Professional Skier Dave Treadway No More With Us-News

Posted On: 10 Nov 2019


Pro skier Dave Treadway, 34, reportedly fell to his death while skiing in the Pemberton backcountry on April 15. The Pemberton District Search and Rescue (PSAR) team responded to a call on Tuesday about a backcountry skier who had fallen into a 90-foot crevasse near Rhododendron Mountain and was unresponsive. When PSAR was able to extract the victim, he had succumbed to injuries sustained in the fall. Dave was skiing the backcountry with a group and official teams did not immediately confirm the identity of the recovered victim, it was his friends who identified Dave.


Dave’s official website also confirmed that the incredible skier is no more with us. The website also announced that a GoFundMe page had been established with an intention to support Dave’s expecting wife, Tessa Treadway, and their two sons, Kasper and Raffi. Dave was a big name in the ski world and had multiple appearances in many ski films.

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