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Radstadt Altenmarkt Schischaukel: A Winter Vacation Nirvana!

As the temperatures drops, you realize that winter is approaching. As days get dull, one may want to relax in the comfort of one’s room – watching your favorite TV shows or reading a novel. Think twice before you plan. What’s the ideal activity to do in cold winter holiday? Lots of activities may flash across your thoughts. However, there is one unique muscle energizing activity which you may not have thought of. A winter sport, skiing is something you should try at least once in your life. It provides you with an amazing experience.


Accelerating down the snow filled slopes provides you with a spine-chilling and an overwhelming feeling. Irrespective of your age, you can enjoy skiing at any major Ski resort located around you. Apart from being a sports based activity, Skiing can actually make you healthier. Skiing can improve various physical parameters of your body. Muscle and bone strength is one of them. Skiing is something that was invented for winters. It is worth the experience and time.




Radstadt Altenmarkt – The Perfect Place to Ski

Radstadt Altenmarkt Statistics

Base Elevation: 858 m

Summit Elevation: 1571 m

Vertical Drop: 713m

Among all the resorts available, there is one Ski Resort located near Salzburg in Austria that is worth a special mention. This beautiful resort, named as Radstadt Altenmarkt has in total about 17 to 18 Km of slopes available for Skiing and Snowboarding. Standing between the elevations range of 852 meters and 1571 meters it is at an appropriate height for the best skiing experience. The skiing area is spread across the Kemahd Plateau. The location is equally preferred by various skiers irrespective of their experience. The slopes provide the overall mix of all you would want to experience.

Families and Children are sure to love this place. Travel to this exquisite Skiing area to discover your passion and love for Skiing. Altenmarkt provides you with many exciting opportunities to explore things which you could never experience if you had not thought about Skiing.


The Terrain Structure

There are plenty of even variations in the slopes which satisfy different types of Skiers. About 54% of the slope, i.e., 9.2 Km is easy. Almost anyone can Ski through them with great ease. 7.2 Km of the stretch comes in the medium region. This terrain offers some challenge and requires some basic skills in skiing. This slope is perfect to experiment with your newly found skills. For experienced skiers, the terrain is ideal to develop their skills further. 0.6 Km of the stretch is for the hardcore fans who wish to test their skills. Expert professionals would find this part of the terrain welcoming. The slopes are very convenient for carving purposes.


The whole stretch of 17 Km has artificial snowmaking apparatus. 47 snow cannons are there which ensure that there is snow everywhere. Another highlight of the slopes is the race course with time records maintained. You can test your speed by skiing through this course. However, a small entry fee is charged. Ski line is available for free public usage. Slopes are the primary factor used whiling rating a Ski resort. Skiing is not possible without proper slopes. Their uniformity and quality are maintained with utmost care.




The Ski Lift Facilities

The Ski lifts available in the resort are updated with the latest technologies. They have some of the most modern facilities. The total of 8 lifts can transport up to 12872 passengers per hour. This shows their high efficiency. Even large crowds can be conveniently managed. The total lift length extends up to 8.5 Km. Among the 8, three are Gondola lifts. The recently installed one can carry up to 10 persons in a single trip. Apart from the luxurious gondola lifts, there are two chair lifts and 3 T-bar type lifts that have carrying capacities ranging from 1800 to 500 per hour. All the lifts are manufactured by the famous company, Doppelmayr which is known for its quality and secure Ski lifts. Apart from the regular lifts, there are other facilities to move uphill. Provided by the company, SunKid, they are known as Sunkid magic carpets. 2 of them are in operation in the resort.


The Snow on Which You Ski

Most of the snow in the main ski region is maintained fresh. The snow depth at the base averages at 65 cm. The mountain area has a slightly higher depth (70 cm). You have plenty of snow around to play with. During the Ski breaks one can have a quick snowball fight with companions or engage in some beautiful snow modeling or carving.



The Other Exciting Activities

Apart from Skiing, the resort provides you with several other options. You can go for a Toboggan run. Up to 6 Km of tracks are available for this purpose. Horse drawn-Sleigh riding facilities are available. One cannot miss out the Ski and Snowboarding school here. Beginners and children are always welcome to learn about Skiing and other winter sports from expert trainers in these schools. Most courses are specifically designed for children and assist them in quick learning of new skills.


Special provisions are available to hire yourself a personal instructor too. You will be guided conveniently for a perfect skiing experience. Group activities like Hiking are also available. Additionally, there is a fun park where you can relax and refresh yourself. Another excellent activity to explore here is snow carving. The snow available here is known to be the finest for carving your imaginations into it. What you can do is limited by your creativity alone.


The Main Season Ticket Costs

Adults are charged 50 Euro for one day ticket. 37.5 Euro is charged for youth while children get a concession and are only charged 25 Euro. Multi-day Ski passes, and the seasonal card is available as per requirement. Larger groups can avail special promotion offers. One can conveniently get their tickets from the online ticket portal. There are special discounts like junior weekend discounts. Availing them can save you some of your money. Apart from the Skiing costs, other expenses relating to accommodation and food are reasonable.


Miscellaneous expenses may include the renting costs for various skiing equipment. Renting is a preferred choice than buying which is a more costly affair. Since these sports equipment cannot be used anywhere else, it is always better to borrow them from the Ski rentals for a short duration. Experts and professionals may, however, buy brand new apparels and equipment.


Other Facts about the Resort

The primary season time is from mid-December to early April. That is when you should visit this beautiful location. The Ski lifts in the resort operate from 8:30 AM in the morning to 4:00 p.m. These timings can be variable depending on many factors like weather and availability of snow. The location is well connected to all major areas with various transport facilities. The resort is just about an hour ride from the City of Salzburg.


Spending a winter holiday here is totally worth it. The satisfaction of time and money well spent is immense. This resort is specifically popular among families and children. The slopes are not easy but they are not hard either. That is what makes it the perfect location to Ski. The hospitality provided ensures your comfort. Explore the place for the next vacation with your family and friends and feel the joy of Skiing. The visit will surely turn out to be a marvelous adventure.


Right from skiing, snowboarding and a host of other exciting activities on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on this fun. You can visit the place with your friends, family or even alone! So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab the passes, pack your gear and bags and head out for this amazing resort with your near and dear ones. You won’t regret it, we promise!


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