Paradise on earth at Raxalpe-Reichenau an der Rax resort

Those who live and work in the city know how boring life can become. Working so hard day in and day out with little appreciation from your boss or customers makes you want to leave everything and go for a vacation. At first, the commotion and light of the city seem charming. However, soon enough it starts to bug you. When at night the street dogs won’t stop barking and chasing after cars, when your next door neighbor would not turn down the volume of the music in his party, or when the horns keep on honking during the day time. The hustle bustle of the society that attracted you in the first place now frustrates you.


To get away from this environment would seem like a paradise. A paradise that is possible to reach that is. Imagine waking up to a serene environment with no noise. Waking up in a place where there are servants ready to serve you and fulfil all your needs. To accomplish this dream all you have to do is plan a vacation to a ski resort. After waking up to a calm environment, you can relax at spas, in hot bathtubs, get a soothing massage, ski in the snow, slide down the slopes in a tube and even watch the stars glow under the moonlight sky at night while skiing. All of this at a minimum price on a well-known ski area.




Where should you head to have the best vacation this season?

Do you live in a state or a country that does not see snowfall? If so, then visiting a ski resort might be fascinating to you and your family. You could enjoy your first snow at the mountain range in the Northern Limestone Alps, Austria. The Rax is the mountain range we are talking about. Rax along with its neighboring mountain, Schneeberg have been long used as for mountaineering by many locals and tourists. The highest peak of the mountain is Huekuppe and is 2,007 m high.


The ski resort Raxalpe-Reichenau an der Rax is situated in Lower Austria, Weiner Alpen. It is located in the District of Neunkirchen. The resort is well furnished with rooms for people with all budgets. The vacation here would not be too hard on your pocket. You can opt for high class, fully accommodating rooms to the simple and small rooms for a single person. Moreover, you will have privacy, and no one will interfere or poke around in your visit here. Your luggage will also be safe in the rooms here. There is nothing to worry about.


Some imperative facts about Raxalpe-Reichenau an der Rax

Raxalpe Statistics

Base Elevation: 528 m

Summit Elevation: 1600 m

Vertical Drop: 1072 m

One of the finest moments you’ll see yourself land into would be when you would be traveling up towards the mountain or around it. You will find it astonishing to be covered with such cast beauty of nature. It truly is flabbergasting for any newcomer. The beautiful sceneries you will catch a glimpse of will be worth capturing on a canvas or through a photograph. The resort is easily accessible by a car. There is plenty space for parking cars and would not waste any time searching for a parking spot.


Also, the parking is free of cost, so would not have to worry about long hour parking charges. For skiers and riders, there are 3 km long slopes available. There are about 33% of easy trails for beginners or those who are new at skiing and about 67% of intermediate trails to act as a challenge for riders. There are two ski lifts available at the resort which have the capacity to carry 1300 passengers every hour. These two lifts are the aerial tramway or the Reversible ropeway and a T-bar or platter or button lift. The Rax ropeway is the first aerial ropeway in Austria. It carries people up at 1.546m above the sea level to the high Plateau of the Alp.  It does all this in just about 8 minutes! The total lift length is 2.5 km. The elevation point of the resort is 528 m – 1200 m which is used the winter sports area. This makes the resort one of the best in the region.




What are some of the positive points of vacationing out on a ski resort?

As the vacations near, you and your family must start planning a visit to a recreational area. It is necessary for all; the young ones get to enjoy their youth while the older ones can add more adventurous chapters in the book of their life. However, when you decide to visit a place, it usually happens that one misses out some important detail and causes some or the other problem on the trip. For instance, the hotel you choose to stay in may look good in the pictures online, but when you visit it, the place is not up to the mark. Therefore, such situations might ruin your vacation. To be on the safe side, one must look into the information of the place they are visiting.


Choosing a ski resort for your vacation could be the ultimate destination, after all, it provides all the luxuries one wants to experience during a holiday and all the fun recreational activities for all ages. The fresh environment is good for the ones who are generally busy at the office. They can give some time to their loved ones here and also might get a chance to introspect. The relaxed ambiance at a ski is maintained by taking precautionary measure so that everyone is safe out in the snow. To say, in other words, a bright day and a thick layer of powder at the peak of the mountains might lead up to the best vacation you would have ever had in your life.


What is so unique about Raxalpe-Reichenau an der Rax?

  • The serene environment of the resort is a blessing in itself. The plateau is literally covered with flowers and looks like a flowerbed from far above. In the winters, the sights of the landscapes will forever be imprinted in your minds. For when you have a hard time in your life, you can look back at these memories and cherish them.
  • The staff at the resort is very loyal and trustworthy. You can rely on them for all your needs. They can help arrange snow boots, rental equipment like snowboards, helmets, warm socks, skis, poles, goggles, snowshoes and other necessities at a low
  • If you have young ones with you whom you cannot possibly take on skiing, you can leave them with babysitters or in the play area within the resort. It is a safe place where they will enjoy their time with kids of their age while you have your fun in the snow. The assistants are credible and professionals at this.
  • At the resort, you have several instructors who make sure that you ski safely and for those who do not know how to ski, they can take lessons here. Take your first step in the ski with the professionals here. You can take group lessons or private or semi-private lessons, anything you need.

After all the advantages mentioned, if you still do not believe it, you can go and experience it. If you visit Raxalpe-Reichenau an der Rax resort, it will surely be the best vacation of your life.  With so much on offer, you cannot afford to miss out on visiting this fun-filled place with your family and friends. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, grab your passes, pack your gear and head out straight for the Raxalpe-Reichenau with your near and dear ones and make the most of the winters. You would have an amazing time and return with memories to cherish forever. Have fun!

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