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Spending your vacation amidst the beautiful mountains with your loved ones is something that one dreams for almost a year. Finally, when the winter vacations are here, you get the chance to live your dream. To add some thrill and some excitement to your trip, you need to try the beautiful sport of skiing which is the king of all the winter sports. A lot of ski resorts are available up there in the mountains for one to try skiing. One amazing choice to go for is the ski resort Rimberg (Schmallenberg) which offers just the right slopes for a family to try skiing.


Resort details

Rimberg Statistics

Base Elevation: 610 m

Summit Elevation: 700 m

Vertical Drop: 90 m

The Ski resort Rimberg (Schmallenberg) is located in Sauerland in the Central Uplands of Germany. The resort offers slopes which are optimum for families to get together and enjoy a vacation. Not just that, the resort also offers cross country skiing trails for the people who are interested in them. There is a total of 6 well-groomed slopes around Hanau and Rimberg. All of the trails are 5 km each in length. The winter sports area of the resort is situated at an elevation range of 630 meters (2066 feet) and 713 meters (2339 feet) which mean a difference of 83 meters (272 feet). You even have the possibility of entering the Hunauloipe at the Knoche Rimberg. A total of 1km (0.62 miles) of slopes is available at the Rimberg ski resort.


Ski lifts

It is mandatory for a ski resort to have lifts because they are the ones to use when you need to transport the passengers up and down the slopes. Being a small ski resort, the Rimberg (Schmallenberg) has only one ski lift available to transport the passengers over the slopes. Downhill skiing can be done on the in-house slope with the available lift for the “alpine fans”. The lift length of this lift is around 700 meters. The only ski lift available has a capacity of carrying 800 passengers per hour. The main season day ticket prices are set at a very affordable range. They are $19.65 (18 Euros) for adults and $13.1 (12 Euros) for children.


Skiing and snowboarding statistics



The Ski resort Rimberg (Schmallenberg) is a small but fine ski resort and offers only easy level slopes. There are no medium or difficult level slopes available at the resort. Which is why the resort is considered to be a great choice for families to visit and try skiing at its very basic level. However, the Ski resort Rimberg (Schmallenberg) might not be a good choice for intermediate and expert level skiers. For skiing and snowboarding, a total of 1 km (0.62 miles) of slopes are available at the resort, and all are easy level slopes. The resort is considered to be optimal for beginner level skiers which include the people who want to practice their basics of skiing without getting hurt. A valley slope is also available at the resort. Not only that, but cross-country ski trails are also available. The resort is most suited for families to have fun.

How to reach

All modes of transportation can access the Ski resort Rimberg (Schmallenberg). One can drive his car up there or use a train or reach there via air too. If you plan to drive your car up there, you need to take the route to Skilift Rimberg, Rimberg, 57392 Schmallenberg, Germany where a stone parking lot is readily available for you to park your car. The parking lot usually has enough space available and is free of charge too. If you plan to come by train or plane, then you need to reach the nearest station or airport respectively and take a cab to the resort from there. The nearest town from the resort is Schmallenberg, so you can easily get a cab to drop you there. The resort offers an ideal entry for daytime visitors.

Learn to ski

Don’t know anything about skiing? No need to worry about it, the ski school at the ski resort Rimberg (Schmallenberg) has got you covered. A range of options is available for skiing courses to choose from as per your needs. Group lessons or private lessons, both are available for you to choose from. The team of expert trainers is there to ensure your safety and to teach you the sport, and they are completely reliable. All of this makes the Rimberg ski resort an optimum resort choice for family vacations. So get ready to learn this amazing sport and dive into the world of thrill and excitement amidst the majestic mountains.

Accommodation and Lodging facilities

A lot of accommodation and lodging facilities are available near the Rimberg ski resort in Schmallenberg which offer you everything you might be looking for on your skiing vacation with your family or friends. You can choose from the list of available options that range from being inexpensive to a luxury as per your budget and requirements. Some of them are: Landhotel Albers: The Landhotel Albers is located near the resort and is only a walk away. It offers all the modern facilities one could wish for on vacation. There is free Wi-Fi, muli-cuisine restaurants and what not. There’s even an indoor pool for people to relax. The rooms are made to fit two people and offer a comfortable stay to visitors. WaldhausOhlenbach: The WaldhausOhlenbach is a luxurious establishment for the people who are looking for a high budget facility with spacious rooms and top of the line services. Pack your bags and book your stays and travel in advance because you don’t want to risk your vacation in case of overbookings because the ski resort Rimberg (Schmallenberg) offers you one of the best experience in skiing which you won’t be able to forget for the rest of your lives. So get ready to have an amazing skiing experience this winter vacation.

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