Have a Fantastic Winter Vacation at the Rossfeld!

Rossfeld Statistics

Base Elevation: 2638 ft

Summit Elevation: 5098 ft

Vertical Drop: 2461 ft

As the vacation season draws, all of us wonder where to go. One of the best options is to visit the snowy mountains. With a fantastic climate, it provides several sporting opportunities like skiing. Imagine white snow-capped mountains, with tiny little cottages or huts for hotels and resorts and happy families skiing down the slopes with screams of thrill. The place provides excellent accommodation, food and culture. The Rossfeld Ski Resort is located at 83471 Berchtesgaden in the country of Germany that has beautiful snow-capped mountains. Rossfeld is ideally suited for a family vacation and proves to be the best at hospitality. Several families travel to this magnificent mountain to indulge in the activity of skiing. It is the answer to all questions of the skiers as well as vacationers. The Rossfeld Ski Resort is the place we’re all looking for to relax in during our busy days. 



Rossfeld is situated in Berchtesgaden (Germany, Bavaria, Upper Bavaria) and is known by the name Rossfeld-Berchtesgaden-Oberau. The resort is suitable for the winter sports activities like skiing and snowboarding that fill you with a desire to absorb yourself in spending some quality time with your family while having fun. The resort provides nearly 5 miles of slopes and about 0.62 miles of ski routes. The resort also provides the basic facility of lifts to transport passengers through the slopes. The winter sports area is located between the elevation of 0.80 miles to 0.96 miles. The ski resort functions between mid-December and early-April and the opening time are 09:45 A.M- 04:00 P.M. The resort is best suited for beginners and intermediates at skiing and snowboarding. The maximum vertical altitude of the resort is 0.72 miles while its lowest point is 0.63 miles. The highest point up to which the lifts travel is 1.11 miles. There are five airports within 2 hours of drive making it the perfect location for a resort.


Ski lifts are an integral part of every ski resort, and without a ski lift, the resort remains incomplete. The function of a ski lift as mentioned before is to help people travel up and down the slopes. Rossfeld has four ski lifts with a total capacity of 3250 passengers per hour. The entire length of the ski lifts altogether sums up to 0.87 miles. Rossfeld also believes in updating the technology when it comes to ski lifts. The newest ski lift out of the lot is the Familienlift Rossfeld which was installed in 2016. It belongs to the J-bar category of ski lifts and has a length of 0.15 miles. It has been manufactured by Dopplemayr. It has a carrying capacity of 650 passengers per hour. The other three lifts belong to the category of T-bar kind of lifts. Gipfelift has a total length of 0.19 miles and has a carrying capacity of 850 passengers per hour. The Wald-Lift is the second T-bar lift that has a length of 0.21 miles. It has a carrying capacity of 750 passengers per hour. The Großer-Lift has a length of 0.31 miles and a carrying capacity of 1000 passengers per hour. The prices of the lifts vary based on the season and change from time to time.



The Rossfeld Ski Resort offers a total of 8 km (nearly 5 miles) of slopes for skiing as well as snowboarding. The slopes are apt for beginner and intermediates. However, the resort doesn’t provide slopes for advanced level skiers. Rossfeld makes a valley run available to the tourists. The run location is present under the tree-line, and the longest run is 6 km (3.73 miles). The resort does not have a snow park or a fun park. However, it does have a halfpipe. It also offers night skiing. Beginners: An area of 7 km (4.34 miles) is available for beginners to practice skiing and have fun with their family. This occupies 87% of the skiing slope length. Such slopes provide a comfortable level for people who are just beginning to learn to ski. Intermediates: A stretch measuring to 1 km (0.62 miles) has been devoted to providing the best slope for intermediate skiers. This occupies 13% of the entire ski area. This slope is basically meant to cater to the needs of people who wish to improve their skill at the winter sports activities. Advanced: This resort does not provide any slope for advanced level skiers.


Rossfeld does an extra mile in order to ensure you the best vacation you could possibly imagine. Apart from providing superior quality skiing facilities, Rossfeld also helps you to learn skiing. Tourists can learn skiing at the ski school named Wintersportschule, Berchtesgaden. The school provides courses in skiing at the beginning and intermediate level and has qualified instructors who have been training students for a solid 30 years now. The instructors provide both theoretical and practical learning. The school provides certified courses in skiing and snowboarding.


Rossfeld is close to few of the well-known hotels in Berchtesgaden and provides you with a variety of places to live in. These hotels offer the best views and the most delicious food. Following are a few places that one could live in: Kempinski Hotel Berchtesgaden The hotel is at a distance of 10 km (6.21 miles) from the Rossfeld resort and has 138 rooms to provide luxury. It is ideal for families and has an area to practice golf. The hotel is easily accessible from the resort. The hotel is affordable and radiates warmth. Hotel Edelweiss Berchtesgaden Hotel Edelweiss Berchtesgaden is located 13 km (8.07 miles) from the Rossfeld ski resort. It has great scenic beauty surrounding it, and the ambience is nearly perfect. The resort can easily be reached, and the hotel provides facilities to commute tourists. These intricacies of the magnificent land would definitely have enticed you enough to visit it. Rossfeld invites you with all the love and care to live with them, the experience of a lifetime.

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