Have great fun at Riesneralm!

When the temperatures go below zero, the lands are covered with a coat of pure white, the crystals glistening and glimmering like diamonds gives one a feeling to do something excitement. Hands are freezing, feet are numb, but the heart desires some thrill. Brain says things like it’s too cold outside, let’s take a blanket and curl near the fireplace, but the heart contradicts. So to fulfil your heart’s desire and have some fun in the snow we suggest Skiing at Riesneralm Austria, where a rush of adrenaline brings in warmth that no fireplace ever can.


About the Place

Riesneralm Statistics

Base Elevation: 980 m

Summit Elevation: 1822m

Vertical Drop: 842m

Riesneralm – Schneebären is at an elevation of 3215 ft to 5977 ft (979m to 1821m). Furthermore, the Alpine Base-training center-Riesneralm is ready for the ski race sport.  There are More than 25 km’s (15.5343 miles) of slopes for all levels of ability, high deep snow slopes, 18 km’s ( 11.187 miles) of cross-country trails for beginners and experts, a 6 km (3.782 miles)  long natural toboggan run from the Mörsbachalm and many other leisure time facilities are also available here.


Riesneralm believes in uniqueness, and thus each trail has got its own name and a special feature. Here, you won’t find two similar trails. Riesneralm is set in American conditions but on a much higher skiing area! A total of 5 ski lifts is available with total length as 4.8 km (2.98 miles). There are three chair lifts namely high-speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble where capacity is of 6 people at a time, high-speed chairlift (detachable) with bubble where capacity is of 4 people at a time and Chairlift (fixed-grip) where the capacity is of 4 people at a time. There is one T-bar lift and one rope tow lift.


Terrain for fun

Riesneralm has a total of 25 runs which are according to the different levels of skiing. All runs are thrilling and packed with adventure. Before hitting the slopes, you have to know the level of your skiing. Instructors present at the location can help you with that. Secondly, you have to see that whether you need lessons or not. If you desire lessons then you can apply for lessons at the ski school or even advanced skiers can practice at the ski school.


Beginner level – Out of a total of 30 km’s (18.64 miles), 20kms (12.42 miles) are easy runs. They are meant for beginner skiers. If you have never learned skiing or trying it for the first time, you should go for these runs.


Intermediate level – Out of a total of 30 km’s (18.64 miles), 7kms (4.34 miles) are of intermediate level. They are challenging and thrilling at the same time. Here you can enhance your skills. You can not only ski at your free will but also learn new things from the instructors present at Riesneralm.


Experienced level – out of a total of 30 km’s (18.64 miles), 3km (1.86 miles) are for experienced skiers. These are the most challenging runs and are meant for people who are experts at skiing. Experienced skiers have to face high-level challenges over here. Even though this sounds really appealing, don’t be overconfident and beginners should refrain from entering this area.

Freeride- Free rides are not available here.



Cross-ride-track is available in the resort Riesneralm. There are Steep curves at 500 m (1640 ft) for adults and kids. Built in 2013, Cross-ride track on the Riesneralm, with its steep curved path is a special piste experience for children and adults! This section of the track can be found below the Panorama 6-seater chairlift (No. 14).



Practice and set your best turns on the permanent race track (# 13) and we will help you to analyze your ride like a pro! It can’t get simpler than this: Issue a valid ski pass at the Rennstarthütte through the turnstile, and the video system gets activated and records your skiing. The personal ski video can be downloaded from our website immediately after or during your journey with the help of a smartphone or comfortably from the warm insides of your home.


This technology has already been tried and tested in 2016 winters and this new future consumer-oriented technology is now available to you in the new racing and broad sports centre Alpine Base Riesneralm. Thus, the place has everything a ski lover would like to enjoy, making it one of the best places to visit during the winters.




You can hone your skiing skills and enjoy going down the slopes even more! With special courses for skiers of all levels, you can choose a corresponding course and get a great instructor to help you sharpen your skiing skills.

The Course times are as follows

  • Daily from 10 am to 3 pm
  • Course time 4 hours

Ski course varies as per difficulty, below are the mentioned timings:

  • For beginners: Sunday and Monday at 10:00 am in the ski school area
  • For advanced users: daily facilities are available

Safety – fun – pleasure – is the motto of the ski school Magic Snow. They believe that you need to learn to ski from the beginning, and as you move ahead in courses, you improve. Having faith in yourself and your abilities is paramount, and you can conjure up the best carving turns on slopes of Riesneralm Donnersbachwald or enjoy the first deep snow tests with these skills. The ski school Magic Snow Academy has no age bar in teaching and courses are available for young as well as the adults.


For Private lessons, individual training or technology improvement in the sport of skiing or snowboarding – you can inquire directly at the ski school. The ski school team, consists of certified ski instructors, teaches students in small groups or private lessons according to their wishes of learning and training methods. This ensures a fast, effective and secure success in the process of learning.



To conquer Reisneralm all you need are climbing rinks and touring equipment at the “Familienschuss” and Krispenleit’! Climb from the bottom and reach the top in a very sporty way! Here, all you need for peace is available the silence of the night and the magic of the stars. Here, you get to indulge in a special summit experience. Go uphill in generous loops or alone or the group happiness will always be in your way. “Every Friday night” there is a get together on the high seat of Riesneralm. The high seat romance and the exit on the illuminated slopes are the culmination of a winter day on the Riesneralm.


Period: every Friday night (until mid-March,)


Opening times: only on Touring ski evening at 22:00


Rentals: Sport Scherz (Valley Station) until 17:00


Ascent to high office: possible ascent to the top seat at 17:00


Touring Evening is referred to evening tours every Friday evening! At this time all slopes are blocked for touring skiers by day and night. They are strictly forbidden at the ski slopes!


What’s new!

  • A New event stage has been built
  • Additional snow cannons have been set up
  • Join the Salzburg Super Ski Card to avail amazing offers
  • The ski area is back in the snow for some much-needed fun.

Important Things to note!

The Season starts on 2nd December 2016 and ends on 17th April 2017


The duration of skiing in summers is from 30.06.2017 to 11.09.2017


The Operation timings are 09:00 to 16:00 pm.


Ticket prices in the peak season are Adult: € 40.00, Young children: € 20.50, Youth: € 35.50 And Seniors:   € 40.00 only.


Ticket prices in the low season are Adult: € 38.00, Young children:  € 20.50, Youth: € 35.50 And Seniors:   € 38.00.


Various types of reductions are available for the family, group and youth reduction.


With so much fun and adventure on offer, you can have a great time with your family, friends, and relatives at the Riesneralm. Go ahead, grab tickets and invite your family and friends to avail amazing discounts. You cannot really afford to miss out on visiting this breathtaking place. Have fun!

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