present, the area is equipped with 4 chairlifts and 3 surface tows. Furthermore, from the price point of view, the tickets for these lifts are really cheap. Therefore, everything that you get here is a great value for money. If you wish to go towards the back side of the mountain, that too is possible as the resort is also equipped with buses which take you atop the hill, leading you into a fantastical realm of beauty and adventure. There is also a cheap cat ride available. using which you can access the rest of the remaining terrains.

Once in a while, you will find queues at the lift entry area and that should at no point discourage you. There will be no dearth of fresh powder on the Powder Mountain. As far as the slopes are concerned, there are hardly any skiers to be found on them simply because it will take up a lot of individuals to crowd the 2,227 hectares worth of terrain. The quality powder will surround you, so much so that as far as your vision could scale, in any direction, all that you will find is – pure white powder.

Reaching Powder Mountain

Powder Mountain, the hidden gem of Utah is just 75 minutes away from Salt Lake City’s International airport which is located in the Ogden Valley area. It is in fact further away from most of the major skiing resorts of the state. On the other hand, when compared with the distance to Colorado Ski resort, it is quite close to the gateway airport.

Facilities at the resort

The village is largely undeveloped and sleepily hollow, but this is not a downside to the resort, as this rustic feature provides a kind of refreshing feel to the visitors. You will not find a need to have fine dining experiences or anything exquisite. Chiefly because the sheer joy which skiing and snowboarding will give you, there is nothing more one could ever want. Furthermore, lodging facilities include condos and there is a Columbine Inn which will provide you with hotel-like rooms. What is impressive is that most of the lodging area has ski-in and ski out facilities.

Among the other options that you will have is at the Ogden Valley or in the town of Eden. If you choose to stay off the mountain then you could also indulge a little in the nightlife and then again in the mountain scale up and suite for snow hogging. From Eden, you can board any of the various shuttle services that will take you up to the Powder Mountain.

The abundance of snowfall is just among the very few things that make Powder Mountain one of the best resorts in the country. The local folks almost treat is as their very own private playground. You will have to log on to the resort’s website or simply call them to enquire about the various off-season deals or generally about ticketing rates among the other things. Administration and staff members of the resort are exceptionally well-mannered and generous when it comes to serving the customers.

A few facts and figures

Elevation: The summit of Powder Mountain is located at a height of 9,422 feet and its base is at 6,900 feet. At the resort, you will experience a vertical drop of about 2,522 feet.

Lifts: There are in total 7 lifts.

Terrain: The terrain includes about 144 runs, 2 parks, 300 acres of night skiing facilities and the longest run here is about 3 miles long. All of them are divided in the following manner:

Beginners run: 25 %

Intermediate run: 40 %

Advanced run: 35 %

Total area: About 7000 acres.

Come here to experience the Greatest Snow on Earth. Go there early to get better deals and do not ever worry about the crowd. Even during the busiest of days, you will not find more than 2 individuals per acre of land. It is a great place to enjoy and experience the freshness of the powder with your family and loved ones in an all exclusive manner.

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