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Rauriser Hochalmbahnen: Definitely Worth Your Money

Winter vacations are around the corner, and you are still wondering how to spend them. You do not want to be at home, sulking and day-dreaming of places that you could have and should have gone to. Your friends or family are urging you to plan something that they can remember for a lifetime. You rack your brain for ideas but in vain.

Well, you have come to the right place, because consider your plan made and confirmed. The ski resort of Rauriser Hochalmbahnen lets you have the vacation of your dreams, and much more. Located in the Rauris Valley in the Western state of Salzburg, it beautiful and serene, yet filled to the brim with adventure and fun.


About the Place

Rauriser Hochalmbahnen Statistics

Base Elevation: 950 m

Summit Elevation: 2200 m

Vertical Drop: 1261 m

Definitely a paradise for skiing and snowboarding lovers, Rauriser Hochalmbahnen is said to be one of the most beautiful ski resorts in the Alpine region. You will find here activities like skiing, ice-skating, sleigh rides, tobogganing, paragliding, cross country skiing, snow hiking, and much more. This much fun, in one single ski resort? Yes, it’s true! The ski routes are quite long too, so you can be sure that your ski adventure will not end as soon as it starts, and will most certainly leave you satisfied, and exhilarated.

The staff at Rauriser Hochalmbahnen Ski Resort are extremely hospitable, warm and friendly. They leave no stone unturned to provide their best services to the valued guests. From maintaining the ski slopes to ensuring every guest has that perfect experience which they wished for, their priority is always you. It is a guarantee that you will be back here for another trip. The ski resort has a great place for kids to enjoy as well. The snow park for children is wonderful, with its different elements like slides, wave rides, boxes, and jumps. Child care services are also provided by trained child care experts, who can take care of your children while you enjoy a day out.

There is a ski school for youngsters who are just beginning to learn, as well as for adults. The trainers are highly skilled and know how to handle each one individually. New techniques are taught and you can practice on the practice hill. Races are also conducted very often, to test those skills that you have acquired. The very lovable mascot, Tilly, makes an appearance every Thursday on the practice hill and takes part in the traditional toboggan races. He is just adorable and makes you even happier to have chosen this very special ski resort. These races are conducted 4 PM onwards free of charge, depending on the snow and weather conditions.

Cross-country skiing is also a major attraction here at the Rauriser Hochalmbahnen Ski Resort. There are four superbly groomed classic cross-country ski trails that extend up to 30 kilometers (18.64 miles) in length. The romantic countryside in the Rauris Valley is beautiful, and the elevations of 950 meters (0.59 mile) to 1250 meters (0.77 miles) above sea level make for a spectacular view.


Elevation at Rauriser Hochalmbahnen:

The winter sports area is located at an altitude of 949 meters (0.58 mile) and 2175 meters (1.35 miles) above sea level, having a vertical drop that ideal for skiing and snowboarding. Skiing experts who come here fall in love with this place and have recommended it to everyone: from beginners to advanced level winter sports lovers.



Snowfall at Rauriser Hochalmbahnen:

This region receives a good amount of snowfall due to its high altitudes. The mountainsides experience 120 centimeters (47.24 inches) of snow, and the base receives 70 centimeters (27.55 inches) of snow. The snow is powder like in texture, which is perfect for skiers and snowboarders. 35 snow cannons can be made use of for creating artificial snow, and 80 percent of the slopes have this facility. The Ski Resort is completely snowed secure.


Lift System at Rauriser Hochalmbahnen

This resort has ten lifts, which transport the passengers to the summit. There are three gondola lifts, one chairlift, four T-Bar lifts and two rope tows. The rope tow is for beginners. Another ascension mechanism called the “Sunkid Moving Carpet” is also provided for guests. The length of the lift in total is twelve kilometers and the capacity is found out to be 11,368 passengers per hour.

All lifts are manufactured by Doppelmayr, a trusted name in the cable car making business. Quality and safety are of top priority, and you can rest assured that you and your family will be in good hands.



Ski Slopes at Rauriser Hochalmbahnen:

There are around 32.5 kilometers (20.19 miles) of ski slopes or pistes, available for use. They are well maintained and well cut.

The slopes in the upper area at the gondola lifts are wide and have been carved out keeping in mind the different abilities of everyone. The view at the Gipfel lift (highest slope lift) is amazing. There are two valley runs, and these are surely challenging. There are a race course and a lovely fun slope.

These ski runs are differentiated on the basis of the level of difficulty. Red, black and blue are representative of the levels intermediate, difficult and easy respectively. 15 kilometers (9.32 miles) of the 32.5 kilometers (20.19 miles) are easy, 12.5 kilometers (7.76 miles) are intermediate, and 5 kilometers (3.10 miles) are difficult. These 5 kilometers (3.10 miles) are very difficult, having an elevation difference of 530 meters (0.32 mile) above sea level.

The longest run lift is 10 kilometers (6.20 miles) in length, with an elevation difference of 1235 meters (0.76 miles). It starts from the mountain station of the Gipfel lift, via Kreuzboden to Rauris.

Tobogganing is allowed at night, with the floodlights making the scenery and the snow look extremely beautiful.


Tariff at Rauriser Hochalmbahnen:

The prices for various sports at an affordable price. One-day tickets for adults can be bought at just 40 euros for adults and 21 euros for children. A two-day ticket can be purchased at the cost of 80 euros, and a five-day ticket can be purchased for 183 euros. A two-week ticket can also be purchased for 376 euros. Discounts for senior citizens, large groups and children can be availed. Tickets can also be bought online. For babies, the baby lift can be used at the price of 21 euros for the entire day, and 2 euros for a single ride.

The ski resort is open for five months in the summer, with increased costs due to off season rates being higher.


Operating Times at Rauriser Hochalmbahnen:

: The ski resort is open in the winter season from mid-December to early April. The opening times are from 9 AM in the morning to 4 p.m. These opening times are provided by the ski resort of Rauriser Hochalmbahnen and can vary based on external conditions, the day of the week, school holidays and public holidays.


Weather at Rauriser Hochalmbahnen:

At the resort, the mountain temperatures are always sub-zero degrees Celsius, and valley temperatures are in the range of minus ten to zero degrees Celsius. Periods of sunshine last for two hours. On an average, for the entire season, the sunshine lasts about for fifty days which is less than the sunshine in other ski resorts. Precipitation probability is around 20 percent. Wind speeds are in the higher range due to high altitudes. March is the sunniest month.

Head up to the incredible Alpine region and shed those winter blues! This will be a choice you will not regret. Because with so much on offer and so many things to do here at the resort, you cannot afford to miss out on this fun. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, plan your trip with your dear ones and head out straight for Rauriser Hochalmbahnen Ski Resort and have the most amazing experience of your life. Have fun!


Brandnertal – A Snow Paradise

The dreamy atmosphere, perfectly carved snow caped mountains, spine-chilling breeze and amazingly awesome adrenaline boosting weather. What more does a person need for a worthwhile experience in holidays?

It is rightly said that a thing of beauty is a joy forever and hence it gets truly irresistible not to walk through the lanes of these heavenly mountains providing a flabbergasting view. So Brandner Tal invites you to experience fantastic scenic beauty in the vicinity of Bludenz Alpine in southern Vorarlberg Mountains. So pack your bags, pull up your socks and get ready to make fabulous memories on this weekend with your friends and family because you are invited to have an experience of raw nature like never before.




The Brandner (also BrandnerValley ) is a valley in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg named after the Valley Ski Resort. The Brandnertal Valley with the villages of Brand, Bürserberg, and Bürs starts in the immediate vicinity of the Bludenz Alpine town in southern Vorarlberg. The Bludenz Alpine town is the center of a 5-Valleys mountain region. At the heart of this place lie the mountains, nature and city culture – all go hand in hand. From hiking and biking in summers to skiing and snowboarding in winters we provide you with various thrilling activities.


Summer in the Brandnertal

Sporty change offers 400 km (248.54 miles) of hiking trails, climbing gardens, 110 km (68.35 miles) of challenging mountain biking trails, an 18-hole golf course, tennis and indoor courts, riding arenas and stables, three 3D arc parcours and much more. Timings starting from Mon-Sat: 08.30-13.00 & 14.00-16.30 hours.




Winter in the Brandnertal

The sporty family ski area Brandnertal convinces with quality and best comfort from the first minute. Away from the slopes, winter hiking trails, cross-country ski trails, and snowshoeing, as well as husky and horse sleigh rides and much more amazing adventures. Timings: Mon-Fri: 08.30-13.00 & 14.00-16.30 hours and Sat-Sun: 11.00-15.00 hours.



When five cheerful chefs are presenting their creativity through mouthwatering food in 25 different menus, when a wild herbal creamy mushroom spread a delicious scent time then again you can only remember the delightful experience of being in Brandnertal. Brandnertal not just offers a fabulous cuisine but also ensures that your stomach never stays empty by offering Mountain breakfast at the Douglass hut at Lake Lüners every day from 8 am to 10 am. Indeed it is tempting, and the very fact that good food never goes out of fashion evokes a feeling of visiting Brandnertal.




Cross- Country Skiing

Silence is bliss and to add more to this imagine yourself being surrounded by most beautiful snow caped mountains.Over 20 kilometers (12.42 miles) of cross-country trails with magnificent high-altitude awaits enthusiastic cross-country skiers in the Brandnertal.Rona Panorama-Loipeare the three cross- country ski tracks which are highly recommended for every adventure seeker.They are considered as one of the most beautiful cross-country skis runs in Western Austria at an altitude of 1,200 m (3937 ft.) to 1,300 m (4265 ft.).


Winter Hiking

Madly in love with hiking? What could be more adventurous than hiking on mountains while the cold wind brushes through your hair gently? Hence to get bewitched Brandnertal also offers winter hiking on different levels of difficulty marked by altitudes, terrains, and routes of the mountains.


Ski Mountaineering

With great power comes great responsibility and hence with great skiing skills and a craving for adventure one must also ensure for the proper arrangements of equipment required for skiing so that safety is not hampered. Brandnertal not only ensures safety but also provides all its visitors with varied options for exploring different mountain ranges at different levels.



Everybody wants to travel back in memory lane reliving those amazing moments that they had back when they were a kid. Brandnertal, as it promises you unlimited fun, provides you with an amazing opportunity to do tobonagging. At every Tuesday and Friday there is lots of fun at the night drops in Brand and Bürserberg. Either by lift or on foot, our toboggan runs can be reached directly from the town center.



There are in total 14 lifts which carry about 18936 members per hour with a total lift length of 13 km (8.077 miles).


Aerial tramway: it is reversible ropeway and has the capability of carrying 60 passengers in a go without hampering the comfort.

Circulating ropeway: also called as gondola lift and has the capability of carrying eight persons in a go.

Chairlift: i) High-speed chairlift (detachable): has the capacity of carrying six persons


  1. ii) Chairlift (fixed grip): has the capacity of carrying four persons and two persons differently.

T-bar lift carries two people at a time.

J-Bar lift: carries one person at a time.



DOG SLEDGING: When you visit Brandnertal you get ample of options for having fun. To be precise, there are many ways by which you can walk on snow, by snow shoes, by foot, by skiing and much more but what makes the experience here at Brandnertal more enchanting is Dog Sledging. Workshops are held here at Brandnertal. At first, there is a snowshoe hike accompanied by a certified hiking guide and a husky, and after lunch break, most important terms like how to handle the sledge and dogs is explained. If everything is clear the participant can drive the husky himself.


HUSKY WORKSHOP: At the beginning, the participants learn about sled dog breeds, attitude, training, sports and much more about a cup of coffee / tea. Afterward, a small snowshoe hike is done, each participant gets a Husky as an accompaniment and so the first close contact with the dogs is experienced which is followed by the lunch break at the camp fire! Afterward, the sledding without Huskies as well as the steering, brakes, pedals and anchors are learned. Then it goes to the point. Turns are taken with a team of 2 with up to 5 Huskies per team, taking a round of about 2 km (1.24 miles).


Duration of this event is from 10:30-15:30 with minimum age requirement being 12 yrs with a Price of € 269, – per person.


To ensure that the group does not become too big, the course is limited to 6 participants and four companions. With the venue in winter being in Brandnertal / Bürserberg on the high plateau Tschengla at 1.300m


SNOW SHOE HIKERS WITH HUSKIES:  At the beginning of the program you will learn a lot about the Huskies, equipment and snowshoeing. Then, with joyful howls, it starts. They are accompanied by a husky, who is connected to you by a leash on your waist belt and pulls you. Of course, the Huskies look forward to strokes at the stops. This experience is ideal for nature and animal lovers.

This event lasts for three hours, with a minimum age requirement of 12 years.

Price: € 99 per person

The route guidance is decided according to the participants and the weather conditions in the short term and is feasible for everyone.


ICEFALL CLIMBING: A place where blue ice glimmers in winter and water jump over the rocks can rightly be called heaven. Brandnertal gifts you this heavenly experience by being the highlight of the ice climbing in western Austria. More than 30 ice and mixed routes from easy to extremely difficult are here in a confined space.

HORSERIDING: Have extreme love for animals and if you are searching for adventure then what could be more thrilling than horse-riding? Horse riding is available all year round in Brandnertal. 2 riding stables, two riding stables are available for beginners and professionals.

Just as the beauty of mountains is irresistible and just because everybody wants time out from their hectic everyday life and monotonous routine the idea of being at Brandnertal becomes even more unavoidable. So now because you are aware of various thrilling and frivolous activities offered by Brandnertal, tighten up your belts and gear up your instincts because something like this won’t happen twice! Brandnertal is a perfect place to enjoy winter holidays with your family and friends. Bring along your loved ones and experience a feeling of eternal bliss like never before!

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