Reichenberg – The Fun Place to be at!

The frost is settling down on the leaves, and the snow is spreading its arms wide across the nation. The warmth of the blanket and a regular cup of coffee is needlessly the best thing in this weather. The winter season is always the dense and calm weather which gives a resonating peace in mind. However, the winters are not only for sitting inside the house when you can do lots more exciting things in this season. Winter sports can really bring that excitement resting inside your body out in this gloomy weather. And if you are so fascinated to experience that thrill then Reichenberg is the best to go for a fabulous skiing vacation.

Location and resort details:

Reichenberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 790 m

Summit Elevation: 880 m

Vertical Drop: 90 m

The ski resort Reichenberg is located in the beautiful, picturesque County of Freyung-Grafenau (Germany, Bavaria (Bayern), Eastern Bavaria (Ostbayern), and Lower Bavaria (Niederbayern)). The elevation of the resort is 790 m (2591 ft) to 880 m (2887 ft). Elevation difference is 90 m (295.2 ft). It has a clean vertical drop of 90 m. The resort gives a breathtaking a view of the valley below. It is an affordable and reasonable getaway spot for short ski trips.

Ski statistics:

The major attraction of this destination is that night skiing facilities are available, thus providing the visitors with a truly unique experience. However, no lifts/cables/cars are available for night skis. The total run distance at the resort is 1.2 km, and the complete run can be categorised into easy to moderate category. The difficulty level is almost negligible. 100% of the run falls in the blue piste category. The visitors need not be professional or seasoned skiers. The resort provides a more novel experience and is especially easy going for children. The slopes do not have artificial snow making capabilities. The slopes here are raw and pristine; moulded the way nature wanted them to be moulded.

Ski lifts:

The ski runs can be accessed by two T-bar lifts/platter/button lifts. The total carrying capacity of these lifts is 2000 passengers per hour and the total length covered by the lifts is 0.7 km. The following lifts are operational at Reichenberg – Reichenberglift 1 This is a T-bar lift. It has a capacity of carrying 1000 passengers per hour. The length of the lift is 350 m. Reichenberglift 2 This is a T-bar lift. It has a capacity of carrying 1000 passengers per hour. The length of the lift is 350 m

Ski pass prices & Opening Time:

The day ski pass for Reichenberg costs around 10 euros for adults and 08 Euros for children. General season: mid- December to late March. Operating times: 09:00 – 16:00 The timings can vary based on external conditions, the day of the week, school holidays and public holidays. Reichenberg is a unique, reasonable and raw experience for skiers looking for a light ski. People who are not much into skiing and are just giving it a start would love this place. This pristine resort can also act as a relaxing getaway for the more seasoned skiers looking for a shorter and light run and a small trip on an easy slope. The pass prices are affordable and reasonable. Thus, it won’t be a distant dream to travel to Reichenberg for a bit of fun that doesn’t go heavy on your pockets.

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