Q Burke Mountain Resort-USA

Q Burke Mountain Resort- Fall in love with the snow!

The season of trouble and inconvenience has finally ended its term for this year. Summers are over and winters are just around the corner, knocking at our doors. While some people love staying inside their cocoon and enjoy reading a novel written by their favorite authors, others who are more adventurous ones, set upon a journey full of thrill and fun. For the former types, there’s nothing special about the upcoming winters as they are set to enjoy the monotony of their lives at home, instead of their offices. On the other hand, adventure lovers have an opportunity to have endless fun this winter.

So, why to miss the opportunity of having a great level of fun as well as physical exercise outside without even a drop of sweat? Why lock ourselves inside our homes and restrict ourselves to resting when we can have the ultimate pleasure out in the snow going on for hours and hours without even a hint getting tired? Well in case we are not aware- snow activities do the work like no other thing.

Q Burke Mountain Statistics

Base Elevation: 1210 feet

Summit Elevation: 3267 feet

Vertical Drop: 2011 feet

Now if you are already considering befriending the snow this winter, then why to limit it to snowball fights and making snowmen only? Why not try the very professional looking snow sport where even non-professionals can get into to have the time of their life? Skiing may look like a very intimidating and professional sport in television shows requiring some very polished skills, but in reality, its arms are wider than just to welcome the skilled skiers.

Irrespective of our skills and regardless of whether you are a trained skier or not, irrespective of your dexterity regarding skiing and snow sports, the snow welcomes you all with a broad and warm smile to bounce in its chilly bed with joy like never before. So, let us not waste our precious winter time that can turn out to be very memorable by sitting around in the house and do something really adventurous and create a thousand memories echoing in our minds that are worth getting nostalgic about, making sure that our fun days don’t end with our childhood.

Q Burke Mountain Resort – Where all the fun Begins!

While the snow is ready to take us on an adventurous ride, Q Burke Mountain Resort is just trying its best to make it better. Located in the northeast Vermont, Burke Mountain Ski Resort is open for skiing and snowboarding for people irrespective of their knowledge regarding that. It is a mid-size ski resort. Burke Mountain Resort is also home to a Ski Academy called Burke Mountain Academy, from where many Olympic skiers have been trained.

Having gained a reputation for its beautiful view of Willoughby Gap – Mount Pisgah to the east and Mount Hor to the west, the skiers and the riders here will experience the classic style Vermont skiing across 270 acres trails that are winding and narrow, tree skiing and sharp pitches. There is an annual snowfall of 217 inches for which Q Burke is able to feature a vertical rise of 2,011 ft, having 50 trails, glades and a terrain park for freestyle skiers. There is a total of six lifts here. The fun is right there, and it is waiting for you. The Q Burke Mountain Resort has everything on offer what a visitor would love to have; making it one of the best liked skiing resorts in the region. The resort attracts thousands of visitors every week, who have a great time enjoying the fun things on offer here.

Terrain for some crazy amusement!

Terrain parks are a must for every snowboarder. Terrain parks can literally make a passionate snow-lover and snowboarder dream of happy times. Terrain parks have their roots in almost every other snow activity, and we believe that an ideal terrain park should be comfortable to every skier irrespective of his/her standard. Keeping that in mind, we have one very engaging and skier-friendly terrain park for every skier at Q Burke Mountain area. We have 50 runs out of which 14% are for the beginners or novice skiers with some mellow and easy obstacles, allowing them to gain some confidence to move forward. 42% runs are for the intermediate skiers that help them to come out of that level and polish their skills.

Apart from that, 34% runs are for the advanced skiers and 10% for the expert skiers out theirs.

Lessons and Rentals- Because learning something new is always amazing!

Day Lessons for fun

Learning a new sport of a kind, especially when it is a snow sport is super exciting and fun. At Q Burke Mountain area, they have established a snow sports school that offers group lessons as well as private lessons for all ages. They care for your talent and will try the best to polish it, so, they have a professional and mindful staff to make sure that you are taken to the next level, having all the fun at the same time. They welcome you to freshen yourselves and reward yourselves with the best experience ever.

Children’s Program- You shall grow!

The people at Q Burke Mountain Resort understand that the little masters love to stay outdoors and play. So, they make sure that the winters do not ruin this for them. The staff at Q Burke Mountain, ensure that every little soul out there has their best experiences possible on the snow-covered hills. They also have a wide variety of programs organized for the children where they can take part so that they continue to learn and grow up to become snow lovers like all of us.

Freestyle Programs

Keeping things fun and out of the harm’s way, the freestyle programs are mainly focused on developing the talents and skills of the riders and skiers in a combative environment. They have professional coaches and staffs to help you develop the basic fundamentals of the skills required for skiing and riding in the snow that will again develop into real freestyle terrain riding. The main target is to make learning fun and easy in a harmless and a safe environment.

Explorer Programs

This particular program lasts for approximately ten weeks and is a ski and snowboard program for children of age group 3 to 17 years old. It is dedicated to developing the skills with a safe environment in the mountain with tons of fun. The same coach will ride and ski with the children all season. Their main aim is to promote skiing and other snow activities and develop an everlasting love for snow.

Rentals and Repairs

The Burke Mountain rental shop has 2015 Elan Skis in its core rental lineup, offering the people with well grounded and modern skis. It is located in the ‘Igloo’ at the Sherburne Basic Lodge. Here, we also carry demo skis available for rent and purchase both at the season’s end. We also have Rossignol, and a ski is suiting every condition and every skier. We have professionals who will be glad to guide you through the process of selecting the perfect ski, matching your own style and level. First, you try, then you buy.

Mountain Biking

The Burke Mountain Bike Park is voted as one of the top 5 best regional Bike parks by the riders of the Northeast. It provides riding irrespective of ability levels with a varied terrain which includes three downhill trails from the summit. If you are looking for some chills down your spine, there is no harm in trying Mountain Biking at all.

With so many adventurous things to do at this fabulous ski resort, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting Q Burke Mountain Resort. Go ahead, pack your bags and head out straight to the Q Burke Mountains with your family and friends and make the most of the upcoming winters. You’re welcome to enjoy the most peaceful snow adventure ever. See you there!

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