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Skilift am Rote Hoor – The Best Place for Ski Lovers!

Skiing and vacations go hand in hand; it’s just the way it is I guess! Who wouldn’t want to ski their way out and de-stress themselves during their vacations? Ski trails give us a chance to do so, quite definitely. The state-approved resort of Altenfield in the Ilm-Kreis, Thuringia is one of the most visited resorts.

Rote Hoor Statistics

Base Elevation: 650 m

Summit Elevation: 710 m

Behind the resort is the ski lift at RotenHoor. This skilift lies in between the ultimate Rennsteig and the romantic Valley of Schwarzatal, where gentle slopes can be drawn, with the provision of flood lights during Friday evenings. The resort is situated at an altitude of 710 metres (2329 feet) and the base station at 650 metres (2132 feet).

Skiing and Snowboarding –

The ski slope is

particularly popular with family and children, who intend to take their first step at learning how to ski and surf on a snowboard. This is because of the relatively easy descent. The ski lift stretches over 0.3 kilometres (0.18 miles), which is marked as an easy level slope. With no problems, one can take their first Carvin turns on the snowboard. The ski lift, one in number, caters to the ski area in this region. With an approximately 270 metres (885 feet) long ironing trapeze, one can overcome the difference in altitude between the Valley and Mountain stations, which is 60 metres (196.8 feet). An extended ski tour is possible, around the red head, on the 10 kilometres (6 miles) long circular route. The view point “Stinfilz”, is a social feature of this tour, from where one can see Masserberg.

Other skiing facilities-

  Within a distance of 100 metres (328 feet) from the lift, is the tobogganing run, which is a pretty decent descent too. The resort also gives an option for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy five cross-country ski-runs, stretching for around 31.5 kilometres (19.5 miles) and four skating courses, of a run of 24.3 kilometres(15 miles) long, which promises to keep the visitors thrilled and entertained. For cross country skiers, beginners choose the 2 kilometres (1.24 miles) long Rennsteig ski trail from Kalhert to the Hohenstock. There are winter hiking options available at the resort too.

Prices and ski pass-

The price of the ski pass is at 4€ for adults and 2.50€ for children. All in all, the ski slope is particularly popular with families with children and beginners because of its easy descent.Since the area houses facilities like ski trails, cross country skiing, tobogganing and night skiing, because of the availability of flood lights, it proves to be a desirable location for vacations and is a must-visit place for every ski and snowboarding lover. Life is too short, so spend time with your friends and family. Family time should not be a matter of convenience but a matter of priority. Without further ado, go ahead and take that thrilling ski ride which will take you close to heaven but down to earth. Enjoy the whispers of sweet nothings by the chilly winds surrounding you. With so many fun activities on offer, you and your dear ones can have a great time at this skiing resort and return with memories to cherish lifelong. Conquer the slopes and find your snow legs at Skilift am Roten Hoor this

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